Ensembles in Which to Take a Meeting

‘Big meeting today for which I’m currently doing some final preparations. I’m simultaneously looking forward to and dreading this tete-a-tete and, really, there’s very little more I can do to prepare for this discussion. So now seems the perfect time to blog. I really wish I could stomp in wearing this Betsey Johnson dress:

with these Miss Mooz ‘Resto’ Clogs:

and this sateen Betsey Johnson jacket:

Sadly, however, I’ll be sporting a much more sedate ensemble. But the other would be awesome, no? Clothing can, as I think we’ll all attest, lend us confidence, empower us, even. And although Betsey’s style may not always be the most “serious” or otherwise empowering (some of her frivolity results in a costume-ish and/or Barbie-doll/Playboy Bunny sensibility that I can’t imagine working for me in academic settings), these pieces could work. Especially if it were significantly warmer today. . . .

What do you wear, internets, to meet with the higher-ups?

4 thoughts on “Ensembles in Which to Take a Meeting

  1. D-Med: Yeah, that blazer is a LOT about the belly. But fantasy-me is totally ripped (and held together by La Perla), so she can rock it. Real me is laughing about dressing like a bank. Rad: You're right: that dress needs some filler in the chestal region. It's way too bare for a real-life meeting. And even though I wore ye olde trouser socks and closed-toe shoes today, if it had been warmer, I think I might have done the open-toes in a meeting. It never occurred to me that I shouldn't – so thanks for the tip!Also, I kind of love the outfit you describe – it's young, covered up, and not boring.

  2. You have such a great eye for color. I'd hope to learn about that more, but here I am, sitting in my office office in a panoply of neutrals. I think that the jacket would def work, maybe even if the dress if there was a scarf or something involved for the chest area. Ooh, almost bare feet in a meeting? I think maybe, if they were well groomed (mine never are). But I realize that I am always taking me foot out of my shoes even when I teach, so maybe I am doing some weird foot messaging? Also, must stop dreaming about clogs. (My sis in law was a sales lady at La Perla back in good old Canada, so I get the reference).I must admit that I meant to wear the outfit I photographed for the social event with admi, but because of a series of miscalculations about my commute, I'll be meeting higher ups in the following outfit: oatmeal colored grandpa cut cardigan (summer weight), v neck jersey sleeveless top, and jeggings. And brown peep toe wedges. I know. Sexy.

  3. This is an awesome outfit, especially that blazer (though I think I might resemble an oompa-loompa in it, you know, because I eat sammies). I think the sedate ensemble is going to work it too though. In fiscal matters I think it is best to go sedate. Banks are solid brick buildings, sometimes with traditional columns and imposing double doors, because they want to seem sober and trustworthy. I think there are some meetings, in academia or not, where it's best to dress like a bank. With some empowering La Perla underneath.

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