Ten Facts About Me, Part I

As DM notes below, the always style-y Rad in Brooklyn of The Cohabiting Closet passed us the “Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award.” For this award, we have to share ten things about ourselves, then pass the award to ten more bloggers. Like DM, I’m breaking down my response. Unlike DM, I’m doing it all in two posts. And so we begin (though as a side note, I have to tell you I had a harder time coming up with these than I expected – why is that, do you think?):

1. I have a hard time thinking of myself outside of my job, in part because my teaching schedule this term has required that I put most other parts of my life on hold, and in part because I’ve spent so much time trying to be an academic that it’s come to define who and what I am. This scares me for many of the reasons you’re probably already thinking. But it also scares me because my current position is precarious.

2. While I appreciate cats – I kind of love how they scold & avoid us, but also occasionally tolerate us and thus make us feel special – I’m really a dog person. Fortunately, my fuzzy roommate (I do NOT think of my dog as my child. It just creeps me out – maybe because I fear & avoid parenthood of any form) is dog-shaped, but cat-like in attitude. Except that he’s more overtly controlling: for example, he cracks down on (read: barks at) running in the house, violence on television, and loud laughter. I’m trying to learn the ways of The Dog Whisperer, but I cannot bring myself to stamp out entirely this cracking down on random things. Probably by now you want to see a picture, and I’m more than happy to oblige. This is Fuzzy Roommate in his Dog of The North gear:

And here he is – with my niece – in warmer times:

(In this pic, he’s cracking down on wave noises under the dock.)

3. Like DM, I’m also a vegetarian. Or, more specifically, a pescatarian (a vegetarian who eats fish). I recognize that fish are animals, too, but I, too, worry about my crumbling spine. Also like DM, this is a political choice that reflects my horror over factory farming and fast food production, preparation, and labour practices. I started down this road after reading and then teaching Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation. I re-committed myself after reading Ruth Ozeki’s My Year of Meats.
But I seriously miss and crave bacon. Especially maple-smoked bacon. This makes me want to pound my neighbour, who seems to have this delectable dish EVERY SATURDAY MORNING.

4. I identify as straight, but I often develop huge crushes on women. This makes my male partner nervous, but it shouldn’t because I’m committed to our relationship. (As a point of interest, he used to be more homophobic and thus less anxious about my sexual and romantic interest in women.) Identifying as straight in spite of my occasional interest in women is a political choice, of course. A choice that reflects my distaste for identification processes – processes that were especially prevalent, I think, in the graduate student communities I’ve been a part of in the past – that enable effectively straight people to identify as bisexual. This identification process, I think, too often appropriates and mobilizes queer and lesbian politics to “queer” the centre, thus further marginalizing already marginalized populations.

Does that make sense? I don’t mean to suggest that bisexuality doesn’t exist; only that persons like myself who are involved in long-term monogamous relationships with persons of the opposite (or another) sex/gender need to recognize that while our lives (and relationships) may be non-normative in many ways, we “seem” normative. As such, our relationships grant us access to certain forms of cultural power that are harder for actual bisexual, lesbian, gay, and queer persons to access.

Jeez. I told you I have a hard time not being an academic. I can’t even just say “I like men and women, but I’m currently married to a man.” (Or can I?)

5. This is getting long, so I’ll try to wrap things up quickly. I like yoga, and I do it every Saturday morning (in a group class) with an instructor who is awesome and on whom I used to crush. But the crush has worn off, so I don’t injure myself quite so often by trying too hard to impress him with my (largely non-existent) skills.

And I only like the kind of yoga that’s fast as I’m uncomfortable and easily annoyed by classes that require me to breath in one nostril and out the other. Or that involve someone saying things like “let your heart shine forward,” or “open your inner eye.” So, I do ashtanga. And sometimes vinyasa.

Because my job involves a lot of intellectual work, I enjoy yoga in part because it reminds me that I have a body, and in part because it cuts my chiropractic bills significantly.

Hmm. That’s all for now. But maybe five things is enough, no? I went on a bit. . . What do you think?

Oh, and one more thing: Let’s all garner LOTS of good will for Dorky Medievalist this Friday. She’s got big things going on.

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