Q&A: Medievalist Edition

It’s my turn to take on V of Grit & Glamour‘s questions:

1. Practically everyone is six degrees from a celebrity, political figure, or famous person. Will you explain your six degrees of separation from someone famous?
Ever since high school I have had terrible taste in men. That’s all I’m saying.

2. What have you always wanted to do, but haven’t yet?

Run a marathon. I’ve run a half. I’m trying to convince the Early Modernist Cool Kid, who ran the first half with me, to run the other half with me in California wine country, where he now lives. Then I want to run the London Marathon.

3. Your favourite meal is. . .
Any meal I don’t cook myself. I love South Indian (I would murder someone for a good sag paneer in this town), I love sushi (tuna toro is my favourite), I love Thai (green seafood curry is the cure for the common cold). But let’s pretend I’m on death row for a sag paneer murder and there’s a $20 limit on my last meal: Arby’s plain roast beef sandwich, a Dr Pepper and an ice cream sandwich. I will lick all of the edges of the ice cream sandwich so no one asks me for a bite.
Then a good, single malt in a cut crystal glass. It is my last meal, after all.

4. If you could only save one pair of shoes in your closet, which pair would it be, and why?
Let’s see if you can guess.

These ones, because I hate to have grubby feet and grubby socks?
These ones, because I need them to wear with my jumpsuit, which I would also rescue?
These ones, because I love them?
It is unhealthy for me to love these boots this much.
5. Which handbag would you buy if money were no object?
Mulberry Bayswater. I love it in plum.
But I really, really need a new wallet. More than ten years ago my car was stolen from a wedding I was attending and I had carefully locked my wallet in the car so that I wouldn’t have to worry about leaving it around while I was busting my moves on the dance floor. And I have got moves.
I got my car back but my wallet was taken so my mother gave me my grandmother’s old wallet to use until I replaced it. I’m still using my grandmother’s old wallet. I really hate it. The zipper on the change purse is broken, it is the colour of dried blood and it has been dubbed an old lady wallet by impartial observers (because it is an old lady wallet). Unfortunately it is also indestructible and I can’t seem to justify spending the money to get my dream wallet,
the Il Bisonte tri-fold wallet with elastic band, when I have a perfectly good old lady wallet.

6. Who is your girl crush?
Emma Thompson.
I’m pretty sure that’s a Vivienne Westwood dress she is wearing while she walks a furry pig. Doesn’t she seem like a laugh?
7. What is your vice?
Wine in a box. Blame A-Dubs and Anne for convincing me of the merits of this. Until very recently I was a strict wine-should-come-out-of-a-bottle snob but now there is a 4-litre box of crappy red in my fridge that is too easily accessible. Sooner than you think I will be squeezing the last drops out of the plastic winebag into a Riedel wine glass. (A girl has to have some standards.)
That said, I have been known to appreciate an exquisite red wine. A few years ago, A-Dubs-Hubs took A-Dubs and I out for supper at Fifteen and we ordered the best wine I have ever tasted (and the best meal). It was Australian and it was red and beyond that I have no idea what it was. Why oh why didn’t I write it down? Anyway, that would be my choice vice if I could remember it and afford it.

8. Last song you listened to?
This one. I was checking out the PackageCam.

Which questions do you want to answer?
We aren’t going to tag anyone but these questions are fun.
Bring it.

25 thoughts on “Q&A: Medievalist Edition

  1. Rad: Whoa, I don't even know how you're putting Arby's and Portillo's in the same league. An Italian beef from Portillo's is delicious, and practically an institution here! Not a Christmas Eve goes by that we don't have our traditional Italian Beefs (because Chicagoans add an "s" to the end of just about everything, no matter how ridiculous it sounds…). If you want beef as your last meal, definitely go with Portillo's. Also, they have an amazing chocolate cake, which would be the perfect last dessert.

  2. Rad: Whoa, I don't even know how you're putting Arby's and Portillo's in the same league. An Italian beef from Portillo's is delicious, and practically an institution here! Not a Christmas Eve goes by that we don't have our traditional Italian Beefs (because Chicagoans add an "s" to the end of just about everything, no matter how ridiculous it sounds…). If you want beef as your last meal, definitely go with Portillo's. Also, they have an amazing chocolate cake, which would be the perfect last dessert.

  3. So fun to learn about you alls (Yes, I am reading your blog in Frankfurt. I am doing work for a bit then meeting friend and baby by the University. Transatlantic nerds we are). Great girl crush, great to see how the blogospherenet is influencing your drinking choices. I don't desire Arbys but I can kind of get it. If you ever visit Chicago, Anne can take you to Portillos for another beefy embarrasment, if you fall off that pescatarian wagen.

  4. Excellent girl crush. Mine too, along with Meryl Streep & Vanessa Redgrave. I live with someone who would wither me with scorn if I brought home a box of wine. It's bad enough when I haul in the big bottle of Chilean red that costs $8 on sale.

  5. Oh wine in a box takes me back to student days. We used to drink a box each. In one night. Hah! Now I get tipsy of 1 1/2 glasses and a hangover if i go over 2. Which happens waay too often. So sad.I have the very same wallet problem. I have had mine for, oooh, about 15 years. It's quite funny because I have very expensive handbags (I have the Bayswater by the way- please don't hate me) but then I take out a horrible, worn out old wallet. Now I worry that I might upset some kind of natural order if I actually buy a new one. Who knows what might happen?

  6. Oh, and A-Dubs, I think it is a plan, but you know how we will all know each other, with our heads attached? We should have UMBRELLAS in our wine, as we recline and watch them run! (Okay, as I am clearly drunk-drunketty-drunk, I am getting off line now…)

  7. D-Med. really. A good friend of mine baby sat for Maggie Edson, the author of Wit, for years (she started in college when the kids were babies and then stayed in the area for much of her 20s). So, at the various large events in said friend's life, I have hung out with Maggie, who, when Emma Thompson was making the screen version of Wit, hung out with her. (I hope that was comprehensible. There has been a lot of high gravity beer in my Friday night. I was with the Brewer and his Wife.) Sadly, I have not talked to Maggie about Emma, but my friend did, at the time. Maggie was excited because Emma noshed off her plate.

  8. Okay, LHdM et al let's do it in wine country! (the running and the drinking, I mean).AftK, I just saw your comment on E-Jo's post! Really?!? Is she hilarious and smart and goofy? She seems unafraid of looking ridiculous which is why I think she is such a great actress. I hope she is as awesome in real life as she is in my head.Cynthia, I too am working (half-heartedly) on a proposal that is making me crazy. Therefore, wine.TIOBM, that is a fracking excellent girl crush. I love that they made Starbuck a woman in the remake.RU, thanks for your encouragement. They are pretty awesome boots.E-Jo, Anne had some advice about boxed wine from Target. I am jealous of your Target proximity and wine-in-cube-form is only one of the reasons.Captain Obvious and KB, thanks for your wallet enabling.

  9. V, the wall is right behind me so I can hold onto it for some stability but there are usually a few tense moments as I'm racing into the frame after balancing the camera on a train case, dodging the cats, and simultaneously leaping onto the stool while feigning a nonchalant pose. It's an art, that I'm sure will yield several alarmingl outtakes someday very soon unless get myself a tripod.

  10. I keep bourbon in my office, that way you don't need a wine fridge. And of course my department chair knows — my office is his first stop when things go pear-shaped and he needs some liquid courage!Kidding.Or maybe I'm not. Muahahaha.Don't mind me, I'm just punchy from trying to make this NSF proposal make sense.

  11. E-Jo: If/when you figure out how to requisition an office wine fridge, please advice.For now, I keep my boxed wine under my desk.And I'm on board with the travelling to wine country, but I've run one half marathon, and that is more than enough for me. Anne? AFtK? Others? Let's definitely go, cheer, and drink local wines in deck chairs in various spots along the route. Also, D-med: I guess the boots. Because I am Captain Obvious today. Finally, would you get a new wallet already? You can DONATE your existing indestructo item. Considering the number of times a day one has to hold, look at, and use a wallet, it seems ridiculous to do all those things with something you despise. Also, it is broken. It should be retired.

  12. I'm right there with you on the Arby's. Anytime I'm in a mall, I feel like something's off until I have an Arby's beef & cheddar with curly fries. It's so delicious and so unrecognizable as food. I've yet to try boxed wine — though I will concede that it's improved. Maybe something for when the term starts? Now if only I had a wine fridge in my office…

  13. Oh my. You and A-dubs have me craving a nice glass (or box) of wine and Pushing Daisies (show available on Netflix instant) is giving me a need for good pie that I haven't made myself (in which case it wouldn't be good). I would totally do the wine country half too! And I love the Emma Thompson plus pig shot.Oh–and thanks for the comment re: the post re: getting gifts for non-marriage related things!

  14. Given your girl crush, I need to make sure that you saw my comment from yesterday, on E-Jo's post!I too need a new wallet, not because I have an old lady wallet, but because my wallet, which I love and which gets compliments all the time, is several years old and getting cracks all over it.I am with Anne on cheering for the marathon and drinking boxed wine!The purse is fabulous!

  15. YES! Boxed wine! I wish there was a way to just stick a straw in the bag when it's running low, like a Capri Sun.Your last meal would be Arby's though? Really?I keep getting emails about doing a charity half marathon in wine country. I'd do it if I could run further than a couple of blocks (I'm not kidding). I'd rather just visit wine country to get fresher boxes of wine. So I'll do that, and then when you and LHdM are done running, we can all get drunk-drunketty-drunk.

  16. Wine in a box has come a long way, in your defense. It did really used to suck!Enjoyed reading more about you, D-Med. Thanks for participating. I want to know how you balance on a stool for photos and don't kill yourself!♥ Vhttp://www.gritandglamour.com

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