30 for 30 List

So, like a number of others, I’m doing Kendi’s 30 for 30 Fall Challenge. It was a surprisingly difficult task, picking out only 30 items. Before I started I thought that I’d be lucky to have enough (though obviously I was forgetting shoes). Turns out, I had GROSSLY underestimated how many things I own and use on a semi-regular basis for teaching.
Once I got past the challenge of picking things out, it made me realize a couple of things about my wardrobe:
1. No more bloody stripes. I have more than enough (and I have striped tops that didn’t make the cut).
2. Once I’m allowed to make some purchases again, I need to start building color back in. I used to have a ton but, after a late summer purge of old & worn-out items, the number has drastically dwindled.
So I feel like this 30 for 30 challenge has been useful already!
On to my items:
The Basics (Layering Tees)

Black tees: Gap & Target
White tee: Gap
Purple tee: Target

Surprisingly, these aren’t shirts that have made it onto the blog yet but are some of my most worn items.

Other Shirts:

Top L-R: Addition-Elle; Joe; Target: Joe
Bottom L-R: Target, Gap, Joe; Old Navy

There are a surprisingly high number of new-to-the-blog items here. Mostly, with all of these 30 items, this is because we’re finally getting to cooler weather here so I can break out sleeves.


Purple & Grey Stripes: Old Navy
Coral: Gap
Grey: Joe (Note the nice, pleated detail on the back)


Jeans: Old Navy
Grey Pin-striped: Target
Cargos: Old Navy

As I only have 10 classes left (which is both great and horrifying), I’m going to be wearing my 30 items on non-teaching days so I decided to include some more casual pant options for those days that I’m working in coffee shops, etc…


Khaki green: Gap, ages ago
Black jersey: Eddie Bauer, even older ages ago
Grey: Old Navy

Dress: Old Navy

I was initially not going to include this dress (which I love but somehow haven’t worn on the blog yet) but then I put together an outfit with it on Friday that is my favorite thing I’ve worn in a long, long time. All of a sudden, I couldn’t imagine going 30 days without wearing it so it’s in. Here’s the outfit:


L-R: Converse; Joe; Aerosoles; Nine West: Madden Girl; Etienne Angier

So, here’s how we’ll proceed here at IPF: I’m not going to post every day but, instead, I’ll post twice a week with 3 or so outfits. Let the challenge begin!


10 thoughts on “30 for 30 List

  1. Stripes are so easy to love. I had to put a moratorium on stripes in my wardrobe a few years ago because I was starting to resemble Waldo and I was sort of horrified to realise that nearly every t-shirt I owned was stripy. I decided to channel my stripe addiction into socks, though I seem to have managed to outgrow/purge/wear out all but two of my striped tops so I might be planning a relapse.You are hardcore for taking on the 30-for-30. I am looking forward to the remixing goodness. And the stripes.

  2. Thanks all! I'm looking forward to the challenge as it'll force some creativity in a month where all I want to do is wear sweatpants. Also, "great day in the morning!" Ha! My mom's go-to non-swears when I was little was "oh my godfathers." Weirdly, she was also a fan of a handful of regular swears but no sacrilege allowed.

  3. A-Dubs: I love some old-time lack of swearing. My Grandma's favorite phrase to express frustration has always been "Oh fiddle faddle!" A close second is "Fudgy nut bars!" Both of which I do, on occasion, find myself using.

  4. Way to be hard core, E-Jo, and make the tough choices this challenge requires. I, too, like the new dress-based ensemble and am looking forward to seeing how everything gets mixed around for the next 30 days. And speaking of which, I was reading along here, thinking how your term must be really short since you only have 10 classes left. Then, just for kicks, I opened my calendar: 'only ten teaching outfits to go at IPF North, too! As my grandfather (who NEVER used the swears) used to say, "Great day in the morning!"Hmm. Swears would, I think, better express my excitement. But I'm too lazy to change it now. A-Dubs, out.

  5. I think I finally found someone who loves stripes even more than I do! : ) I can't wait to see how you mix and match for the 30 for 30. I agree that the outfit you've posted here is really great– I like how the scarf pulls everything together.

  6. I am in awe of your awesome stripes. This makes me want to wear stripes tomorrow. Also, that new favorite outfit is a great "dress as a skirt" skill. Who knew that ON made such great dresses?Looking forward to your remixes.

  7. Our collections are very similar–mine has many tee shirts too. I have fewer stripes and two fewer pair of shoes. I would have to agree that's a great look you whipped up with the dress!

  8. Oooh, I can see why that dress needed to be included! And seeing it all laid out, you and I own a lot of similar stuff (though most of mine didn't make it to the list). It was tough picking everything! I kept swapping things out, and I'd still really like to if I hadn't gone to the trouble to put the list together already.

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