Booting the Bondgirls out of the line-up?

Finally wore my Fluevog Bondgirl boots to lecture on Friday. With a short black dress over a long-sleeve deep-pink T, black opaque tights, and a pink/purple/gold/blue silk pashmina.

These are serious boots that, if paired with the wrong items, can seem to walk me around instead of the reverse. I considered my efforts to ground the outfit as well as the boots successful.

But there’s a reason I’ve not lectured in these bad girls for the last two years: they CAN be perceived as unprofessional. They CAN also make me look at bit like I’m try to be “that prof” – the one whose eagerness to be perceived as cool (or hot, or phat, or whatever the coolkids are saying these days) can end up infantilizing and undermining her in the classroom.

Students in my 80-student intro class were particularly chattery on Friday. And there was some nudging and looking me up and down. Now, I don’t usually care if my students talk about me – my own undergraduate experience suggests that some students will inevitably gossip about instructors (and some students are, despite appearances, NEVER talking about instructors or the material instructors present to them). But I could not help but get that “toilet paper stuck to my boot” feeling.

Probably my own inhibitions about the boots are making me over-think Friday’s experience. Nonetheless, once again, I’m removing the Bondgirls from the professorial fashion line-up, again. Even as I obsess over how I might strike the balance between fashionable and professorial while wearing the boots that I love.

3 thoughts on “Booting the Bondgirls out of the line-up?

  1. I think gauchos should only be worn by gauchos (hence the name). That said, when I was ten I had gaucho overalls. They were brown and I wore a brown and white blouse with a big neck bow under them. Possibly for picture day.I do not wear gauchos now.

  2. What about the Bondgirls under a long skirt? Maybe it's the combination of Bondgirl and short skirt that is making your students probably not talk about you. Maybe a short skirt and Bondgirl boots is just a little too Bondgirl for the classroom?You could always wear the Bondgirls with gauchos. Then students will ignore the boots completely because, seriously, GAUCHOS?

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