Use it in a sentence

At the moment I am not fit for human (visual) consumption but here’s a fun and pointless exercise I’m sharing by way of taking a break from writing with more writing. I like to make up meanings for especially excellent word verifications. Here are a scant few:

agingsy, n. Quality of growing old on one’s own terms by consistently violating stupid by-laws in hilarious ways.

dismsal, a. Emptiness one feels when one empties the wine bottle and realises the liquor store has just closed.

manpyre, n. Conflagration that occurs when one sets fire to an ex-boyfriend’s clothing, while he is still wearing them.

And, because this is a fashion blog, here are some words on a t-shirt that a friend recently sent me:

It arrived the day after Mother’s Day, which I am choosing to believe is a coincidence.

9 thoughts on “Use it in a sentence

  1. You’re like a modern day Robert Cawdrey! Is a manpyre strictly for exes? What is it called if you’re still married to the person? Probably just asking for a trip to the emergency room for people like you and I though…Also, you don’t know dismsal until you have to add “and you can’t even replace the bottle tomorrow because as a wife you can’t get a damn Qatari alcohol permit and your husband is away and you have to call your neighbour’s husband instead and then the whole compound knows that you’re drinking alone.”

  2. All top notch words that should immediately included into our wider North American English lexicon. Also, if you have engaged in man pyre recently (or at all), then you are clearly the baddest, raddest professor out there. Hope that the writing is going well! I have a strategy to finish all my grading before my dinner engagement tonight. We'll see how that goes.

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