The Best of a Bad Day

It feels like it’s been a long week here at the Southern branch of IPF. And it’s only Tuesday. My department & university is in the midst of budget anxiety so there’s a whole lot of stress going around. While I rationally know that some of the changes they’re talking about are a long ways off and, ultimately, workable, it’s stressful being un-tenured and newish to the campus in the middle of talk about increasing teaching loads & department “branding.”
Fortunately, I loved yesterday’s outfit. The top doesn’t photograph well — it’s got ruffles going down the front of it — and in some of my (discarded) pictures it seems even sheerer (which it really isn’t in person) but I love it a lot. I have the same shirt in white which I don’t actually wear that much because it is quite sheer so it’ll have to wait until cooler weather comes and I can layer over it. The skirt is another item I have in multiples. It’s the same style as my khaki green one from Wardrobe Workhorse Week. One of the things that’s great about this skirt is that it’s reversible so not only is it bright blue but it’s also brown (the green one has a green & blue pattern on its other side) so it too is an excellent workhorse.
Things are feeling better today. I’m not teaching so I’m working from home in my pajamas. Plus last night’s emergency sushi with a friend helped. As did a lengthy phone conversation with D-Med.

Top: Joe (yes, yet another grocery store score!)
Skirt: Gap
Shoes: Etienne Angier, from Macy’s

Sorry for the messy backdrop to this photo, this photo was taken when I got home from work and couldn’t be bothered to even kick my flip flops out of the way.
And, because I didn’t take any other outfit pictures, here’s a picture of the mini-FR in his post doggie daycare sleepfest. Seriously, isn’t he the cutest (of course, leaving your own pets/ kids out of the equation)?

What do you do to recover from a stressful day?

Also, Anne, thank you for introducing me to Archer. This show is hilarious. It’s caustic and absurd, just the way I like my comedies!

For those of you who didn’t see Millie’s fantastic post over on Interrobangs about fashion blogging and gender, you should check it out — it dovetails nicely with A-Dubs’ post yesterday.

12 thoughts on “The Best of a Bad Day

  1. Right now I'm teaching in the same building as my office and parking my car across the street so I haven't been doing much walking around campus in them. Plus they were new at the beginning of the term, so we're still in the "breaking in" phase. So far, though, so good. The only issue has been that the peep toe part is pretty stiff so I got some blisters from that. I think they're going to be really comfortable in the long run.

  2. Thanks all. Budget discussions are at a fever pitch here right now as we just got a new dean who's been touring through the departments. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks things will die down a bit and it'll be easier to minimize the stress. And, though it's stressful, I am definitely grateful to be in a tenure-track position at a big school where it's unlikely I'd lose my job. I know that others are not so lucky.Thanks also for liking the pose. I thought it might be a bit weird but I was determined to show the shoes.@Anne: somehow the tastelessness of Archer doesn't bother me in the way that it does in, say, Family Guy. 'Cause oh my god is Archer funny.@KB: That time machine sounds awesome. It would have to take us back nearly 8 years because I'm pretty I bought them pre-grad school. Thinking about this makes me astonished at how well they've lasted.@A-Dubs: I think your FR might be doing daycare wrong. The mini-FR falls asleep as soon as he gets in the car and is out for the night (apart from his dinner) and is sleepy for most of the next day. It is awesome.

  3. Obvy, I should have linked to Millie's post, so thanks for doing that work for me, E-Jo. And I'm with KellyB on the whole time maching/teleporter thing. Say it's group-size, KB. Say it!Anyway, our markers' hours just got cut in half, but the class sizes are staying the same. And we are also discussing branding, and having a logo design contest. In short, I feel yer pain. Apparently, we'll be feeling this pain for years to come. (Thanks, Cynthia, for that reality check.)You look awesome here, as does the Mini-FR. And your milky white calves are looking extra sweet (she says, in a non-creepy way) and shapely. They should always be in your outfit pic's.I don't think my FR is doing daycare right. He's always got a tonne of energy when he gets home (example: he's cracking down on distant motorcyles as I type this). Finally, 'time for either a close-up of those shoes, or some sort of shoe-catalogue post. I'm just saying.

  4. Way rock the ladypose and get your shoes in the frame, E-Jo (this from a blogger who can't even fit her whole body into the frame)! Are they bronze metallic? And I agree with all. That is a cute skirt and I can't believe what a good idea a reversible skirt is. How did I miss those at the Gap? And I also agree that emergency sushi and a phone date are a pretty excellent solution for a bad day. Hope tomorrow is better.

  5. Budget cut panic is the bete noire of academia. I can't tell you how many budget cut panics and spending freeze panics and no-raise years I've been through since I got my first faculty job in 1999. But, fortunately, they usually don't just wholesale get rid of assistant professors. And department branding. Bleurgh.At least you were wearing a great skirt. I love that color.

  6. Sorry that this week has been a bummer. Darn you, budget cuts and austerity! But I must say that this is a freakin' adorable outfit (and an awesome pose. I should take lessons from you!)I have a semi sheer blouse (or two) that don't seem sheer on (and my coworkers have assured me that it's not scandalous) but then seem to photograph otherwise. I bet this looked great and weather appropriate.Yes, Mini FR is frickin' adorable!

  7. Sorry about the long week! I'm having one myself. At least you have a tenure track job, most of us are living the rogue life of ad-cons with little hope of tenure.That skirt is fantastic! mini-FR looks seriously adorable here. I hope he's playing nice with the other pups at day care!

  8. That skirt is SO flattering on you. How did I miss those at Gap? Hmm. And I continue to be jealous of your grocery store finds. You watched Archer, and you're not totally offended by it! Awesomeness. I love how ridiculous it is, and it's definitely on my list of stress recovery aids. I usually cook up a nice dinner after a stressful day, and finish it off with a pint of Ben & Jerry's. I hope you're feeling better today, and I hope everything works out. My company was bought out recently, and there's similar anxiety until the sale goes through and we find out who gets to stay on with the new company. So I can kind of understand where you're at.Also, mini-FR is adorable (Jude is in the same pose as we speak). And there needs to be more dog pictures in fashion blogs, so I'm glad you included that 🙂

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