Headsuits: A Comparative Analysis

Exhibit A
Carey Mulligan on the cover of Vogue on the eve of NY Fashion week.
Exhibit B
My Morning Surprise Hair.
Really, A-Win? Really?

16 thoughts on “Headsuits: A Comparative Analysis

  1. Of Hair's first disobedience, and the fruitOf that forbidden root whose mortal coilBrought chaos onto the head, and all our woe,With loss of Control, till one greater Hair ProductRestore us, and regain the blissful Style.Just something I'm trying out.

  2. Crap. You are clearly a bigger ironic cult figure than me. Especially if there's epic poetry.Also, that is indeed a strange cover shot. It seems to have involved a lot of stupid hair AND air brushing.

  3. Clearly you are a bigger cult figure than A-Dubs if even A-Win is copying you (though with an alarming lack of citation. Where are the academic dishonesty police??)I believe Carey Mulligan is in her 20s–though barely. She's really great in An Education and she's in the upcoming movie version of Never Let Me Go–easily my favorite book of the last 10 years–and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps–easily my favorite film subtitle of the last 10 years. This cover seems spectacularly weird though. I feel like there's something wonky with the proportions–like she's a foot tall with an average-sized head. The morning surprise hair and horrendous dress don't really help matters… Though, of course, D-Med, your morning surprise hair is the stuff of legends. And maybe also epic poetry.

  4. Obviously I should be on the cover of Vogue every morning.I think the weirdest thing about this picture of Carey Mulligan, whom I am assuming is not prepubescent, is not so much her ridiculous headsuit but the fact that she looks like she has the body of a pre-teen. I have not idea whether she is boobalicious or not but this dress or this picture makes her look disturbingly younger than she is.I've seen photos of her with a really cute short haircut–as cute as Emma Watson's new lid–but it looks like she is growing it out. This always seems to be what happens when young starlets cut their hair very short. They seem to grow it out immediately until it is long enough to get extensions. Someone in Hollywood wants all young women to have long hair. And Anna Wintour seems to want Carey Mulligan to look disturbingly prepubescent on the cover of Vogue, despite her older-than-her-years make-up and knowing stare. It's icky.And I think just as highly of you, Rad. And you LaToya, even though I am totally jealous of your guns.

  5. You are way to frickin' cute. And I like the hair on you more than Carey Mulligan. Perhaps because she looks odd, like an overly airbrushed Emma Watson moppet. Or because I just think highly of you.

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