I was here:
And now I look like this:

I’m going to pair myself with a chilled chablis and bathe in baking soda. I’m taking off again this week for bleaker pastures, but when I return I plan to be less radioactive and easier to style.
What do you wear when you don’t match a thing in your closet?

16 thoughts on “McLobster

  1. Ok so the 1st thing I did was laugh when I read your post. But I hope your back to normal soon girl! Sorry for taking soooooo long to post on your blog, which is full of awesomeness!I'm going to follow you to make life easier :)

  2. Yay nun jokes! I have the same problem, and thus almost always end up with a burnt back. Get yourself some aloe spray with lidocaine in it. That, and the wine, should help numb the pain.

  3. A-Dubs, what have I told you about drinking and typing. Step away from the keyboard. Also, a nun in a blender.And all, I KNOW. I was an idiot. I had sunscreen on ("waterproof"–ha!) but I was playing in the ocean and it fell off and I didn't reapply very well, plus it was freezing and cloudy when I got out. I also think I got some sun reflection off the ocean. It's really just my upper back where I can't reach and I'm not at the point yet where I can ask my male (married) colleague to apply sunscreen for me. No excuses though, and I am suffering. Everything with a tag is making me insane (so, everything). I've been wearing a tube top for days but I refuse to wear a tube top in public. No one needs to see that.

  4. Dude, rookie move, R.O.O.K.I.E. I'm with V, where was your sunscreen?!? Stay inside and don't wear anything except aloe vera. Unless you have leather/vinyl furnishings, then wear some underwear. Dude.Ok, when you come and visit me please bring sunscreen. Please. Really, please. You may not walk around my house naked, that is all.

  5. Boo to the burn. I got badly sunburt for the first time ever when I was 15 in Korea and I was itchy and peeling the whole plane ride back to NJ (I recall it being long). I say bathe in oatmeal and wear as little as possible on the burn other than aloe vera. Feel better!I think black and white would go well with the burn. Like a zebra on holiday.

  6. Clearly, body paint is your best option. Do the kind that makes your boobs into puppy noses. Also, I'm off to dig out a chilled chablis. You know, in solidarity, because I care for you as a friend and colleague.

  7. LOL! I'm as fair skinned as can be. I carry a really pretty umbrella that I use as a parasol now. It's kind of trendy down here in Florida to carry a pretty umbrella as a parasol. Our smart international Asian young women started the trend. However, I think they have special UV blocking umbrellas…I'll have to hunt down one of these girls and ask where they got their parasols.So light-weight clothing, cottons, linen, and cool colors – white sleeveless blouse and black pants. Khakis (green).Be careful!

  8. We are so much alike, it's crazy. My brother nicknamed me "Rock Lobster" several summers ago after I got some serious sunburn. It was really, really bad. I hope yours isn't too painful, but the chablis should definitely help with that 🙂

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