You’re a Wonder, Wonder Woman!

Today’s post is brought to you by A-Dubs, who, in a brilliant attempt to model her professorial style for you StyleNation, hit upon the iconic pose The Wonder Woman. Thereafter Dorky took it up, then E-Jo. Then, StyleNation, we asked you to show us how it’s done and you responded in superhero fashion by submitting poses for our first ever

Wonder Woman Pose Conference

In retrospect, it might have been wiser NOT to make the deadline for submissions August 31–i.e. right before classes start–because trying to juggle the first weeks of classes, department meetings, planning our outfits AND organising your amazing response to our CFP required superhuman skillz. And we are not superheroes, we only stand like one.

So these photos hearken back to that sweet time a few short weeks ago when our clothes were lighter, our footwear sandallier, and the days longer and sunnier. Drink it in, StyleNation and re-live summer fashion via your Bad A$$ take on a lady hero who can make a liar tell the truth, stop a bullet cold and turn a hawk into a dove (does anyone know what that last one means?).

Bring it on, StyleNation!

Panel #1: The Classic
1a. Andie of What Andie Wears kicks off this gorgeous panel in a completely covetable royal blue shirtdress in front of some seriously luscious scenery:

Dress: Worthington (via JC Penny)

Pinstripe jacket: Attention (via Kmart)
Green stone necklace: New York & Company
Earrings: Arizona (via JCPenny)
Belt: Thrifted
Kitten heel peep-toes: Lower East Side (via Payless)
Read more about Andie’s wondrous style adventures here.

1b. Next up, Away From the Keyboard, of the blog of the same name, keeps things in the jewel-tone family with a rich, deep rose toughened up even more with a touch of BA denim:

AFtK assures us that “Real Women Wear Pink.” Obviously, she’s right.

1c. Cynthia at Be Fabulous Daily is being Wonder Woman fabulous daily with superhero layering and some fierce cuffs:

Dress: vendor at last year’s SF Mecca Immersion
Skirt: Boden
Cardigan: mall
Shoes: Camper Twins

1d. And now, a slightly modified, yet elegant twist on the classic pose. In her own hilarious words, the Queen of Thrifted Couture herself, Jentine of My Edit is “squaring [her] shoulders like nobody’s business and [has] a rather aloof/snotty look on [her] face” in this awesome submission:
T-shirt: Target
Skirt (looped through belt): thrifted

(Apparently, the original plan for this submission may or may not have included – and I quote, again – someone‘s “favourite unitard.” But someone was “a little unhappy” with the photos. We have to wonder if this means there’s a unitard section of someone‘s closet πŸ˜‰

1e. And down in Beantown, Kelly, IPF‘s new guest lecturer, brings it with the hardcore double bracelets:

1f. Next, looking remarkably like Linda Carter’s equally wondrous younger sister, Liz of Scholar Style Guide shows us how to do it:
In related (and adorable) news, Liz recalls punching the bottoms out of disposable cups so she could use the cups as Wonder Woman bracelets. Clearly, the creative child was destined for this woman’s current greatness.

1g. And speaking of DIY costuming, here’s Interrobangs Anonymous‘s Millie-daily-style to show us how to photoshop an awesome WW tiara to wear with a fabulous gauzy tunic. Millie calls this DIY “hilariously awful,” but we beg to differ:
Read more of Millie’s adventures in said gauzy tunic and awesome crisscross wedges here.

1h. This is Bev of Style Underdog, rockin’ The Wonder Woman IPF-styles (that is, headless):
Dress: Target
Socks: Target
Boots: Nine West

Panel #2: The Classic with Hip-Tilt
2a. Andie of What Andie Wears kicks it off again and gives us another sassy angle on her awesome jewel-toned dress:

2b. Anne of The Cohabiting Closet fame gives us a little before and after in polka dots. Anne Before as a wee, young innocent and Anne After as the BA grown-up version of the adorbs petite fille:
Cardigan: Target
Tank: H&M
Skirt: The Limited
Belt: New York & Co
Shoes: Hot Kiss
Earrings: Macy’s
Come hither stare: gifted
(We think it might be fun to learn a little more about that “gifted” stare, don’t you?)

2c. Bargain hunter Jamie of Thrifty Threads notes, “some of my best finds are included in this outfit.” We love the colour and styling here!
Trousers: The Limited
Blouse: Anthropologie (gifted from another blogger)
Camisole: Nordstrom
Heels: Franco Sarto (via DSW clearance)
Floral leather belt: Cole Haan (75% off)

And as a wonder-treat, Jamie gave us a close-up of her spectacular cuffs:
Metal lattice cuff: $5 at a boutique in Jamie’s neighbourhood
Beaded rosette cuff: purchased for $7 during a long layover in the Salt Lake City airport

p.s. Go to Jamie’s blog immediately. Do it NOW.
She has used shoes to spell out “LOVE” in her banner.

2d. La Historiadora de la Moda of Fashionable Academics and her partner-in-crime fighting, The Dissertating Yogini, are bringing The Wonder Woman in their matching Wonder Woman tees, plus a pair of red Fluevogs that Wonder Woman wishes she had:

Panel #3: Bullets and Bracelets
Only two brave women dared assume this pose. As Queen Hippolyta would say, only a true Amazon can attempt such a feat. Feast your Amazon-starved eyes on these women as they power things up:

3a. Kelly in Beantown is first up. Welcome to the gun show. Bring it, KB!

*Note the excellent use of modesty cut-offs by this style powerhouse under that to-die-for navy sundress.*

3b. Already Pretty‘s equally powerful Sal makes this difficult pose look like a cinch. Also, who knew seafoam could look so BA?:

Seafoam jersey dress: Athleta
Necklace: thegarbagegoose
Silver cuffs: a shop in Madison, WI
Earrings: courtesy Misty Dawn Designs
Boots: Diesel Go-go

We declare a tie, ladies.
Load the guns for another round!

Panel #4: Crossed Wrists & Ka-Pow
4a. Here’s a close-up of Sal’s exquisite silver cuffs. And her superhero smile.

2b. The glamazons Rad in Brooklyn and Anne of The Cohabitating Closet are ready to stop a war with love, and smoke from Cuban cigars:

2c. Here’s Cynthia again, with her fierce cuffs:

4d. Despite sustaining an injury in her fight for justice, Sara from Orchids in Buttonholes dons her cape to keep the world of fashion safe. Ka-Pow indeed!

Superhero Cape: Alexander McQueen
Tee: Shopbop
Skirt: J. Crew
Shoe: Christian Louboutin
Hairband: J. Crew
Belt: 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent
Flask Necklace: vintage
Cuff: Giles & Brother
Ring: vintage


Sheila of Ephemera brought it big time with a wondrous array of fearsome poses and fearless style.
We want you on our crime-fighting team, Sheila!

Here are just a few of our faves:

You’re a Wonder, Wonder Women!

29 thoughts on “You’re a Wonder, Wonder Woman!

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  2. Everybody clearly had a lot of fun doing these photos. Thank you for a good laugh, and a great sense of knowing there are so many Wonder Women out there, keeping the flame lit.

  3. this is good… I must say… Sal is kicking some serious Wonder Woman Pose Conference (which for the sake of brevity will now be refered to as WWPC) Ass!Looking back through some older pictures I can see that WW has clearly influenced my posing for a long time. Sneaky…

  4. This is amazing. All you Wonder Women are amazing. I also want to thank A-Dubs & D-Med for organizing this CFP and, then, arranging this post. You dudes did a fantastic job!

  5. Diesen Frauen sind WUNDERBAREN! (That might be incorrect — it's been many years since I took German). I love each and every one of these submissions and would be hard-pressed to find a favorite — though I do love the yellow boots that Sheila is wearing. Thank you so much for hosting this *wonder*ful conference!

  6. You all look awesome!! I am laughing especially hard at the fact that Style Underdog cut her head off in the photo and that Rad and Anne posed like this at the wedding they recently attended. Thanks for pulling these all together, ladies!!I'm also storing away the suggestion that I look like Lynda Carter's younger sister as one of the greatest compliments of all time. : )-Liz

  7. For the record: this wonder post is a collaborative effort between D-Med and I, despite mine being the only name blogger records.Also, D-Med, here's a heads-up: I'm going back in to post a bigger photo of Sheila's yellow boots!

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