Still Neutral

I was going to declare this “neutral week,” but I want to wear red shoes tomorrow, so let’s preemptively scrap that idea. Other than this banal communication, and the fact that I remain neutral on all professional administrative issues, I have little to report.
Thus, without further rambling, I post today’s neutral ensemble:
Denim studded jacket: DKNY (remixed)
Indigo embellished cami: Esprit
Red, white & tan shell, seed, & bead necklace: artisan
(at Cuban craftshow in Varadero; also purchased:
belt of similar design that should be worn with this brown linen dress)
Khaki shorts: DKNY (via Winners)
Brown & coral studded wedges: Geox (remixed)
I may have a jean jacket addiction, but according to many of you (as well as more traditional fashion advisories), this summer, my denim dependence is neither sartorially debilitating nor illegal.
And this is me visually explaining to myself that these wedges are not a neutral. When I bought them in May, I somehow decided that the coral approximated my skin tone; thus I justified the purchase of a “nude” sandal. I admit I was in error. (It was end-of-term.)

Probably now I should build an ensemble around them as penance, but I may need some help. If you will, pretend for a moment that you own (and like) them – what items in your closet would you wear with these wedges?

9 thoughts on “Still Neutral

  1. You shouldn't have two-timed John Cusack as Andrew McCarthy was only pretending to be your boyfriend. Because he was so very in lust with me.

  2. I really like this outfit of neutrals and really think that a color can function as neutral depending on how you mix it (i.e. just treat it as neutral even if it isn't technically part of that narrowly defined canonical palette). Those wedges are very cute. As an aside and in response to Rad, although I am ink-less, I rail against the use of the phrase "tramp stamp" for its misogynist subtext. I also rail against "wifebeater" used as a descriptive term for ribbed tank tops because of its crude classism.

  3. I was about to totes complement you on the awesome popped collar and scrunched sleeves, and give credit to Angie from YouLookFab, who convinced me this wasn't just a "douchebag tag" (different than the tramp stamp, which is a bad word [for women] but necessary to describe that tatoo so many young women got in college, just above the butt and around the back of their waistband, flashed only when sitting down). You do rock the denim jacket and I will denim it up on top later this week to channel you.I am very poor at colors, so I had to stare at academichic's color wheel for a while. [] So these sandals are rockin', and I could see them with either a neutral top or bottom, and a top/bottom in one of the following colors: blue green, orange, pink, or lavender. Or a dress with a combo of these colors.See, Rad is no good with colors and requires a handbook, and even though remains timid. Perhaps this calls for some kind of intervention. Or a colorful ebay/Etsy purchase.Rad, out.

  4. First, I love ALL these suggestions, Sweetie. All of them. And I NEVER would have come up with anything even half as creative. I am ON it – and thank-you!Second, I'd like to see pictures of the medievalist who also writes this blog, but admittedly not in the yoga pants. Kick the Vampire Cat off the photo stool, jump up there, and show us your jazz hands, D-Med.Finally, even though Andrew McCarthy is my pretend boyfriend from the '80s, I am not channelling him here. I am channelling Rad who taught me, way back in March, how very B.A. a popped jacket collar can be.Academic Writer, out.

  5. I would wear them with anything but black because that's the kind of crazy fashionista I am.After that, I would wear them with a black dress that was cinched in by a brown belt because it would be ok.Then I would purchase matching Wonder Woman brown leather cuffs…that would be awesome and no one would mess with you.Finally, I would wear them with something leopard mixed with something white and something jean.(and the cuffs, don't forget those)that is all (I have about 24 more hours of use with this sign off, then it is done)

  6. First of all, those are not neutral sandals, but they are awesome.Second, nice popped collar, Andrew McCarthy. Seriously though, I love you in a jean blazer and this one looks great with this outfit, especially with the popped collar. Those shorts are doing you all kind of favours and I like how they are summer office appropriate.Third, oh KellyBean, I forget how style-y you are because I never see you! But I love your style suggestions. And B, I like the idea of a peasant blouse and jean shorts–get on that A-Dubs.Medievalist, out. (Medievalist has been wearing the same yoga pants for the past seven days, you don't want to see pictures of her.)

  7. I will happily pretend that I own these wedges, because I love them. I also love the gladiators you wore yesterday, but that doesn't answer your question. Most excellent sandalia, A-Dubs.I would wear them with my blush-coloured dress, belted with a bronze patterned scarf. With red toenails. I think the coral and brown would be gorgeous with red.

  8. I love the wedges. Great choice of nail polish too- almost the same but just a shade off. I would were them with jeans shorts and a white peasant blouse. Also, I love the denim blazer/shirt. I find that there is nothing more fun to play up or down.

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