Sometimes It Just Helps to Shop

So today is the final weekday before the term starts. Both yesterday and today have been jampacked with errands in an attempt to get ahead of the term a little bit. Yesterday I went for coffee with one of the new hires in my department which went really well and met friends for $2 beers. Today, I got my headsuit altered, my car got its safety inspection, later the mini-FR gets to audition for doggie daycare, and tonight is the department meet n’ greet–an event that feels SIGNIFICANTLY less stressful now that I’m no longer one of the newbies.

I wanted something casual today then that could, with minimal fuss, transition into the department event.

Dress: Max Studio
T-shirt: Gap Outlet
Sandals: Birkenstocks

It’s nothing fancy but I think with a silver necklace & cuff and different shoes it’ll work for a casual event with colleagues.

And after I got my hair cut this morning, I succumbed to Target’s siren song where I bought a couple of shirts and a pair of shorts to replace a pair I got gum on when sitting down on the bus to Steeltown earlier in the summer while visiting Rinty the Crusher & Early Modern Cool Kid. One of the shirts I got made the cut for my first day of school outfit. It might be a little warm — though it’s supposed to be a balmy 93/34 so after the last two weeks of 100+, I can probably handle short sleeves.

Shirt: Target

Skirt: Old Navy
Necklace: Forever 21

I’m still working out this whole “photo taking” thing, I wasn’t able to get my shoes in. I’m planning on wearing the ones below:

Grey patent pumps: Madden Girl from the Macy’s Shoe Sale

And, because I forgot to include them before, these are the patent nude wedges that I would save in case of fire. They rule.
Nude patent wedges: Nine West

Who else finds that sometimes doing a little bit of shopping is all you need to do to re-think what you already own?

30 thoughts on “Sometimes It Just Helps to Shop

  1. Hey there, I just hopped over to your web-site via StumbleUpon. Not somthing I would generally browse, but I appreciated your views none the less. Thanks for creating something well worth reading through.

  2. If you dont mind, where do you host your web page? I am searching for a good web host and your website appears to be quick and up most the time

  3. I LOVE that striped turtleneck with the 3/4 sleeves. It looks great with the skirt and the beads too. Why oh why isn't Target in Canada? Stephen Harper doesn't want us to shop. He is a wien.As you know, I often go shopping and buying which makes me re-think what I own so intensely that I immediately return all purchases. It's my thing.

  4. I love: both of those shoes, striped shirts, $2 beer with a punchcard, and the way a new item can invigorate old closet standbys.Are Madden Girl shoes more comfortable than standard Steve Madden shoes? I sort of had to break up with Steve Madden but his cute and affordable footwear continues to appeal…

  5. We had the meet & greet in Women's Studies last night–lovely deal on the department head's rural lawn, a jeans & tee shirts kind of thing. These outfits look comfortable as well as chic. Being comfortable is so important to how you feel in the classroom!

  6. I am filled with envy for the grey pumps. Absolutely in love with them.Fraulien von Hound is not good at doggie daycare auditions–she does not like other dogs at all, until she has gotten to know them one on one. She is like her mom that way. But it makes her life a bit more boring than I which it were. (Note: When Fraulien von Hound moved in, I took the whole "I am not her mother, we are roommates, two bachelor girls on the town" approach. I have caved to my parents and their pictures of the grandpuppy in their wallets.)In terms of showing giving me ideas–yes, sometimes, though often it allows me to get rid of ratty things. Often, my things are a bit ratty.

  7. Love the nude shoes. Yes, sometimes just seeing what's in stores can reinvigorate my imagination and love for what I've got. I'm going thrifting this weekend with a friend! I'm so excited!

  8. Yay for shopping. and yay for bringing home one item that works with your whole closet. (See, I can still do this even though I'm on GAAD.)I'm in love with those wedges by the way. In Love! I bet they're easy to walk in….are they? Can you wear them on the first day of school with the new shirt and a black skirt? As for $2 beer, where? where?

  9. Um, every Saturday I think a little bit of shopping is all I need to do to re-think what I already own. Maybe not so good. My closet is bursting!The nude wedges are excellent. Good luck on your first day!♥ V

  10. The mini-FR is in! He passed his audition with flying colors.Anne: The beer points card is pretty rad. Though it's the kind of thing that seems like it would be illegal in any place than the state where I currently live. Feel free to copy the shirt. I almost copied your NY&Co. blue ruffly tank from a couple of days ago but resisted (barely). Rad: As I was taking these pictures, I realized the abundance of patent shoes I own. I've got at least three other pairs of them in various colors. Clearly, I have a problem. Not being a newbie is great. If for no other reason than I no longer have to limit myself to one glass of wine of this thing for fear of being the drunk new person.

  11. Ooh, love these new items. And I saw a pair of beautiful grey shoes in Frankfurt that I wanted, so I could join the beautiful grey shoes club (they didn't have them in my size). You are totally rockin' the patent. I agree that shopping helps you appreciate what you have. In my case, it will have to be a new necklace or a pair of tights, but I already have some in mind.Also, thanks for reminding me that I have a similar (but thinner striped) turtleneck in my "winter storage" that I want wear well this fall. Yeay for new seasons.Also, yeay to no longer being a newbie (but still be fresh and enthusiastic, eh?)

  12. A beer points card? What a fabulous idea! There's a brewery around the corner from my apartment that has a "Frequent Growler" card, so for every 10 growlers (half gallon) of beer you buy, you get one free. But that'd be so great at a bar. And what a wonderful way to keep track of how drunk you are.I need to get the first day top in black & white. Hope you don't mind me copying you 🙂

  13. The mini-FR and I are feeling stressed about his audition — which we're just about to head to — but hoping that the fact that he gets along well with the dogs of other people I know that that means he'll be sufficiently well-behaved today. Otherwise he's got a super boring Monday to look forward to.Also the $2 beer place has a points card — like a coffee shop. Also, there's another place in town with $3 margaritas — though they're run by law-abiding types who will only serve a total of 3 drinks before they cut you off. Lame. Target also has the first day top in black & white stripes. Which I may have to go back and get. The other shirt I got is long sleeved in purple & black stripes with a scoop neck. Once it cools down a bit more I'm going to wear the crap out of it.

  14. Oooh, I love both of those shoes! Very nice. And $2 beers? There's so much about this post that is awesome.And you got that cute first day top at Target? Hmm, I'll have to pay a visit to my local Target sometime soon – it's very cute!

  15. I hope mini-FR wowed his audience! Those patent-wedges are completely worth saving in a fire!A new item or two often reinvigorates how I treat my long-loved items. If you feel like trying to add yet another new item, we're having a giveaway over at Fashionable Academics!

  16. Me. Also, your new stuff is awesome and will be great at all events described. I'm loving the beads with the weather-appropriate turtleneck. 'Wish I could see the new headsuit.And finally, those are some BA nude wedges (shoes). Maybe they could go to the meet and greet?p.s. Good luck to you and Mini-FR at the daycare audition. FR and I find those things intensely stressful. It is thus difficult for one of us to be on his best behaviour.

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