Not Yet Back to School

On this, the first day of school for many of our awesome Stateside readers, I have to ask if all ya’ll have read this enraging piece in The Chronicle of Higher Education on the perils of academic hotness. If not, you could skip reading that and read this, instead: La Historiadora de Moda’s response to same.

And while we’re on the topic of awesome Fashionable Academics, don’t forget about their “Back to School First Day Finery” conference (check the top right sidebar). Things are going to get even more awesome over there shortly.

In addition, don’t hate me because I don’t start back until September 8th. In other news, I briefly considered this ensemble for first-day-back:

Aside #1: Gah! What to with expanse of space? The updated blogger editing tools are screwing with my preferred layout.  Please stand by (perhaps for up to a month) while I attempt to update my skills.

Poly-cotton jersey dress: Winners, last-chance clearance rack
Studded leather & elastic belt: same as dress
Bangles: The Bay, and cousin’s shop (remixed)
Nude platform wedges: Nine West (remixed)

Aside #2: The strangeness of my hair in these images may give pause. But don’t worry: it’s not this weird. It’s actually jaunty, but in a just-got-a-blowout kind of way. You know, because I just got a blowout. 

But I’m not as full-on sold as I used to be on the unapologetically summery and casual vibe of the bare legs and wedges. Probably I will profesh things up a bit more. Probably the dress would be better with black tights and shoes. But September continues to be pretty intensely hot and humid here at IPF, northern division, so I’ll save that look for a little later in the term.

In the mean time, I’ve little else to report, except that D-Med and E-Jo continue to be away having awesome lives, and I continue to struggle bravely onward, alone. I will, however, provide us all with a comforting image of the Fuzzy Roommate cuddling with his mini-toy self. He’s pretending this is a serious moment.

Are you ready to work your fall fashions into the rotation? 
Even if it’s still really hot where you live?

23 thoughts on “Not Yet Back to School

  1. Oh wow, love that dress! Smokin' in a Pat Benetar kind of way.Got to agree on the shoes – maybe a metalic gladiator? or some colour? Those brown ones are…hmmm…no. I thought that article was silly. Bah, I say!

  2. The print of that dress is so awesome – I love how you added the belt. Such a great silhouette on you. I think it'll look great layered over tights in the autumn, too. And your dog is adorable!

  3. * D-Med: Whatever wien. I took two pictures; I posted two pictures. Everyone knows I've got two arms. I'm reserving judgement on the knee socks.* OiB: Thanks for your lovely feedback on the dress and the dog.*Sh: Sweet. I love Pat Benatar. And I will work out a better shoe pairing. It's time to stop posting in the nude platform wedges anyway. I'm even boring myself, now.* A: Ha! It's hilarious that Jude can't handle the giant version of himself. It makes me want to test FR to see if he's as intense on this point.

  4. I like the picture where you only have one arm. That is some excellent ladyposing.Great dress. I think I would go more conservative for the first day but I know you have no problem setting the tone in your classroom swiftly and effectively right away so I think you can totally wear this. I want to see it with the Bondgirls and over-the-knee socks. Do it!

  5. The print of that dress is so awesome – I love how you added the belt. Such a great silhouette on you. I think it'll look great layered over tights in the autumn, too. And your dog is adorable!

  6. Oh wow, love that dress! Smokin' in a Pat Benetar kind of way.Got to agree on the shoes – maybe a metalic gladiator? or some colour? Those brown ones are…hmmm…no. I thought that article was silly. Bah, I say!

  7. A-Dubs: Sorry, I should've clarified – Jude #2 is at least 10 times bigger than my dog. He's around 3 feet tall, and currently resides at my fella's parents' house since Jude isn't really a fan. And I'm glad to find other dog lovers around here too 🙂

  8. Thanks for your honesty, Charlotte. And I agree: the sandals must be switched out for teaching. And I think I've got an appropriate jacket or cardigan kicking around here somewhere. . .

  9. I think I will probably post some more commentary in the next few days, but the awesomeness of my first class took some of the edge off of my rage. (Turns out that I didn't actually learn much that was helpful for being in the classroom at 3 of the 4 orientation sessions, but whatevs.)

  10. It's a great dress, A-Dubs, but–honestly?–I think it looks too casual to teach in with the sandals. OK, I know, I said your sundress was too casual as well. Pair this with a pair of ballet flats and a jacket of some kind and it'll look more polished. Your dog is very cute.

  11. @R: Oh, I'll be wearing it with boots! That's three votes for boots from some very stylish peeps. Obviously, boots are next.@SU: Ha! I made you say "Holy Crap"! I consider this a victory and shall now celebrate accordingly (i.e. with a glass of wine because no one is delivering a case of champers to my house tonight). Also, OK, then. So maybe the dress gets worn on Day 1.@KB: Thanks, woman! Also, I know, right? Geez.

  12. Holy Crap, what's going on here?! I haven't even read the post yet. You look AWESOME. Ok, now I'm going back to read it…done.Wow, you look terrific. I'm with V, first day attire for sure. How do you feel in it?Be back in a sec, reading the links you posted right now…

  13. @Anne: I'm on the boots plan. As soon as it cools off a tad. Also, Jude #2 is ten times as big? As big as Jude #1, or as big as Jude #3? Whatever the case may be, I'm excited to have other dog lovers in you, LHdM, V, and E-Jo. This place was getting a little crazy with the kitties prior to y'all's arrival. (p.s. We also have a mini-mini-FR. Because things got out of control for a while.)@DP: Thanks so much! I've learned a LOT from everyone's blogs these past few months about the wonder of black and brown. @LHdM: Oh, you're so right. The Bondgirls and this dress were made for one another. Thanks for the heads-up. Also, if your sassy horse leads you post some more awesome commentary, all the better. (p.s. How was the first day back? Did all that orientation pay off?)@tW: Thank-you! LHdM said it best, I think!@C: Methinks the "quasi-intellectual" crushes are what we're on about here, no? Also, yeah. That article is crap. And I REALLY can't believe the final few paragraphs. @G&G: Whoo! 'High praise coming from you, so thanks! The dress is super-comfortable, so it's definitely in the teaching rotation. Also, if by "borrow" the FR you mean come here, drink wine with me, and he'll hang with us, then yes. A thousand times, yes!

  14. The hotness factor article is very relevant here, A-Dubs, cause there is something about that dress that absolutely evokes it! Well, it helps that you have a rockin' little bod underneath. I. Love. This. Dress. Especially with that belt. It has infinite possibilities. You should totally rock it for the first day. Your students will not forget you.And I love Fuzzy Roommate and his mini-me. Can I borrow him sometime? I miss the loyalty of the canine species.♥ V

  15. I must not be hot, because I've never felt the kind of hotness backlash that Chron was on about. I have had male students who have had little quasi-intellectual crushes on me, but it's never been difficult to diffuse with the right combination of physical distance and "know-it-all-older-sister" demeanor. They're turning into the academic version of Yahoo! Shine with this article.

  16. For the love of all that is good and holy, pair that dress with your Bondgirls. Please. Or send it to me, and I will wear it with mine.Thanks for the shout-out, my dear. My blood is still up, and I'll probably have to ride my sassy horse home today.

  17. I am SO ready for my fall fashions (and fall cooking, but that's another blog). It's usually fairly warm here into September and October, so I just have to relish the occasional cool and crisp fall-like day.I'd love to see your dress with tights! Or perhaps boots?Also, how adorable is FR? I love that he has a mini-toy version of himself, and he actually likes it! We have a mini-Jude (we call him Jude #3 – Jude #2 is about 10 times as big) that my dog wants to destroy and eat. He's worried that Jude #3 will receive more attention, which is pretty much impossible.

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