Call for Poses: Wonder Woman Pose Conference!

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In Professorial Fashion:

The (Virtual) Wonder Woman Pose Conference

What do you do with your arms in your style-blog photos? When we’re at a loss—or trying to showcase either our bracelets or biceps—we do the “Wonder Woman.” (Click on the Wonder Woman “Designer Label” in our left sidebar to review our preliminary efforts.) Now we invite you to assume a Wonder Woman-like pose, too!

To be included in the conference line-up, choose one of your style-y outfits, select one of the three poses shown below,* assume the position, snap a photo, save it as a jpeg image, and email it to with the Subject Line “WW Conference Entry” by midnight on August 31st. In the body of your email, be sure to include the details for your outfit as well as a link to your blog. If you like, you can include one or two sentences to accompany your image when we post all the conference entries.**

*Note to Wonder Woman purists: Clearly, we favour the television WW played by Linda Carter in the late 1970s and early ’80s. If you really, really want to pose like the drawn character created by DC Comics’ William Moulton Marsden, go ahead—but send us an image of the version of this character you’re emulating.

**This goes without saying, we know, but we’re saying it anyway: no nude, nude-ish, or otherwise sextastic images that may hurt our eyes. This is a style blog; let’s keep it stylish, people. (This means, of course, that we won’t post the nudie pic’s.)

Pose #1: The Classic

Pose #2: The Classic – With Hip-tilt

Pose #3: Bullets & Bracelets

25 thoughts on “Call for Poses: Wonder Woman Pose Conference!

  1. For those with good visual imagination, I want to recommend checking out book "Don't Look Down" by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer. It's chockablock full of Wonderwear and Wonder Woman attitude. You WW aficionados might get a kick out of it.

  2. Oh man, I am all over this! I am going to do a Wonder Woman pose every freakin' day. I will send you a zip file of all my poses near the end. 🙂 Yeah, not sending one a day…that would verge on stalkerishness.

  3. Hee hee. I'm glad that the abstract deadline is so far away — I might be able to improve on yesterday's shots. Although I do not own an eagle bustier, unfortunately. I was thinking about running the Asheville Superhero 5K as WW this year…maybe I'll have to grab a costume before my personal TGAAD deadline.

  4. Yeay for the Wonder Woman conference! I'm glad we don't have to wear the granny panties and eagle bustier. 'Cuz mine are obviously in awkward storage. But my star spangled background is just over here…I know that y'all like my gimpy wrist photo but I will try to recreate this with Anne over the weekend. D-Med, are you just getting up, or still working? I think I know the answer to this one…

  5. Wow. Lynda Carter lost a lot of weight during the show. Though I think I would do the same if I had to wear granny panties and knee-high boots on TV. Also, how could I never have noticed how American her costume is? I like how the eagle seems to be hugging her boobs.This challenge is going to be awesome!

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