Interlude: Lakeside

I am away this week at the afore-mentioned cottage, so I may be either too relaxed or too intoxicated to post until next Wednesday. In the mean time, for your enjoyment, here is a photo of D-Med and I (a few years ago) engaging in the activity for which cottages were invented:

Cottage-bobbing is perhaps one of the most important inventions of the twenty-first century. Rinty the Crusher & I did some today while it was sunny and wickedly hot. We did it without D-Med, however, as she has chosen to travel to England to examine things invented ages ago. Because apparently, her career is important to her.
(Sadly, this photo was taken 4 years ago when we were all grad students
who lived in the same city, no one had careers to speak of yet,
travelling together involved simply deciding who would drive,
and I had somehow become convinced that cowboy hats were awesome.)
I hope everyone is keeping cool in the sweet sultry heat of July, and I’m looking forward to catching up on all your posts upon my return to In Professorial Fashion, Northern Division.

A-Dubs, out.

6 thoughts on “Interlude: Lakeside

  1. ugh, please do not go on holiday at the same time next year. this is killing me.I would allow you to go on holiday together if, and only if, you take your computer with you for blogging purposes only.

  2. Ooh, sounds so fun. I am trying to channel your coolness lakeside. Hope you have a lovely week away (and truly "off"). Too bad D-Med is in London (where's that girl's priorities?) but there's always next summer!

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