Can I Teach in Skinny Pants?

‘Just practicing for fall. I haven’t had skinny black pants since the late nineties, so I’m out of practice. Back then, I had multiple pairs of slim black bum-hugging pants that I wore to work – either teaching English overseas, or waiting tables back in the T-dot – and out on the town. Now, I’ve got a different job – not to mention a totally different (read: older) bum; so I’m trying to see if I can lecture in these pants (with a sweater or office blazer, obviously). What do you think? (probably it would be better if I gave a back view, too; but I didn’t think of that during photos)

I think I’d like these cropped skinnies more with shoes akin to the BA black strappy sandals Rad of The Cohabiting Closet has been rocking this summer. Also, a black top might be better, given the ankle crop, so my legs don’t look shorter.
~ late afternoon photos = BA barbeque backdrop

Gun-metal gray faux-silk top: Le Chateau
Black cotton skinny pants: Mexx
Necklace & sparkly bracelets: The Bay
Cuff: remixed
Pink platform flats: Kenneth Cole (remixed)

Do you wear skinnies to work? Why or why not?

I’ll be watching your blogs, of course,
but how about talking a little, here, about your styling choices?

24 thoughts on “Can I Teach in Skinny Pants?

  1. I *only* teach in skinny cropped black pants. I wear them with cardigans, blazers, and the odd flapper top. BTW: thanks for introducing me to Gravity Pope! I've credited you for the find chez moi.

  2. Sh: I'll wear 'em, but I've gotta practice the styling. . .Ch & MC: Thanks for the ideas. I will practice later. Also, DM cracks me up, too. She also cracks herself up (read: loves her own jokes more than a little bit). Probably I'll get a pounding for saying that. Nonetheless, she is the comedy gold of IPF. Also, MC: Gravity Pope is like shoe-crack. Except for the part where they are super-pricey. But I LOVE your picks. LOVE. THEM.

  3. I *only* teach in skinny cropped black pants. I wear them with cardigans, blazers, and the odd flapper top. BTW: thanks for introducing me to Gravity Pope! I've credited you for the find chez moi.

  4. DM cracks me up. Last year I wore my black skinny pants several times, and no one fainted or sent me to the department head's office. I think once or twice I paired them with a mid-thigh length tunic and another time with a long gray cardigan. I don't do bum exposure, since mine is up under my armpits and throws my line off-kilter.

  5. I have a pair of black skinnies, but I have a really tough time styling them. I don't really know what to do with them on my 42-year-old bod, you know?These look fab on you! Wear them!

  6. Oh so much to say.Do not over analyze the pants. They are black and fitted and can be worn with ANYTHING.Make sure you have NO panty lines…I'm serious.The bling is rocking, OMG rocking. I'm a little envious. I find the wrist bling to be very powerful.As I've discovered, kitten heels suck but you are tall like me so anything goes. Remember that, being tall is awesome, being taller is more awesome.Now your outfit, I would throw on a cardi or blazer or tux jacket BECAUSE of the bare shoulder thing. I do not feel prof. enuf with bare shoulders. Do you have an old blazer that you can have the sleeved cropped? I'm in the process with an older white blazer of mine i.e. still cool enough for summer but pro enough for work.Ok, have to go. Mike is serving FOGS…I will explain later….hiccup

  7. Thanks, All. Be assured I am taking copious notes from your very helpful comments. But D-Med, I should tell you that I favour the shine & sparkles ("Bling," for V!) for classroom ensembles; they help keep eyes front, I find. Also, they help me get out of bed on really dark winter mornings. Finally, I've got a pair of slingback kitten heels that I will maybe take care of the ankle-strap issues Liz notes. If they don't make me seem too ridiculous – sometimes kitten heels can be stupid on someone as tall and large-framed as I am – I will try them next time 'round.

  8. You really look great in those skinnies. I think, like most other things, office-appropriateness is related to how a skinny trouser is styled. I'd definitely wear them to an office, likely with a blazer and a silk blouse to skew them away from a tee-shirt and jeans look.

  9. I think those pants would be fine for work, especially paired with a sweater or blazer.I don't actually own any super skinny pants, so I'd wear them to work if I did.

  10. I have some pants just like the ones you are wearing…on the skinny side and cropped. I wear them with stilettos and a jacket and blouse toward the (more casual) end of the work week. But I work in a strict biz casual environment. You can totally teach in those skinnies! They aren't painted on. You're good.And I love the bling. As much as I don't want to like that word, I can't help myself.♥ V

  11. I don't wear skinny pants to work, or anywhere else for that matter, since they don't flatter my figure. I have the wide-legged and boot-cut sort of legs. I do really wish I had the legs for skinnies since I see how well you all wear them, so I say definitely rock them if you can. I love the way you have these styled. The pink shoes are a great touch. So are the pythons.

  12. I like how your butt blends into the BBQ in this shot. Even though I'm sure your older butt is rocking these pants, can you bring the BBQ to class to stand in front of? You know, just in case. I too like the gunmetal and black combo, though I would definitely add a blazer or a cardi. The ruffles and the sheen of the blouse make this look a little evening wear-ish for the classroom (but awesome for, say, VEGAS).I think a pair of pointy-toe kitten heels would elongate your leg here, if you're worried (and you shouldn't be) and would also up the serious professor factor for the classroom. I love the length of these pants on you. Also, nice pythons.

  13. I've been away from internets for a mere days and so much to catch up on.I think you look great in these pants, but I mirror lHdM's need for a blazer/cardi for the first few weeks. Thanks for the shout out. I think that Tahari makes similar pairs, but they are all over the fall catalogues (that I wish I did not get, but are a consequence of one mail order dress this summer).

  14. You can definitely lecture in these pants.I also like the gunmetal and black combination. It's a stylish spin on monochromatic black-black-black.I don't think it's possible for your rather long legs to look short, but something without an ankle strap does help prevent that.

  15. I absolutely think you can teach in these– they look great on you! I do like the pop of color shoe, but I'd try them with something that doesn't have an ankle strap if you're worried about your legs looking too short. I've only got one pair of skinnies (jeans), and I normally wear them cuffed, so I've been noticing on myself that introducing an ankle strap into that bare area chops the leg up into sections. Wearing a different shoe might even elongate the look of your leg more than wearing a black top would, which I also regard as a bonus, because I like these pants with this top and think they'd look great with a more colorful top, too!-Liz

  16. I reserve final judgment until I see a view from the back. In general, though, I do think that jeans (skinny or otherwise) need to be dressed up a bit with a blazer or cardi in the early weeks of the semester. Maybe this is just me, as a young, female prof, but I do think it's important to project authority through my sartorial choices until it is firmly established in the classroom. Later in the term, I can relax this a bit.

  17. You could totally lecture in these. I also think that it would be fine sans sweater or office blazer. You look totally appropriate. I also like the gunmetal grey and black with the sparkly accessories and pink shoes. I think I'd like different shoes more but I don't think these ones make you look stumpy at all.

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