I’d like to sup with my baby tonight

Have I mentioned that it is HOT in London? Oh yes, I have. The thing about my being here during the hottest summer on record in London is that I did not pack for being here during the hottest summer on record in London. I packed for England: cardis, long pants, jeans, coat. I needed all of these things when I was up in Leeds, where it monsooned daily while I conferenced and tried to be charming and smart, but these things are just not on with the daily living in London.
The day I landed I took the tube from Heathrow to Russell Square and was miserable and sweaty (I really hate the tube and yet I am still too cheap to take the Heathrow Express) so when I got out and hauled my suitcase and my arse up the stupid, stupid stairs I went straight to Joy and bought this dress. It was modelled in the window AND by a very stylish customer rocking it in the store. I don’t think I’ve ever bought something because I saw it on someone else but my brain was heat-addled and she was willowy and beautiful. She might have glamoured me. The dress is tent-like and does absolutely nothing flattering but it barely touches me and only needs to be accessorised by a pair of M&S knickers, footwear and a smile.
Dress: Louche
Undies: Marks & Spencer (not pictured)
I actually like the bright florals, the precious heart-shaped buttons and the pockets but it is a little short for my comfort level (especially since I washed it) and trapeze-like for my shape. But it has been a staple for my days in London (outside of library time, where it is freezing and cardi-friendly).
How are y’all survivin’ the heat?
(I have been watching True Blood on-line for the first time, because I am also too sick to sleep.
I am in love with Sam. Why doesn’t he love me?)

16 thoughts on “I’d like to sup with my baby tonight

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  2. Your plot is sounding very similar to when Theo goes to London in Michael Malone's Foolscap. Although he ended up at the Regatta, and acquiring a pile of bespoke clothing under the influence of the mysterious Jonas Marsh.

  3. I don't know why I didn't comment on this before. I like the poofyness and summeryness. While I tend towards darks/neutrals, something about bright summer makes me able to even consider bright colors.While I am not in the know about True Blood, I do agree with others that your legs are show-off able, and that going shorter in hot weather is awesome.We don't use the A/C at home, and the subway is like an oven, so I feel for you, lady. I really do.

  4. It's been completely unbearable over here in Chicago for WEEKS now. I woke up this morning and it was only 74°F and I almost cried, I was so happy to wear sleeves! Beating the heat here is basically impossible. The weather is so unpredictable. Winters are brutal and Summers are sizzling. I think I've just become cold-blooded and my body adapts to the ever-fluctuating temperature. p.s. I love that dress. LOVE! I want to hop over to London and go shopping 🙂

  5. Because dogs are inherently lovable. So are wolves. It is why even people who should know better are Team Jacob. (I recently discovered that any number of my friends are, in fact, on Twilight teams. And all of them, Team Jacob.)

  6. Thanks all. I also live in a cooler climate so I expect I will have to reserve this dress for AW's Caribbean fantasy home and London, though I like the idea of it with leggings and a cardi.And I agree on the Lafayette and Eric front. I find Sookie and Bill the least interesting characters on that show, even though they are pretty to look at. Oh Sam, how can I love a man with a mullet who is also a dog?

  7. When I stop being able to think and work, and become mean-tempered, my husband shoves the a/c in the window and I get happy and productive again. Your dress looks perfect for the weather. With a cardigan and a pair of leggings, it'll continue to be perfect when London gets back to normal.

  8. I like the dress – it's that kind of dress one can get away with when it's swelteringly hot out. It's not hot where I live. :(I adore "True Blood" – Lafayette is my favourite character…mmmm, and Eric. Mmmm…yummy Viking…

  9. I am beating the heat by living in the American South, where AC is considered a basic human right. I am not kidding–all public buildings are like archives in this place. My apartment is kind of hot, because I am not from the south, and so think that AC is a luxury. But even I have learned to turn it on. (I compensate by only barely using my heat all winter.)

  10. Sam does not love you because he is besotted with Sookie, as all supernatural men on this show must be. It might be the law.However, you might be his type, you tiny, curvy, blond, you.Oh, and that is a totally cute dress. Come home.

  11. Your plot is sounding very similar to when Theo goes to London in Michael Malone's Foolscap. Although he ended up at the Regatta, and acquiring a pile of bespoke clothing under the influence of the mysterious Jonas Marsh.

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