Flower Garland Casual

My campus office is small and windowless, and my current computer runs Windows 97 (Arts faculties are sooooo well funded, right now). Nonetheless, it’s the only place I can get down to work these days. So I’ve been trying to go to campus for at least two hours a day.
The catch – because there’s always a catch – is that a number of my former students (who might be my students, again, next term) are taking courses right down the hall. I thus feel a leeeetle pressure to keep things sort of business casual. This is today’s effort.
I enjoy how this recently-acquired top creates a flower garland around my shoulders and neck. I think this means I don’t need a necklace.
(I don’t need a necklace, right?)

With this post, I welcome trouser jeans back into my wardrobe. My last ones got dated (too low slung) and worn at the heels (remember when all jeans had to be too long for our legs?). But these I found at the grocery store last week, and they seem good so far. . .
Also, I read somewhere reputable that wide-legged trousers should be worn with substantial shoes, not the pointy-toe pumps I’ve favoured to date. As it’s too cold for wedges today, I pressed these mannish foot-hugs into service, assuming that the flower garland would draw the eye up. It totally draws the eye up. . . . , right?

Mauve flower-garland top: Anthropologie
Green cardigan: H&M
Trouser jeans: Joe Fresh
Oxblood slip-ons: Dansko

8 thoughts on “Flower Garland Casual

  1. I love that top! And this is really chic and colorful business casual that I would love to wear myself. I try to keep things a little dressier on campus but it has been hot enough that I am finding it harder to care.

  2. You look great–this is definitely a business cazh I could get behind. I tried to find those trouser jeans at my grocery store–I was going to give them one last try, as per Griff-dog's instructions–but they didn't have them. And they definitely don't have an Anthropologie here at IPF, Eastern Division. That top looks great on you and I think it's best without any necklace to compete with the neckline.Nicely shopped, A-Dubs, nicely shopped. I really wish I weren't on my shopping emissions offset insanity right now. I want ALL of these things, sweetie (imagine Edina).

  3. I also like the pairing of the green cardi with this fantastic top- it is just 'shrunken' enough provide a nice frame for the garland detail without obscuring the view of it. And I think the jeans look great, too!And Windows 97 in a windowless office- oh, no! We got brand new computers in our office last year, despite the entire staff of the University getting furloughed due to budget cuts. Something about different pots of money. Absurd.-Liz

  4. Yes, you definitely don't need more accessories with that rad shirt (but you could if you wanted to). It definitely draws the eye up.I should take a page from you with the business casual during the summer, but it is so freaking hot waiting for the subway here that if I make it into my office at all, I go for comfort first. And they all see me, but I pretend I don't see them (sunglasses, snotty look, and earphones). I act like I'm in a big rush outside my office. I just can't pretend to be friendly during the summers (or respond to questions of "can you raise my grade.") Dig the green cardigan with that top. Very summery.

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