Champagne Tastes: Tiffany Anchor Pendant, revisited

Remember this, from Tiffany’s where nothing very bad could happen to you?:
Very bad things can happen to your credit card though (well, to my credit card).
So imagine my delight when, via an interview at Grit and Glamour with Etsy seller Amanda Deer, I found this Tiny Silver Anchor Necklace:

It’s delicate. It’s sterling silver. And it’s about ten times gentler on the credit card than the Tiffany version.
Someone always mentions how pretty it is when I wear it and they want it to have a story.
I’m working on one right now about my charitable work with sailors during Fleet Week.
Do you have any Champagne Tastes that came true? (I now have two.)
Please note that my delight in this necklace is not a compensated endorsement. I admire Amanda Deer’s pretty designs independently.
And Tiffany’s has no idea I exist because I only fantasy shop there.

15 thoughts on “Champagne Tastes: Tiffany Anchor Pendant, revisited

  1. I don't know if this is kosher or not…but, here goes. I wanted a Coach purse, but being of little wallet size, I could not purchase a Coach purse. A friend of mine often makes trips to NYC and purchases "name brand" purses somewhere someplace. She gets these for like $25. So when she learned, via my husband (sometimes I don't realize he's paying attention), that I wanted a Coach purse she gave me one of her "Coach" purses. Pink! It's funny, it's not a real Coach purse, obviously. The craftmanship isn't very good and the handle isn't real leather. But I love that purse and I love that it's not real leather. However, I've watched how people have treated me when I carry that purse. There's a particular store in our mall that I just adore. I usually go in and get ignored by the shopkeeper and her sorority shop girls. Then I came in carrying my Koach bag and voila' I'm now a valued customer! The shopkeeper introduced herself to me; took me on a tour of her store; talked about her wares and tried to pick things out for me to purchase. I had no money, I couldn't buy anything! But I guess since I had the label she thought I could. It's happened a couple of other times too. Anyway, I love my purse. It's fun to carry around and it has all these lovely pockets!Someday I will buy something at Tiffany's and a real Coach purse. Some day my dreams will come true!

  2. I actually think I like your anchor better than the Tiffany's one.I'm quite lucky in fulfilling my champagne taste because I have a husband who has to spend at least the next decade being thankful that I moved to the Middle East to support his career. I'm milking it for all it's worth.

  3. I found a pewter pendant/charm of the Venus of Willendorf on eBay for a buck, and attached her to a black onyx/silver bead necklace. Most of my champagne finds are in garments, when I score an Eileen Fisher piece at Goodwill for a couple of bucks.

  4. Looks great and good find! My Summer of Champagne was a few years back–there was a $2000 golden fish necklace (100 Years of Solitude inspired jewelry–woo!) and another popped up on e-bay for $6.00 and didn't turn my skin green.

  5. Nope, no champagne taste coming true yet. There is a message on my answering machine. Maybe Isabel Marant has a few items she needs to pass on to me. I'll be right back…..Nope, just the jr. high letting me know registration packets are ready. Darn it.Nice charm, it is very pretty. And you're right, more than 3 and it's a thing. I'm going to go fake shop at I. Marant's website now…sigh

  6. Veuve and Rosie, way to make your shopping dreams come true! Rad, get an anchor charm! It can be our thing! I sort of want a tiny anchor tattoo on my bicep but I am too uncommitted to permanence and this is the next best thing. And G&G and Jess already have anchor charms too so it's not even my thing! Thanks G&G for the inspiration.Weins who I know in real life, I am a pretty, pretty girl. And sailors do good work. Very, very good work.

  7. Very sweet necklace! I love etsy. My most recent Champagne Dream Come True:I was thinking about a pair of APC jeans, knowing they were way out of my league. A week later, I found a pair in my size at Goodwill for less than $20. Some thrifting goddess was looking out for me that day.

  8. That is so adorable! It's so beautifully delicate.I've only had one Champagne Dream come true, and that was that I was dying to have a white faux fur jacket, and then I found one in a thrift store.

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