Leading a glamourous life …

This is what I have worn for the last three days.
I know my sartorial splendour is blowing your mind right now, isn’t it?

Everyone thinks that academics have the summer off but that is a myth. A myth. Academic success, for better or worse, is measured by research output which means that I have been reading and writing and panicking over the fact that I need to read and write more since classes ended in April.Because I am a new professor, teaching new courses (new to me and new to the department) during the teaching terms I am swamped with course design, reading course materials, writing lectures, marking papers and managing students and I have very little time for my own work. So that leaves the summer months for me to publish or perish.

Now, I am very lucky to love my work, even though it often frustrates me.And I am very lucky to be able to manage my own time during the summer months, even though that can be like having enough rope to hang yourself (and makes it okay to have wine for breakfast, apparently). And I am extremely lucky to be supported by my institution as I do this work, but as the summer progresses there remains the mounting pressure to be an important voice in my field.

So this is the important ensemble I wear to be an important voice:

Plaid flannel shirt: belonged to a boy I broke up with over ten years ago
Denim skirt: Joe Fresh (from the grocery store)
Slippers: Chinatown in Toronto

(I only noticed that I had two different slippers on when I uploaded the picture. I love these slippers and wear them constantly indoors because I hate to have grubby feet. I buy several pairs in different colours when I visit Ontario because there is no Chinatown where I live and I have a pair in almost every room of my apartment. Sometimes they get mixed up. But I go with it.)

It’s comfortable. It’s got pockets. And it’s modest and sane enough to make a run to the grocery store for Kettle Brand Salt & Pepper chips at anytime of the day or night. It is neither flattering, nor professional.

But it is professorial.

What do you wear when you work from home? You work in the nude, don’t you?

22 thoughts on “Leading a glamourous life …

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  2. D-Med: in case you're still checking these comments – you can do that wine-fill-'er-up thing in your city, too. I did it when I lived there and can't believe I didn't remember until just now. Call me and I will explain. Your boxed wine days may be numbered, damn you.

  3. No Target. No F21. We only just got Anthropologie (though not where I live) and Endless won't send us shoes. Plus we can't buy booze at just any old store or where we buy our groceries. We have to go to government-run stores with names like "Liquor Control Board of Ontario" (aka the LickBo).Canadians like to deny themselves a lot of things. Except universal health care, which might make up for our Targetlessness.

  4. You don't have Target in Canada?!? And here I grew up just an hour away, thinking Canada was this wonderful place where everyone was nice and friendly and you could drink at 19, but no Target? That's rough.

  5. Yet ANOTHER reason why it is stupid that we don' t have Target in Canada. And I've never heard of BevMo but it sounds sketchy. I like sketchy if it means 5 cent booze. When I lived in Montreal I used to go to a place called Vin-en-Vrac where you could bring in random empty containers and they would fill up your containers with super cheap blended wine from an enourmous vat. It was pretty great. But that's Quebec where liquor laws are not as Draconian as in the rest of the country.

  6. I'm a fan of Target's Wine Cubes, if yours sells alcohol. Because the only thing better than boxed wine is cheap boxed wine! They have one that's a cabernet shiraz blend, and it's just delicious (and doesn't need refrigerating).

  7. It's so great that you all think I'm being productive. The truth is, I'm working, but don't seem to be getting anything much done. Le sigh. And no one cares about the process.I think it's time to check out the boxed wine section. Any recommendations?

  8. I usually wear my pajamas until I force myself to take a shower around noon, and then I actually do wear real clothes. I don't know why though, since it's not like I have to look nice to answer the door for UPS (damned online shopping habit!) or walk my dog around the neighborhood. I dress a lot more casual and comfy than anything I'd wear in the office and, like Rad, often to accommodate our lack of decent cooling (or, in the winter, lack of decent heat).Today I'm sporting a comfy fuschia linen skirt and black t-shirt. A-dubs: I'm a fan of boxed wine myself. It's classy, delicious, cost-effective and it could potentially last for weeks! (not that it does very often…)

  9. Thanks for reminding me to get to work. But I do believe I'll take a break from not working as hard as I could to think about my clothes during summer.Since until last night, we had no cooling system in our 4th floor apartment (it's 95 degrees today), I mostly sat around in Blokey's undershirts. I am wearing the T shirt part of my outfit from earlier today, and will throw everything else back on when I have to pick up goods at the store. Your work from home outfit is pretty amazing. That shirt, that skirt, those shoes. No wonder you've got the focus I crave.

  10. Sigh. I wear yoga pants. I have many pairs, all bought for about a dollar a pair at the sketchy thrift store around the corner. (Mondays are half off day.) I have a number of big t-shirts, baby ts, and other things to put on top. Sometimes I wear my old hippie skirts instead. Sandals or slippers or barefeet. (I have a no outside shoes in the house rule, so it is not too grubby in here.) I have to say, I love the non-matching slippers. I also like the flannel shirt–I have one that belonged to my dad.But sometime last semester, I said something about thinking it was weird to get so stressed out by a job that I do in yoga pants and my friend Ben explained that he is less stressed when he is dressed up. He feels more able to meet the challenge or he feels like the stress is appropriate to his apparel, which is comforting in its own way. So, apparently, when things get dicey in his life, he puts on a collar and tie. I read that, and immediately put on a garter belt and stockings.I try to avoid wearing nice clothing in my house because of the copious amounts of dog hair.—-Away from the Keyboard

  11. One of my reasons for fashion blogging was so that I would resist the temptation to fall into wearing bermuda shorts and a t-shirt to work every day all summer. Not that anyone would care if I did, as long as I get my papers out to the journals. Anyway, I work and loaf at home in bermuda shorts and a t-shirt, or some variant thereof. I haven't been photo-ing my weekend bermuda shorts outfits because they're kind of embarrassing and often the timing of weekend zumba classes makes it desirable not to shower until afternoon.

  12. That's right. I am naked right now. Because this way the scratchy wool of my desk chair feels like a hair shirt. Also, I wish to reiterate my point from our phone conversation this morning re: ways this could get more flattering (though I know that's not currently the goal). Over a white or purple tank, this awesome shirt could have its sleeves rolled up, its buttons undone, and its tails tied at the waist of (what looks like your awesome) pocketed skirt. You know, just in case you want to switch things up when you head out for your next box of wine.p.s. full disclosure: I have no evidence D-Med is following my wine-from-a-box example as yet. In fact, I suspect she continues – despite my best efforts – to imbibe much classier grape-based drinks over breakfast.

  13. Good points…Kettle brand Salt & Pepper chips are THE BOMB!Wine is ok for breakfast because that makes beer with breakfast (huevos rancheros) ok.Summer off is a myth, especially if you work in education or have children or both (hint).Skirts with pockets are the best. You have a place to put your hands AND you can twirl.You are not wearing sweats or yoga pants. Good for you.Grubby feet are gross, the unmatched slippers are cool.I'm still in my pajamas as I'm typing this. You are clothed. You win.

  14. For realz. I don't work in the nude because I get too chilly, but sometimes I'll put on my highest heels for a day spent just at my desk.Right now I'm just jealous that you are getting work done. I'm starting to feel separation anxiety from work because it's been a week now since I've done any. Eeeep!

  15. Preachin' to the choir lady. I work at a research center on my campus, and our busy times are summer and winter breaks. Break is a misnomer. Grant app, grant app, manuscript editing, grant app, paper editing, grant app. Do it all again tomorrow. Good on YOU for actually doing the work. People think they want this, but they don't know. Oh they do not know.

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