On Footless Tights and Cupcakes

I am not on board with footless tights. I also do not like down vests, socks with sandals or open-toed boots. It has something to do with the form not following the function of the item, i.e. if it’s cold enough outside for down, it’s cold enough for sleeves. Why wear socks with sandals when you can just wear shoes? And boots are not sandals, they are boots. Footless tights are in the same category: if it’s cold enough for tights, I would like them to be footed. Moderne dancers are exempt from this Rule of Medievalist (but they are only exempt from the ban on footless tights. I do not want to see a Martha Grahamist in a down vest. Ever.)
I am staring down a trying week this week, culminating in what will be a trying Friday. I like Already Pretty‘s recent post about the care of the self as necessary to being a productive and effective member of life (or something like that, she is more eloquent than I. And she has bullet points.). If I were more productive and effective I would provide you with a link to her inspiring post.

So in an effort to care for myself, I bought myself yellow tulips and made myself chocolate cupcakes with pink icing.

And I wore footless tights.
It’s springy enough to go sockless today, and I love the way these extra long footless tights bag at my ankles in a devil-may-care way. The only item I have to pair with these tights is this swingy dress:

This is a super comfy outfit, even the shoes, which you may recognize as members of the Dream Team. I also worked one of my favourite pieces of jewellery, which spends most of the day beside my keyboard because it is too chunky to type with.
I love its candy-necklace aesthetic.
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Two Lips
Bracelet: Tarina Tarantino
Footless Tights: Park Vogel (they were free!)
Lecture: Medieval Food and Feast (complete with food I made from medieval recipes)
So I must sheepishly admit that my footless tights were a crucial part of my springy, comfy teaching outfit today and my tulip-appreciating, cupcake-eating care of myself.
I have to look for a moderne dance class now, don’t I?

One thought on “On Footless Tights and Cupcakes

  1. DM: I like you in these footless tights. I rather hate the look of footless tights myself and usually wear them for tucking into boots, but I think when they are longer like this (and scrunchy- how cool), they work really well. I like you springy, swingy dress and wish the weather didn't turn so I could wear one myself.

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