Friend Friday: Want Fitness, Need Chips

Once again, In Professorial Fashion is participating in Katy of Modly Chic‘s thought-provoking “Friend Friday” discussion. This week, we’re discussing fitness and exercise. (Gah.) As usual, Katy’s questions are in bold below with my answers in (mostly) regular type directly after.

1. When you hear the word Fitness what do you think?
I think about how I want to be fit. And then I think of a list of guilt-inducing shoulds and wants: I should go to the gym more (or at all), I should not eat the crack chips. I want rock-hard abs, buns of steel, and non-jiggly arms; I want a personal trainer who drags me out of bed each morning and pushes me out for a run (gah. I hate running. Now I’m having a horrible running flashback, even though it’s an efficient and cheap way to burn calories).
What I really want, however, is to not talk about this anymore and go eat crack chips while sitting under a massive white sunshade here:

(This image is from Jeanne-Aelia’s lovely post earlier this month
entitled “T.G.I.F.: Pools With a Sea View” over at Through the French Eye of Design)

2. Do you have a workout routine? What’s your favorite way to workout?
This way:

(Check out Rinty the Crusher and I engaging in the sport of cottage-bobbing two short weeks ago.)
Just kidding. My real answers to the questions are “Yes.” and “Yoga” (the fast kind).
But my routine needs to be stepped up. I once said this to a friend whose job is helping companies and people work more efficiently. He said, “You schedule what you care about.” Obviously, I need to care more about yoga. It would be easier to do so in my fantasy alterna-life (a life that would also enable me to pay the hundreds of dollars Fotosearch wanted for an unmarked version of this image):

(Alterna-A-Dubs – minus her mane of hair – making yoga a priority.)

3. To you, what is the purpose of exercise?
Probably I answered this question more thoughtfully here (see point #5). Today, all I can think is “firm buns, abs of steel, non-jiggly arms.” Thanks to Sheila of Ephemera‘s workout tips, I have a workout strategy for achieving the latter of these goals, a strategy I have already employed once today and that I will just take a short break, now, to employ, again. . . . Ok. I’m back.
4. Do you think it is possible to be feminine and still workout?
Uh, yes! For example:

But maybe that depends how we’re defining feminine. Some of us talked about it a bit here (see the comments section, too).
Or maybe Feminist Hulk should (not) do this for us. (I must credit – and thank – the “Thursday Links” by the Interrobangs Anonymous posse for turning us on to the Ms. Interview with Feminist Hulk!)

5. What do you think about the people who are workout obsessed? (You know, those women at the gym who spend 4 hours working out and have more muscles than some men.)
I think if you’ve got the time, it turns you on, and it’s not connected to an eating disorder or any other debilitating conditions or practices, go to it. But if that’s your obsession, we’re probably not going to be best friends. Not because I judge you, but because I don’t want to give you opportunities to judge me.

And in case you’re judging me already, here is a calming sunset image taken by the A-Dubs-Hubs from our balcony last week.

**Special Message for Style Underdog during this, your el crappo week:
Big luv to you, SU. Escape to us here in the blogoverse whenever you can. Until then, take good care.**

19 thoughts on “Friend Friday: Want Fitness, Need Chips

  1. Rad: Obviously, you're in. As are all other takers on the singing action.D-Med: Does this mean your "No Karaoke" rule goes out the window?Lynzy: Welcome! Given that so little actual working out occurs on or around this blog, I hope we can hold your interest!C: I hear you. If it's not fun, it's hard to make ourselves do it. The process can really suck balls.Ch: Yes – 'so glad to hear we're in tune!AFtK: How did I miss your comment last time? Maybe because I could have written much the same thing.

  2. Rad: Obviously, you're in. As are all other takers on the singing action.D-Med: Does this mean your "No Karaoke" rule goes out the window?Lynzy: Welcome! Given that so little actual working out occurs on or around this blog, I hope we can hold your interest!C: I hear you. If it's not fun, it's hard to make ourselves do it. The process can really suck balls.Ch: Yes – 'so glad to hear we're in tune!AFtK: How did I miss your comment last time? Maybe because I could have written much the same thing.

  3. DMed: I was at Anne's this weekend (it was a surprise for her fella). I totally get all of these points, and like you, I want to fit but I reach for Paul Newman cookies (we don't have chips in the house, but if we did, they'd be salt and vinegar). Also, I used to have all of those things in number 3 (naked army, and when I jogged 6-7 miles a day to avoid writing a dissertation), but now I focus on mental health, balance, and flexibility, so yoga and pilates it is! The unfortunate thing about my job, however, is that almost all the other ladies in my department are REALLY fit, like NYC stereotype fit (not necessarily stick then, but they are disciplined and exercise regularly). Instead of inspiring me to be fit, instead I think, "Oh, they're good at fitness, I am good at eating Newman-Os".I am also a fan of Korean/Japanese karaoke bars, because no one sees you sing but your friends. Either way, I want in on the hypothetical singing action.

  4. Just found your blog, love it! I am a workout fiend so I really enjoyed reading this post. Now following!xo Lynzy

  5. Can I just say how much I love that you have a picture of Xena in this post? Lucy Lawless (and her sidekick for that matter) are such great style icons for the athletically built/large shouldered among us.Also, re: what awayfromthekeyboard said about not liking the process — I have found that the only time fitness efforts started to work for me was when I started enjoying the process. If I'm just focused on the results (losing weight, lifting weight, whatever) and not enjoying what it takes to get there, I will never keep it up. Admittedly, I have it real easy when it comes to being able to just say "OK, I am going to do X for an hour every night" because I live alone and don't have kids. But I enjoy the experience of going to Zumba, and the friendly people there, as much as the results. I also enjoy the experience of walking or running around my neighborhood in the early morning, meeting my neighbors and their dogs, watching the sun come up.

  6. G&G: Ohmigod. Really?! You are way hard core. I aspire to that level of commitment!C: I've heard the 21-day rule before and I fully believe (it's worked for me, for sure). So, I guess it's zumba for fall, then. Woo!B: Imagine if we could all do the happy-hour swim together while talking about fashion? Thanks for your comment!D-Med: That's right: bucket hats were only outlawed in Vegas. Also, that is my hat she had to borrow. Rint and I have large craniums, so any hat that fits must be considered. You with your normal-sized bean are not allowed to judge. And finally, you're hard core with the running, too. 'Can't wait to hear more stories. . . KT: Thanks for your encouragement. And you're right. Guilt is bad and should be avoided. Except that it's one of my primary motivators in life as in workout schedules. . . LHdM: I sympathize with your loss. Rinty the Crusher and D-Med and I used to workout together, and it was sooooo much easier to go to the gym, then. 'Back to the friend-drawing-board, yes? Academia is great in many ways, but not in this one.M: Can't get enough Feminist Hulk. Am forever in your debt.S: 'Love the sports-as-workout plans. And ultimate frisby is cardio-rich, so you are clearly hard core. Also, gah! I don't get the code word thing. What was it for?SU: Ha! I'm sharing your vision, to be sure! D-Med, how about you? And finally, hold on, woman! We luv us some SU!

  7. Ok I am with you on #1, #3, #4, and #5. Number 2 is n/a with me. It's sad, really. My husband surfs, bikes, and runs. I watch so I think that counts for something.Thank you for me secret message. I'm sure it was in code and my superpower naturally deciphered it. You are like my haven of safety.This has nothing to do with anything BUT Mike and I went out tonight with friends for relief from our week. We were at a "dueling" piano bar and I swear all I kept thinking was how much fun that place would be for you, D-Med, Rad, G&G, me, and whoever else could join us. Seriously had visions of D-Med atop the piano singing Livin on a Prayer. Priceless.

  8. Oh, thank you for the link! I am so excited that you're doing your push-ups! I hope they're working for you. :)I am fit for the first time in my life – I lost weight (50 lbs, 3 years ago) to be healthy, and I try to maintain that mindset. I just walk, as much as I can, everywhere I can. I play Frisbee rather than go to the gym, and I walk rather than taking the bus. I'm not rabid about it, though…and um, I got a bag of crack chips with my name on it in the cupboard. And maybe some wine. Ha!PS – Okay, my code word was "Enorbum" – hilarious!

  9. This picture of the two floating in the water with beers made me laugh out loud. Love it. And I think a big part about fitness is not feeling guilty when you don't meet your goals. Go with what your body needs and sometimes what it wants and don't sweat the small stuff.

  10. Is Rinty wearing a bucket hat? Didn't we ban those? Or was that just in Vegas? This is my first sans-cottage-bobbing summer in years and all I have to show for it is a wicked summer cold and some jetlag stupor (read: I may have more things to add to your list of embarrassing moments soon).I like the workout post. I'm going to get back into my early morning run habit as soon as I can breathe normally and provided I don't hack up a necessary lung in the interim. Why does it take way fewer than 21 days to break a habit? Why, Universe, why?

  11. Zumba, I tell you. You'll know all the words to "Amarte Es Un Problema" AND you'll never want to miss a day.Seriously, don't think about the results. Think about the habit. It takes 21 days (or something) to make a habit.

  12. HAAA!!! Great post. And you are right…you have to schedule it. Even when it hurts. I used to get up at the ungodly hour of 4:45am for a 5:30 yoga class. It killed me. But after my 90-minute class, I felt so zen and so ready for my day. ♥ V

  13. Apologies for the mixture of typefaces throughout this post. I can't figure out what's going wrong, but every time I go back to fix it, I make it worse.For now, I give up. Also, help!

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