Dispatches from London

Fish Monkey wondered about the length of this sweater so here are a couple of snaps:
It’s tough to measure because the button placket is off-centre and the hem is purposefully uneven. It’s also tough to measure because I can’t find my measuring tape. It hits just below the waistband of my mid-rise jeans, though I think the length can be played with because of the loose collar. The back is higher than the front, except for the little tail.
I tried taking some outfit pictures this morning to show you what I wore to the library (not at all exciting: green t-shirt handed down from A-Dubs, black cardi because manuscript reading rooms are like freezers, denim skirt from the grocery store, black flat mary-janes), but the light in my little dorm room was not working in my favour. Plus I’m sick and I am too snotty and cough-y for the manuscript room. The Watchtower was blanching and you can’t take water into the reading room so it seemed best to cut my losses and come back and sleep. Right now I’m drinking wine (Good Ordinary Claret) because it is a cough suppressant. Also because it is wine. I can’t believe I’m sick.
Anyway, while I was trying to talk myself out of buying my dream boots yesterday (I am counting on these boots to change my life. Is that unhealthy?), I went into All Saints and I bought these two items. I’m sort of panicking and thinking of taking them back even though they are awesome and I love them:

The skirt is actually a grey-on-black pattern, so much less “ditzy floral” than the one pictured and it hits just above the knee. I actually love the stripes and florals together and I’m not much of a pattern-mixer so I think the tone-on-tone entree is the way to go. I’m picturing it in the classroom with black tights and my new boots. (Because I have to wear my new boots with everything to justify the expense. Oh yes, and because they rock.) All Saints seems to me like the high street version of Vivienne Westwood, whom I love. Not cheap, but considerably less than lovely Viv.
Anyway, here’s another tone-on-tone pair. I love London, and I love being here, but I sure do miss the fur treasures. This is a scene from the conference-paper-writing frenzy that occurred just before I left:
Can they get any closer to me or each other?

I am very familiar with this look that says why-did-you-feed-me-out-of-fitting-comfortably-into-this-box? Also, please feed me.
Are you on any fun vacation adventures? What do you do to mitigate ill-timed illness?

17 thoughts on “Dispatches from London

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  2. Oh, Fish Monkey. When I unpack my camera I will take a picture of the sweater for you and it's measurements. The front dips lower in the front than the back, though there is sort of a "tail" in the back. Where it nips in a bit in the website photo is around the waist. I'll get you some more details shortly.

  3. Question about the cardigan — how long is it? I've been looking at it at the AllSaints website for weeks now, but can't quite take the plunge since they don't list garment lengths. Thanks!

  4. Ah D-Med, I'm so sorry your sick. That just sucks.Thanks for introducing me to All Saints. Another clothing brand I shall covet but not afford.As for the skirt and sweater, keep them. Use them as your reward for getting better. Red nose gone, skirt is on. yes, like that.Who's taking care of your cats while you're away?

  5. Darn you, D-Med! I'm also lusting over the All Saints page. Also, I'm sorry you're snot-filled, but what if you hopped out of bed for one tiny second to take a picture of the real skirt? You could just hang it on your door. . . .Also, cats in boxes are always adorable. Even when they're Vampire Cats who appear to be within a second or two of ripping your face off. (How'd you fare?)And finally, come home soon! I am in D-Med withdrawal.

  6. Love both pieces (but I am confused- that's not the skirt you got or it is the skirt you got, but it looks less floral in real life). They will indeed be B.A. in a major way with the new boots.Now I am lusting over the All Saints page (I have a deadline on Monday).I'm sure the kitties miss you too. Cuddly cuteness!

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