Casual Monday: Acid Wash Jean Skirt

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In other news, today’s outfit is brought to you by Sal and Sheila. Specifically, I was inspired by the long lines of Sal’s draped cardigans with platform sandals (woman has the most beautiful shoes), and by Sheila’s B.A. acid wash denim skirt. Sadly, I have neither Sheila’s wicked snakeskin pumps, nor Sal’s hot monster wedges, so I’m remixing my buttery-awesome nude platforms:

Linen/cotton cardigan: Mexx
Ruched cotton top: Le Chateau
Acid wash jean skirt: Azzure (purchased in fit of nostalgia 5 years ago – clearly, I am sartorially prescient)
Silver link necklace: sad sale at Suzy Shier
Nude platform wedges: Nine West (remixed)
Even though it seems appropriate, professionally, that I’m covering my bare arms and back, it’s a teensy bit sad that such coverage also hides this:

It wasn’t just nostalgia that led me to this skirt. It also has magical buttock-enhancing powers. I would have been a fool to pass it up. (But perhaps that makes me a fool, now, for covering up. Even though I do not come to campus to show off my rear view.)
Have you got any pieces that have exceptional body-enhancing powers?
What’ve you got, and what is it/they make even more awesome?

22 thoughts on “Casual Monday: Acid Wash Jean Skirt

  1. D-Med: OK, I'll stay. My arse also prefers a downward direction, but this skirt is like a bum-bra.OiB: Thanks so much! Denim was pushing it in yesterday's heat, but I'm glad it at least *looked* summery!

  2. That skirt is amazing on you! Seriously, it was as if it were made for you. Love it with those wedges and the bright blue. You look summertime cool!

  3. Wow! You look like a rockin' goddess with that ruched top and floaty cardigan. And I totally agree with everyone re: rear view. Denim also perks my buttocks right up–will share those jeans when the weather isn't making me cry.

  4. 'Looking forward to seeing some of your magic items soon, ya'll. Also, it seems I'm done style blogging, as, apparently, I've peaked. It's all downhill from here!

  5. Killer rack and boo-tay going on here, yup, pretty fine. Thank you so much for the shout-out. 🙂 I agree, a killer pencil skirt is my secret weapon (and boobs, but I grew those, so I take no credit for them).

  6. You are smoking hot in this outfit. Curve galore and willowy all at once. I also admired your upper back, buttage, and your itsy bitsy, super slender waist. Also, I would commit non-violent but extreme acts to have that posture. Looking amazing, A-Dubs. Freakin' amazing. I think my super power piece of clothes is a well fitting pencil skirt. For some reason, it makes me feel powerful, feminine, and professional It's a good power piece in the classroom.

  7. I feel that way about my Adriano Goldschmeid cords. I scored a pair in a strange grey-green color for something like $45 on, they're usually about $200. I used to laugh at people who would pay that much for jeans, but ZOMG! They're awesome.The booty's one thing, but if I had your upper back I wouldn't be hiding that, either!

  8. D-Med: This is starting to get weird, because I had a similar acid wash dress (well, it was a jumper, but it was still the most scandalous thing in my 4th grade classroom… on non-uniform days…) and spiral perm back in the day.

  9. Oh yeah, and in answer to your question which you already know the answer to, my Joe Jean's enhance my butt magically. So much so that I when I die I would like to be buried in them, face down, so that my enhanced butt is on display for all to mourn its passing. I believe you requested that you be allowed to park your bike in it. That can be arranged.

  10. That is clearly a success story in the ongoing search for perfect denim skirts. Mad prescient acid wash combined with superb buttal enhancement? Well done!@D-Med: I really wanted a dress like that, back in the day when I too had a perm.

  11. One word. Bootylicious. Which I think is the only good reason to buy acid wash again if you were around for the first assault.I had an acid wash mini dress with shoulder pads and a zipper that went two ways. It was scandalous. I so wish I had a picture of me in that dress; obviously I also had a perm at the time.

  12. Outstanding bad ass!I am afraid I don't have any clothing with magical properties. Though, I was able to find some pretty close to perfect skinny jean capris amongst the general muck of maternity wear. They're just about the only thing I wear these days that still make me feel like a normal human.

  13. I agree, that is a pretty great rear view! I wish my denim skirt did that.About 80% of my shirts were bought because they make my chest look good, regardless of what stage of weight loss/gain I may be at. Also, every single pair of Gap Long & Lean jeans seems to be designed specifically to make my bum look good. It's kind of amazing how they do that, really.

  14. That's a great rear view A-Dubs. Can't blame you for wanting to show it off. I have a pair of flare trousers that are kind of a sharkskin blue denim-look. They have no pockets on the back (my favorite silhouette) but when I can fit in them, on skinny days, they really showcase my JLo junk in the trunk. I wore them in the office one day, and a female coworker said to me, as we were walking to lunch, "V, your a** looks awesome in those pants!" Sadly, lately my a** is five pounds heavier, so that pair remains in my closet for a better day. Sigh. ♥ V

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