Change How You See, Not How You Look

In a post entitled “French Women. . . [insert stereotype here]”, Deja Pseu of Un Femme d’un Certain Age discusses cultural stereotypes and the need for North American women – and North American culture/s – to value ourselves at every age.
I especially heart the final paragraph where she disses “granny goggles” (i.e. the seeming cultural invisibility in North America of women of a certain age).

D-Med and I are fully on board with this plan. Watch for us to put our money where our mouths are very soon. . . .

9 thoughts on “Change How You See, Not How You Look

  1. Ok, I reread your comment Rad, my bad.Entre Nous is fine as long as you remember it is one woman's opinion. For me, it's somewhat personal. I have a dear friend who is from the Bordeaux region of France and I "see" many of her Frenchisms in the book, from how she raises her children to dinner at her house. The author noted my friends make-up drawer perfectly.

  2. BBSM: Welcome aboard! And thanks for your comments. And I'm definitely interested in hearing more about your home country!SU: How's Entre Nous? I'm going to look it up right now. . . Rad: It DOES seems like a dinkish article, doesn't it? (Please note: I am using "dinkish" to mean "pointless" because I want to diss the writer and topic more overtly.)

  3. First, thanks for posting this. I was gonna put this on Une Femme's page but didn't want to scare her with my anger. I was hoping to that Jezebel would tackle this (I sent them the link) but they did not.This "article" annoyed me not only because of the class/race bias, but also because I'm not sure what it was trying to communicate to non-French women in the states. Stupid you, you didn't use anti-wrinkle creams as a tween? American women are idiots for "allowing" themselves to gain weight as they age? Just save more money for cosmetic procedures and you too will be like a Binoche?I live in NYC, and I see plenty of beautiful, lively older women with unique senses of style. I don't really understand what the point of the article was, except to tell us to value our selves at any age, but I don't think it should have been about French women per say.

  4. Hi A-Dubs! thank you for your comment on my blog. what an interesting blog you have. i've got to run now but definitely be back to check it out more thoroughly (i'm bookmarking it and following you). D-Med = Dorky Medival I assume? have to check you out. as to your subject of study… how interesting. i am originally from the country of Georgia which is neither in the West nor in the East. it is right in between. thought you may be interested about women in that region. i'll be in touch.

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