Don’t Stop Believing

What’s up, internets? I’m back from the wilds of Bobby-C and the hot streets of the T-dot, and there’s been some shopping (more on this later). In other news, I’m panicking about this summer’s research projects—gah! how is May over already? I thus return to my obsessive-academic mantra: “It’ll get done; it always does.” This tiny hopeful phrase—coupled, of course, with some actual getting down to it—helps to abate the panic.

Nonetheless, I must report re: the shopping. First, a pre-weekend purchase: this Sally Ann piece of awesomeness:

(I will, eventually, tire of fiddling with photo editor. Eventually.)

Gold, bronze, & silver braided leather-look Belt: thrifted (for $1.99!)

Black sleeveless v-neck T: American Apparel

Black linen wide-leg Pants: H&M

Black leather & cork Wedges: Clarks

I know. As a long-body, I should be trying to raise my waist, not sparkly-belting low-slung wide-leg pants. But just this one time, I’m breaking the rules. Because that’s just how I roll. And also, this belt is B.A., no?

This is what I wore to the super-cheese Rock of Ages. The T-dot show is worth checking out just for the lead dude’s panty-dropping power note at the end of “Oh Sherrie.” The whole thing was hairbandilicious, baby. And oh god, I’m a sucker for Pat Benatar, even though, in this show, no one pretends to fly planes over Nazi Germany while belting out her tunes.

Finally, and perhaps most significantly, here’s a ubiquitous link to the Best. Glamrock. Cover. Ever. How much do you love a head-banging cello player? (Or, are you a purist? Is this too much for you?)

p.s. This.

p.p.s. Please share your successful strategies for cutting the work-panic.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Believing

  1. But now we know you exist. And I for one, am already itching for a first draft read-through. . . And thanks, WIWHW for the Apocapytica heads-up. Generally, my head is down (way down), so I never know about the real music. No, I just re-watch and re-listen to Journey and Patty B.'Cannot wait for MORE head-banging. It's always way better to watch others than to head-bang oneself, no?

  2. The belt is totally discotastic (seeing as we’re inventing words this week.) I love a headbanging cello player. Have you heard of Apocalyptica? They’re the quintessential Finnish symphonic metal band of course. Where have you been? I think a few of them are actually quite good looking but it’s hard to tell through all that airborne hair.Can’t really help with work strategies. That’s the beauty of writing your 1st novel. No body cares when you finish it. No one even knows you exist.

  3. Thanks, Jesspgh! So far, as you can see noted above, others have little to offer in the way of success stories. . . 'Sorry to hear about the albatrosses, unless they're live ones.Rad: with the exception of the pushup goals and moaning to a cat, I believe I may already be employing these work strategies. Crap. 'Hope you get 'er done in time for dinner this eve, though. Go, Rad, Go!

  4. I really like this silhouette on you. Rules be damned! And as far as the work strategy goes: When you figure it out let me know. My grading is done but the diss. writing and prepping for fall feel like two albatrosses.

  5. Thanks for the video. That helped me with some of my final grading anxiety. My work strategies (all unhealthy) include not eating, sleeping at strange hours (with all my clothes on and not in a bed), not meeting folks, moaning about my anxieties with Blokey or the cat (whichever one will tolerate it) and being highly unsocial until I get 'er done. Also, lots of bribery. Frequent breaks. Pushup goals. And daydreaming.Oh wait, this makes it worse. Deep breathing, cooking during my breaks, longish walks to buy groceries, and a little downward dog (not too much. A girl's got articles to send out).

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