Goddess, I Love Fridays.

As someone who lectures every day of the week, at least once, Fridays have come to mean more to me than I can express in words. Goddess, I LOVE Fridays! And yet, I’ve got on such a boring outfit today; and this is really a mistake this time of year. Especially in my larger, more lecture-based classes, it seems important to keep the lectures moving at a good pace, since students are starting to drag right about now. As a supplement to the well-paced lecture (which does and does not happen), I often utilize what I hope are interesting fashion choices to keep all eyes front.

Today, I’m wearing dark grey pinstriped trouser jeans, a tailored white cotton blouse, a dark purple cardigan, and my long brushed-silver Foxy necklace looped twice in the “v” of the blouse. Because of an ongoing ball-of-foot injury (acquired running in heels last week), shoes have to be flats. So I’ve got on some pointy studded gray-blue mules. It’s a biz of a snooze-inducing outfit, I suspect. It’s certainly making me want to grab a quick nap. (And I assure you that’s not just Friday talk!)

Further disrupting my usual Friday-related pleasure, and speaking of snoozing, my traditional sushi-and-wine-induced Friday evening “nap” is being interfered with tonight. I’m expected at a department event. An event that starts at 8 – the exact point at which I’d hoped to be curling into bed and falling asleep to the comforting hum of my laptop desperately trying to cool itself while showing me re-runs of Parks & Recreation: Season 2. Gah! How did I become this old boring person? (short answer: 3 courses, 3 preps, no teaching assistants, 250 students)

And thus we come to the question of what I’m to wear this eve. It’s a relatively casual event featuring a wonderful sex-positive gender-anarchist speaker, but it’s billed as some kind of festival-ish thing. So, good jeans, then, and one of those great black tops I so rarely get to wear anymore? Or something more professional-ish? I can’t decide. (Maybe because all I want to wear are flannel pj’s.) Oh goddess, if I wear my current ensemble, I’ll be asleep before I get there.

Ok, how about the following: short-sleeved black dress over pink or purple long-sleeved T-shirt & black footless tights, black bondgirls, pink/blue/gold pashmina & chunky silver earrings? I’d be comfortable (it’s not always great to sit for hours in my going-out jeans – they’re for moving around in or standing). I could add my DKNY structured jean jacket to the ensemble, perhaps. Hmmm. I think we have a winner.

But I should get home, then. I’m going to need some espresso if I’m going to make it past 8:15. . . Have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “Goddess, I Love Fridays.

  1. To follow-up: I went the jeans and black shirt route. And regretted it since I was stuffed full of sushi and wine and the jeans squeezed me a LOT around the middle. I blame the squeezing for my having taken a tiny surreptitious snooze during the 90-minute talk. I don't think my Director noticed. She seemed tired, too. . . Note to self: break my Tuesday/Thursday 75-minute classes up into smaller chunks. No one can stay alert & engaged for a lecture that long. It's like a marathon!

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