Champagne Tastes: Fiorentini & Baker Eli Boot

I have been stalking these boots on-line now for at least a year. I love them. And I love them because they represent for me a style that I think I can pull off; more accurately, they represent a style that I want to be able to pull off. They are tough and exquisite and possibly the best shoe colour ever.

Fiorentini & Baker Eli boot in mattone*
photo source:
How I would wear them: With everything. I would even sleep in them (no really, The Vampire Cat gets mad sometimes and pees on my shoes. It’s very unpleasant.). For work I would wear them with a long, brown wool plaid Vivienne Westwood wiggle skirt that I bought deeply discounted when I lived in London. I’d wear them with my black cigarette pants, with my black knee-length pencil skirt, with my black jumper; the colour and style would bring an edge to these wardrobe staples that would effectively undercut the conservative vibe that I think my professorial dressing leans toward. And I would wear them with jeans, with shorts, with jean shorts. I’m certain I would be irresistible in these boots.
Reasons to hesitate: Besides the heart-palpitation-inducing price tag (they are handmade! In Italy!), I already own these, which you have seen recently:

Both of these are in the vein of my dream boots though I wear neither of these pairs of boots to work. I think I could if I polished them up a bit. They aren’t that beautiful shade of red/orange/brown though …

But in the wise words of one of my fashion blogger colleagues, I should work with what I’ve got.
*In Professorial Fashion is not sponsored by Fiorentini & Baker or Gravity Pope. I lust after these boots independently.

5 thoughts on “Champagne Tastes: Fiorentini & Baker Eli Boot

  1. Yes, they really are that expensive. I am not allowed to have them. Even if they went on sale, which I doubt they would, I could not afford them. I think $120 is about my limit for footwear as well, and even that I am sheepish about.

  2. Those boots are beautiful. And they would be B.A. in the classroom (you could wear them, but maybe more towards the end of the semester). You have like an amazing eye for color. Erin of WWWYG has similar boots, which she wears awesomely. Maybe some inspiration is in order?

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