Champagne Tastes: Brown Gidigio Brogues

Inspired by and in the manner of Orchids in Buttonholes‘s “Pretty Things” posts, I’m going to start a Professorial Wardrobe Fantasy League and I’m calling it “Champagne Tastes.” From time to time, and to give your eyes a rest from my thoroughly amateur photography, I will feature coveted items that I do not have the capital to invest in, and imagine them into my wardrobe. Feel free to talk me into them. Or out of them.

Gidigio almond toe 1″ stacked flat heel 4-eye lace-up brogue
photo source:
How I would wear them: With just about everything. These would be great with dress pants or with a skirt of any length, though especially great with opaque tights (like my brown wool tights!) and a slightly above/to-the-knee pencil skirt. They have enough of a heel to be comfortable and feminine and they seem to signal a grown-up school-girl aesthetic that I love (I have been and will be a school-girl all of my life, after all). I am also fairly certain that Professor McGonagall would wear shoes exactly like this.
Reasons to hesitate: Funding: these would be by far the most expensive shoes I would own if I could bring myself to shell out the bones, which I cannot. I also think that even expensive shoes wear out and I know I would wear these a lot (would probably ride my bike in them) and I would be disappointed and grumpy if/when they did not last as long as the price tag suggests they should (i.e. my lifetime).
Duplication: I do own, and love, these, which are similar though, due to the heel height (3 in.), considerably less practical:
Zinda lace-up sling-back heel
How much do you invest in investment pieces?
What are your (wardrobe) investment rules?

8 thoughts on “Champagne Tastes: Brown Gidigio Brogues

  1. I love both versions – such fantastic details on each. They're both versatile and timeless, which are huge (to me, anyway). I can see them with dresses and trousers and skirts, with tights or socks or neither. They're fantastic!Thanks so much for the shout-out! I'm glad to have found your blog!

  2. oh, p.s.: DM, by only investment pieces, aside from a black wool Calvin Klein winter dress that I'm always either dropping off or picking up at the drycleaners, are boots. Beautiful red Miss Mooz, badass Fluevog Bondgirls, and brown suede smoothness. Oh! And I also have a black Mexx suit that I do NOT like. Mostly I just wear the jacket over my cheap sparkly Garage t-shirt that's too slutty to wear on its own.

  3. All of the above are droolworthy! And once again, I covet the lace-up pretend-brogues you already own, DM. Also, Rad, have you worn Seychelles before? I often try them on at Winner's, but don't yet own any. Are they as ridiculously comfortable as their squishy insole suggests the should be?

  4. Yes! Droolworthy! I am "spellbound" by the colours of those darlings (dude, see what I did there?). And, just to put into perspective how "champagne" the above brogues are (the ones I don't own, not the ones I do), they are FOUR TIMES as much as your droolworthies. I think all of my investment pieces are also winter-related and not style-related, because it makes the most sense to invest in being warm. Even though I'd prefer to invest in being crazy amazing.

  5. Dude, these shoes are crazy amazing. I have no investment pieces, except boots that cost more than $100, because I need those in the winter. And the interview suit, which needs proper tailoring.I also have impractical oxford style shoes with 3 1/2" spikey heels. Your posting of these shoes made me drool, look online, and find these: could only justify them if I bought NOTHING else this month (which isn't going that easily) but my, aren't they droolworthy?

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