On Shopping: Shopping Emissions Trade

One of the many things that this blogging experiment has done for me is to make me aware of how I shop and what I shop for.A number of our gentle readers have put themselves voluntarily on shopping bans as a means to curb spending but also as a way to examine shopping habits. My virtual stylish pal and colleague Rad at The Cohabitating Closet calls hers, aptly, a shopping diet.You can read about it here and here.

I’m calling mine a Shopping Emissions Trade, inspired by the cap and trade in carbon emissions (ugh, don’t get me started).It is fairly simple.I have a large student loan amassed during undergrad that is now in repayment.I have monthly payments that I must make, but I have decided to augment those payments every time I shop.Whenever I make a “fashion” purchase (i.e. not necessities like food and kitty litter), I am going to make an equal payment on my student loan over and above my monthly payment.So I have to ask myself before I decide that a purchase is warranted, if I really want to pay double for it.If all goes well, I will pay back that beast more quickly and get into the habit of putting money away every time I spend it.

This is this month’s purchase:


Luggage: Heys Spinner Luggage Urban Collection

Cat: The Yelly Kitty, checking out the new car smell

It was, in fact, a necessity.I am taking a research trip to the UK this summer and I needed a new suitcase and it needed to be hard-sided.The Vampire Cat gets upset when the suitcases come out and he, erm, thinks outside the box to indicate his thoughts on the matter of my leaving him (positive side effect: savings on kitty litter).I think “water” should roll off this hounds-tooth, pot-bellied lovely like a duck’s back.It was half price but I paid the other half to my student loan.Hurrah!Periodically I will update you on my purchase items.I’m sure this will be fascinating for you.

Finally, as you may recall, last week I awarded the inaugural The Eye of the Day award to recognize the mad shopping skillz of my blogging colleagues.I just made it up and winners receive nothing and I have decided to make this a regular feature. Probably you can barely contain your glee.

This week The Eye of the Day goes to:

  • Jentine at My Edit who consistently demonstrates with her fabulous styling and Vogue-quality photos that she is the champion of never paying full price for the gorgeous, both new and thrifted, and
  • Beth at Refashion, Recycle, Reuse who always looks swellegant in duds that she expertly haggles for in carefully-chosen thrift store haunts, and who knows what eBay is for.

8 thoughts on “On Shopping: Shopping Emissions Trade

  1. JEALOUS! I came within inches of purchasing that very suitcase at Marshalls a few weeks ago. Some tall, blonde man with glasses talked me out of it …

  2. JEALOUS! I came within inches of purchasing that very suitcase at Marshalls a few weeks ago. Some tall, blonde man with glasses talked me out of it …

  3. Hope you don't mind- I didn't know if Eye of the Day was the name of the award to I threw a new one out there. I am notorious for changing the names and rules of awards. I can always change it back if you don't like it.Thanks again for the award.

  4. And best of all you new case will be instantly recognisable on the baggage carousel. I envy your budgeting skills and your willpower to exercise them. Meanwhile, I think your cat is making a hidden compartment in your suitcase. You might want check extra carefully when you are packing for London that you aren't concelaing some excess miaowing luggage.

  5. What a fabulous idea. I don’t have a loan to pay off, but I wonder if I might use my offset for charity….ps. thank you for your comment. I have been in a pre-menstrual, I’m the fattest girl in the whole world, where is my life going, oh my God my husband’s away so I really did eat that entire box of Guylian (there were 20 chocolates in there,) kind of a mood.pps. I was awfully impressed that you got the Poe reference, but then I saw that you’re an Eng Lit professor and thought that it would be kind of worrying if you didn’t. You still totally won the bonus round though. Unfortunately, I can’t send you a prize because here in the Middle East the postal system works “in’sh Allah” which loosely translates as “when Allah wills it so,” and it would seem it’s just not high on his list of priorities.

  6. Such a smart idea. I wish I could do such an forced savings plan too but I always end up dipping into savings to trips and stuff so it wouldn't effect me too much. Love the bad, and excited about your upcoming research trip!Thanks for the shout out. I feel so honored to have influenced you. My new shopping diet resolve has been going well (which is great since it's been a couple days).

  7. I love that Heys suitcase! I've used heys carry on luggage for a bunch of trips and it is awesome because the in-line wheels make it a very well oiled machine when navigating public transit, airports, security lines, etc. Your method of curbing purchases is very smart. If you love something enough to pay twice for it then that will limit what you buy to only the most exceptional and practical things.

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