Violence, Skinny Pants, & Kitten Heels

Politics (scroll down for outfit post):
On Sunday, I took part in a peaceful public art/anti-violence initiative. Some of us were asked to hand out postcards that members of the public could sign and mail to the Prime Minister. Some of us left a few cards on car windshields in a nearby lot.

One arsewipe, a beefy thirty-something white guy, took exception to this strategy. He followed me through the parking lot, handed a postcard back, and then explained that we were not to put any more “shit” on his truck. Even after I said that we wouldn’t do so, he felt the need to tell me that he would “hurt” anyone who touched his truck, again. Apparently, the irony of threatening to do violence to a woman at an anti-violence (against women) initiative was lost on him.

Also, why the hell did he think it appropriate to threaten a perfect stranger, in broad daylight, in a busy parking lot? More importantly, how far does his sense of entitlement and apparent desire to dominate and intimidate extend in darker, or more private settings? In short, I am more shaken than I want to be; and I have even more respect for those who suffer actual physical violence, not just the threat of same.

Outfit Post:

This is not a teaching or meeting outfit. But I went in to work in my office, and the no-jeans-on-campus rule remains in effect. Also, a skirt or dress was not a possibility; leg shaving was totally out of the question because it is (or was when I wore this) September. (Even teeth brushing is a noteworthy achievement in this insane month.)

Coral cotton cardigan: MAK (gift from D-Med; remixed)
Blouse: ?? – no tag (Winners)
Bunch of bracelets: The Bay (remixed)
Black cotton skinny pants: Mexx (remixed)
Kitten heel* slingbacks: Nine West
* I like how they look, but these kitten heels do NOT totally work for me. Why are they so stupidly uncomfortable? They are shoes in which to sit down. That said, I’d try the first six pairs Tish pictures today over at A Femme d’Un Certain Age. Those babies look sweet – and more solidly heeled than my annoying ones.  
Despite the crappy start, this week still seems better, somehow, than last week. It’s October, an arsewipe threatened and unnerved me, I’ve a PILE of marking to do, more grant application deadlines are looming, and my in-laws are coming this weekend. But somehow, it just seems more manageable. 
How’s your week looking? Also, what do you wear to work when no one’s going to see you? 

21 thoughts on “Violence, Skinny Pants, & Kitten Heels

  1. I've got no swears. I'm on cold medication and woke up to a CBC interview with guys at a farm action, so I'm awash in acetaminophen and nostalgia. I would, however, like to add that the ONE TIME I went in dressed for work as though no one would see me, because, after all, it was early on Saturday morning, no less than three separate groups of people got off the elevator to observe my yoga pants, ratty yellow t-shirt that said "BOOSH!" and stretched-out, pistachio-coloured, double-barreled headband.And THAT is why I moved to the Office Blazer.

  2. The kitten heels actually work well with this look, though I agree, they are not engineered for stability. I shed all mine years ago. Just can't do it anymore.♥ Vhttp://www.gritandglamour.comtwitter: @gritandglamour

  3. This is going to sound really ignorant, but my initial reaction to this was: "I didn't think that you had douche-rods like that guy up in the Great White North. I thought, if anything, it was a persona adopted for yelling during hockey games and then dropped as soon as the game ended." And as for the shoes: they look good with outfit but they also look like they are uncomfortable.

  4. Sheesh, what an idiot! I've once been in a similar situation myself, and I know how scary it can be. I'm so sorry you had to deal with something like that.On the bright side of things, at least you look great! The print on the blouse is darling. (But what is it with kitten heels? They tend to be so uncomfortable!)

  5. What a crappy experience. I can't stand jackasses, I just can't. I know what you mean about the kitten heel. They seem like they'd be comfortable because they have just a little lift, but I find them to usually be so uncomfortable. They look super cute – I love these slingbacks with those cropped trousers – but I totally understand what you mean. You look great, though!

  6. I'm sorry that happened to you. My anger at that man precludes the pity I should feel for him, but I'm okay with that.This outfit is smashing! I particularly covet your blouse.Glad your week (month) looks less daunting.

  7. That was really creepy!! You guys need some police whistles the next time you do an anti-violence thing. If someone gets in your face, blow that whistle. Not only will the bad dude back off but people will most likely come running. Your outfit is great. I wish I would be a little less lazy and wear something more put together and stylish even if I see no one. Today I'm wearing a t-shirt (that isn't in the best shape) and jeans that look great.

  8. Ugh, what a horrible experience. I'm so sorry that you had to deal with that jerkwad.On a lighter note, I adore this ensemble in its entirety. The heels are darling, but I have an easier time with higher, thicker heels than shorter, narrower ones. Chunky rules!

  9. Mr Shouty with his cranky-man truck is what my people would call an arseclown. Few things shake me so bad as a confrontation like this – I'm sorry this happened to you. On a brighter and more manageable note – I can walk in kitten heels but find the incessant little cloppity clip clip clop noise infuriating as well as a hindrance to sneaking up on people, should I need to. I love the shoes with this look. You have a bit of a young Briget Bardot thing happening here with your kitten heels – the cardi is particularly lovely.

  10. Some people suck. He must have a lot of insecurities to go off like that–maybe it felt empowering for him to be so foul. Your outfit looks spunky and grand. The heels are a nice touch. I can't wear them without cringing either. Sittin' shoes, as the Southern ladies used to say.

  11. This outfit is great. I dig the pink and the kitten heels and the lovely lovely skinny pants (I want to convert a pair of my black dress pants that are really boxy into skinny pants but so far, it's been a failure). As for that dude, all I can say is that he must be pretty put upon by the world if he can not handle a message being put on his truck. He must feel so disenfranchised by the events in his life that he feels the need to try to tout his masculinity and dominance over you in a public space. Sorry that you are shaken up, but this is a seriously a sad man. Whatever privilege he thought he was entitled to because of his male-ness hasn't worked out so well for him, so he must defend his truck's integrity with fierce hot devotion. Ugh.Glad that are you doing such great work. When I teach my law class and my students say, "In America, we enforce all our laws" I point out that we are unable to enforce our domestic violence laws, and they get quiet. I hope that someday, men like this man who see threats and violence as OK will realize the error in their ways.

  12. That is appalling and must have been unnerving. Just a further reminder of the unfortunately ongoing necessity of the very work you were doing. Like Anne, I'm super jealous of this cardigan which looks AMAZING on you. This whole outfit is pretty kickass. I am also coveting your printed blouse. And your cropped skinny pants. And your armful of bracelets. And the look of your kitten heels (if not the actual wearing of them). Nicely done A-Dubs. Now I want to shop tomorrow on my non-teaching day, rather than deal with ongoing crapola. But I'm with you on October feeling better than September. Things seems more manageable somehow. Plus, y'know, my birthday in mere days.

  13. Don't you wish there were bumper stickers for those types of people, like the "Mean People Suck" sticker but just "I Suck". It would make things a lot easier for us all. Sorry you had to go through that.ARGH!!!!! I can't stand kitten heels. I keep trying and they baffle me. Do I shorten my stride, slow down when walking, ball of foot first, etc.? Just baffle me!If no one is going to see me, I wear something less conservative, more cutting edge. Nice!

  14. I second that – what an asshat! That really sucks. Do I need to teach you some of my sweet self-defense moves so you won't feel so unnerved if faced with another arsewipe (which I hope you're not)?I continue to be jealous of this cardigan and your ability to wear skinny pants. But especially the cardigan. So cute.The only time I'm positive no one is going to see me is when I'm working from home, which usually involves me wearing gym clothes. Otherwise, I sport jeans. But as we were reminded today, my office is our corporate HQ, so it's good if we don't show up looking like total crap (I'm paraphrasing, of course).

  15. Seriously?!?! What an asshat! In the meantime, I'm loving your outfit, and the kitten heels look fab (sorry they don't function all that well)!I am drowning in papers and exams that I must grade in addition to everything else.

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