The Theory of the Office Blazer

I was on campus working in my office last week and, like A-Dubs, I feel the pressure of that space to maintain a certain professional (professorial) polish to my attire, even though I am not meeting with students or colleagues, except by happenstance.I am there to work in my office with the door closed in order to avoid the inevitable distractions of working at home (read: the cats).

I know what you’re thinking.Perfect time to try out the Theory of the Office Blazer, right?This is what I wore, enhanced by finger guns:

Office Blazer

: Joe Fresh

T-shirt: American Apparel, pimped out by Futureman Graphics
Jeans: Old Navy
Sneakers: Bensimon (not pictured)
Bra: Lejaby

The Office Blazer is a blazer that lives in my office that I can throw on over whatever I am wearing to instantly professor it up.I wore jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers to campus.Obviously this is the greatest t-shirt ever though I do feel that it is less than professional to wear words on my breasts, regardless of how awesome my bra is (seriously, they’re like god’s little apples in this picture, aren’t they?).Sans blazer, I think this is a very campus-inappropriate ensemble, but perfect for testing the Theory of the Office Blazer.

When I emerged from my office to stomp around campus under the guise of getting a coffee (stomping around is an integral part of my writing process, as is coffee), I threw on my Office Blazer.I immediately ran into a colleague, who is always well put together, who remarked on “what I had going on” outfit-wise.My colleague joined me for coffee and I invited her to inventory my attire.

“It’s just jeans and a t-shirt, plus the Office Blazer”, I told her, giddy with the success of a productive experiment (It seemed inappropriate to discuss my bra with a colleague though, apparently, not inappropriate for the internet.).

Her eyes widened, “That’s brilliant!”

She now has an Office Blazer of her own.

In Professorial Fashion, changing the face of the academy one Office Blazer at a time.

12 thoughts on “The Theory of the Office Blazer

  1. KellyBean, there's a link to the t-shirt on-line. E-Jo sent it to me. She said she saw it in a shop window in Austin and immediately had to get it for me. I think it would be especially hilarious on a mum.Rad, way to spread your awesome idea! I think I need to start leaving shoes at the office too, but which ones should I choose?A-Dubs, solid gold.All, does it look like my fly is down in this photo? It's not, these jeans are just wonky in the zipper region, but maybe talking about my boobs with a photo that looks like I'm unzipped is bordering on a different kind of blog? Gah.

  2. Office Blazers are the best! I convinced my other colleague to do this as well. And I have lecture pumps at school two (and Payless flats for when my lecture pumps can suck it, on days I wore rain boots to school). And also, you're looking very cool in this chic combo. The finger guns make it even more authorative.

  3. I want that shirt! It would be a particularly good shirt for me to wear while pushing a stroller. I probably need the bra, too.Kudos on such excellent results with the Office Blazer. Now you can wear PJs to campus.

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