Champagne Tastes: Soia Kyo Vera Leather Jacket

UPDATE: For those of you in NYC, Soia Kyo is holding a sample sale May 24 & 25 at 275 W. 39th Street , 7th Floor, 12-7pm. For those of you in NYC, I am jealous.
Two words: Bad A$$.

More words: Soia Kyo is a Canadian company, headquartered in Montreal, I believe, and it does not get more stylish than Montreal around these parts. It would sort of be my national duty to buy this jacket. I would probably get some kind of award from the PM if I bought this jacket (well, not from our current PM who would tell me to “just shut the F@#! up”).

How I would wear it: At a bar. In a car. With a guitar. (These options are inspired by Blondie. And Dr Seuss.) It would be very cool to-and-from outerwear for the fall and the spring. Plus I have a beautiful flame-coloured fringed scarf I bought from a street vendor in Barcelona that would be amazing with this.

Reasons to hesitate: I live in Monsoonville and I don’t think sleek leather jackets wear all too well when they are constantly getting rained on. Some leather jackets look great when they are worn in (I had one in high school. I wore a cut-off denim vest over top of it and I accessorized the denim vest with a Blue Oyster Cult pin. OMG, where did you go, Bad A$$ self?) but I think this is too tailored to wear weather well.

Plus I can’t decide which colour I like better. I’m leaning toward the black because I think it would make me look more like Emma Peel, which is important. Hypothetically.

Someone forgot to wear pants over her bloomers. How embarrassing.

Soia Kyo is not compensating me for not buying this jacket.

Should I not buy this jacket in black? Or should I not buy it in brown?

13 thoughts on “Champagne Tastes: Soia Kyo Vera Leather Jacket

  1. Also, D-med: I think (not) both the black and the brown is the way to go. Because that is one Bada$$ jacket, and 2 versions = extra bada$$ine$$.I shall be (not) buying it in brown and gray. And I wish I could (not) buy it in deep purple and kelly green.

  2. That would be the extreme of shopping-as-procrastination, but it would definitely be in the spirit of "Champagne Tastes", which is about not buying. Thanks Rad, but I'm sure your time can be better spent not buying things on-line. You know, or doing actual work.

  3. I should go to the Sonia Kyo sale, in absentia for D-Med, and try everything on, and then say, "Oh, you don't take Amex? My, is this 1970s?" and take off, preferrably in my thrifted duds. Between giving final exams, of course.

  4. How goes the writing? I am more distracted that I wish I was. OK, so I wanted to write something smart in response to your comment. I agree with you totally- that's the way it should be. But at the same time, since the institution sells itself as an investment (and for that nice young woman with all the debt) that is worth the "cost." In the US, private expensive colleges heavily market themselves to a cadre of future students with incentives like laptops, state of the art gyms, etc. What's wrong with drafty lecture halls, crazy folks like me gesticulating wildly and talking too fast, and tests and papers? Nothing, in my mind, but they want us to use "social media" and be accessible (like via email 24-7) so we can be better service providers. It drives me crazy, but because of the way the institutions behave (often in response to economically lean times), I find it hard to blame students who expect something tangible that relates to their future economic prospects. So while I like teaching them theories that will have no relevance to their careers, I do often justify things as skills based and therefore important. I told students in the senior research seminar that the paper they wrote could be a future writing sample, etc. Maybe I am totally selling out, but I actually feel really bad for my students sometime. Surveys of our graduates show that 50% of them don't change their jobs within 2 years of graduation, but they attend so they can get access to middle class blah blah blah, so it's a weird situation.OK, back to the World Bank! Hope you're doing well.

  5. I guess as long as I'm not buying it, I might as well not buy it in both colours. Way to fantasy shop A-Dubs. There's another style with a diagonal zipper that I also may as well not buy, while I'm at it.

  6. Also, D-med: I think (not) both the black and the brown is the way to go. Because that is one Bada$$ jacket, and 2 versions = extra bada$$ine$$.I shall be (not) buying it in brown and gray. And I wish I could (not) buy it in deep purple and kelly green.

  7. Hi Jesspgh! Both D-Med & Rad had some thoughts in response to my post "Ensembles in Which to Take a Meeting" from earlier this month. Maybe those will be helpful?

  8. I tend to clean to procrastinate. I am never so domestic as when I have a deadline or paper grading looming… Alas. Thanks for the welcome! Good luck wrapping up your semesters! I have my first real 'faculty' committee meeting this week! Thus far my only experience in committee service is as a grad student rep or something similar. Although I am not officially an assistant prof until fall, I was invited to be on the emerging media division of the college's community for institutional development or advancement or some other fancy type name. So I have a question for those more seasoned than me: What does one wear to these meetings once you are finally 'faculty'? (Apologies for the digression… but I'm not sure of where else to ask!)

  9. I will be butt in chair all week. Except tomorrow when I will be butt in chair in a committee meeting. I think you're right about the brown weathering better and also distinguishing you from all other New Yorkers. It comes in two more colours not to buy: caramel and grey. And I agree with you Jesspgh (and welcome!) that it does seem shinier and stiffer in these photos than I would want a leather jacket to be. Smooshiness is important in a jacket one cannot buy. In black or brown.

  10. Are you still butt in chair, like me? Hope your weekend was more productive then mine. I even did push ups as a way to procrastinate (I had a push-up-off with Blokey. Pathetic. Ugh). You should not buy the black and be Emma Peel, but I will not buy the brown one. This is because I live in NYC and need to be such a rebel. Also, the brown might age better, which is important for something I'm not gonna wear. This post has convinced me to quickly troll ebay for vintage moto jackets. This one is probably too short for my arms, (and it's in the UK, maybe Ikke can pick it up for me), but sorta mod and about 20 bucks: for the input on my long post. I'll have a long response soon!

  11. Love that jacket! The button flap is really cool. I want to see the leather in person to determine the level of shine and ensure adequate "smooshiness," but regardless, I agree with you that black is for sure the way to (not) go.

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