The Office Blazer

I bought a blazer at the grocery store today.

A while back I posted about a sartorial dilemma: what do I wear on those days when I am on campus but not teaching? I have a sparse professional wardrobe and I don’t like to wear a teaching outfit on a non-teaching day though I still feel the need to appear professorial, even if I am just in my office writing. Rad at The Cohabitating Closet made the brilliant suggestion of an office blazer: a blazer that lives in my office that I can throw on over whatever prof-cazh ensemble I have come up with for the day if I need to professor things up a bit.

I don’t own a blazer but I’ve been on the lookout for something suitable and inexpensive. Consignment and charity shops yielded nothing and I had all but given up when, voila:

This cropped cotton lovely will do the trick. And I bought it at the grocery store.

I also bought: cereal, yogourt, apples, potatoes, avocados, edamame, mineral water, toilet paper, an eyelet sundress, milk, crackers and peanut butter, the natural kind. And a bag of chips.

Here’s the blazer in action. Literally. In one of these I forgot to set the timer for 10 seconds and I am racing into the shot. Guess which one.

Blazer: Joe Fresh; Pyjamas: Santa Claus

It’s the middle of the night here and I’m already in my pyjamas. Please note, I would never wear my pyjamas to campus, even with my new office blazer.

What does professional casual look like for you?

4 thoughts on “The Office Blazer

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  2. I've seen all kinds of shit, including blazers and produce, in Meijer. I keep a cardi in my office because it tends to be freezing, but I love the idea of an office blazer! I'll have to think about that for next year.

  3. You have sundresses in your grocery store? I'm lucky to find more than two variety of soup in mine. Fingers crossed we will see the sundress soon. And you know, those jarmies looked kind of cute with your new blazer.

  4. DM: in what kind of crazy universe can you buy a blazer, a sundress, and some delicious healthy food? That glorious land of health care Canada! You are gonna be so bringing it with your new office blazer!I have to admit that I am pretty casual even when I teach. I actually dress very young too when I'm not teaching, but I try to have one element that is more "professorial." I'll post something just for you tomorrow (I have a date with my grading tomorrow and it's not getting done at home. Sigh).

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