15 thoughts on “Champagne Tastes: Fiorentini + Baker Eli Boot, revisited

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  2. Those boots are amazing! I'm totally jealous. I'm hoping to make the same thing happen for me with a pair of blochs. Finding them on sale in my size, however, is proving very difficult.

  3. oh my goodness. oh my goodness. those boots are awesome. you will wear them forEVER. I agree with Rad, I would be looking at them all the time too. congratulations on your successful boot stalking.

  4. Oooh, Rad, we posted comments at the same time (we're like this–doing the fingers to eye thing that AW and I do). I'm sort of ridiculously excited about owning these boots, which makes me a sheepish consumer. They're handmade! In Italy! Not in a sweatshop (I don't think). That counts. right?

  5. I know, right? I thought about calling you on my "mobile", A-Dubs, to get you to talk me out of buying them but you would only encourage me. And they are pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. And with the endorsement of you, Sal, and Orchids, I figure I'm okay with spending so much on my Fred Flintstone feet.Plus they were seriously on sale. Like only $20 more than those Campers I took back twice. So yeah, back on-line with regular internet in my little London dorm room and (finally) at the BL (which could be bad).

  6. Ohmigod! Seriously? Holy crap, they're awesome! Also, huzzah! You're back online! And I am over-using exclamation marks in celebration of this fact!)Side note: despite what our blog wants everyone to believe, we posted at almost the exact same time today. So I did not jump the gun on Friend Friday. Just so you know.Also, we're like this (I'm doing that fingers to eye thing).

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