In Which I (Finally) Get in the Game

It’s been fun watching the start to this here 30 for 30 challenge. It’s been fun so far doing it, too. I haven’t been too adventurous with my remixing so far, figuring that I should start with basic outfits so that, later on, I can re-invigorate my sure-to-be fading interest in these items. That said, working with a limited selection is working wonders on my getting-ready time in the mornings.
To the outfits…
Top and skirt: Gap
Gold flats: Nine West

This is a shirt I’ve yet to wear on the blog but put into the 30 for 30 rotation as, for some reason, I’ve had some difficulties styling it–even though it goes with a bunch of stuff I have. I figured this would force me to make use of it.

Top: Target
Cargo pants: Old Navy
Purple flats: Joe
Scarf: gift from my grandma

This was for a non-teaching day where I worked off campus. The pants are super comfy, if a little messy. Perfect for revising my manuscript; less perfect for professional attire in the office.

Black top: Joe
White t-shirt: Gap
Skirt: Old Navy
Tan wedges: Aerosoles
Green necklace: gift from my mom

Gifted accessories are totally getting a workout this week. This necklace is fab. It’s in a color that I probably wouldn’t have picked myself but that I love. I also love this pose; don’t I totally look natural & casual? (The hem of the white shirt was properly covered all day but decided to make its presence known during my photo session but I was too tired to take more shots. So, clearly, the shirt and I are at an impasse.)

Here’s a detail shot of the necklace. The beads are similar to papier-mache:

How’s your week going Stylenation? I’ve been showing Modern Times to my undergrad class which has been awesome both because the movie is fabulous and because I also don’t have to lecture.

Enjoying the unseasonably warm weather that seems to be everywhere, despite its ominous confirmation of environmental destruction?


15 thoughts on “In Which I (Finally) Get in the Game

  1. Kelly: Thanks!LHdM: I love these wedges — and they're super comfortable and easy to wear! They've got a higher heel than I typically wear but I can wear these more easily than a lot of my lower ones. The only problem is not wearing them every day!Terri: Thanks! I actually kind of like the little pop of white too!KB: Ooh… bronze. Nice. My sister and I are trying to find bronze shoes for bridesmaids. It's proving unexpectedly difficult. The funny thing about the necklace is that my mom bought it in a small business in my very un-style-y hometown. So, y'know, it's almost one of a kind!

  2. Liking it! Add me to the list of people wanting gold flats. I would have bought a bronze pair this morning had they been available in my size. But gold would be even better. It's like the Olympics, really.I too shall copy the cargos-and-scarf look. In the meantime, please send me that necklace.

  3. D-Med: Ha! Ladyposed. Totally. Gold is totally the new neutral. I wear those flats all the time as they seem to go with everything. Also, I totally paid less than $20 for them at Macy's in the summer. Anne: I also almost bought the white & gray instead. And while I have a moratorium on stripe purchases once 30 for 30 is over, I still want a classic white & navy combo. Also, we should totally go shopping together sometime and then borrow clothes. Clearly, I need to move to Chicago. Nobody want to move where I live.

  4. I like Day 1's shirt – I almost bought that in white and gray. Seriously, we should go shopping together sometime. Then borrow each other's nearly identical clothes.Day 2's scarf is gorgeous, and I love how it brightens up a neutral outfit. The same goes for Day 3's necklace. But I am partial to green, beaded necklaces :)And I'm all about our unseasonably warm weather – it's been 65+ in Chicago the past 3 days! I haven't even had to wear a coat even though it's November!

  5. I love the gold flats with the first outfit. How is it that I don't have gold flats? I have been asleep at the wheel. I'm deciding, based on this awesomeness, that gold is the new neutral. These are all excellent outfits, excellently ladyposed. There really is nothing more natural and casual than taking pictures of yourself looking natural and casual. Probably Tyra is going to want us to be guest judges.

  6. Katie: I hadn't seen that — one of my students told me about it though. I blame our shirts' mutual misbehaving on mid-week cabin fever.Rebecca: Modern Times is definitely a fun movie; the only problem with showing it in class, though, was that the ending makes me a little teary and I had to get that under control!A-Dubs: Navy really is one of the best colors ever. Why did I think this shirt was hard to match?? I am a color idiot, obviously. The greatest thing about those cargo pants (that you can't really tell from the picture)? They've got a shiny finish, not just a regular flat, khaki one.Rad: Thanks! I have another pair of cargos that I wear fairly regularly but they've got a hole in the knee and are ready to be retired. In other words, these are my "fancy" cargo pants. SU: You know, I thought I felt something but couldn't quite put my finger on it. Glad to have that mystery sorted out! There will definitely be more pants to come!

  7. Hey E-Jo, wow, three outfits in one. Take what A-Dubs and double it. I'm glad to see you in pants, they look great. I, too, will be copying the cargo pant outfit. I saw the wedges at macy's a few weeks ago. I held them and thought of you. Did you feel it? I have a navy/red striped tee like the first photo. We should wear them together and be twins. As for the 3rd outfit, sigh. Black/grey/white and cognac, be still be heart!

  8. Woo, look at those great remixes! The stripes and the full skirt are quintessential E-Jo. I am also quite a fan of those cargo pants, which I wore exclusively in high school. And I still am gaga over your Style Underdog style wedges.

  9. Ah, I'm a sucker for a great pair of khaki cargo pants. And the ones in outfit 2 totally fit that bill. Also, LOVE the navy striped top in outfit 1. LOVE. IT. Navy is possibly the best colour ever. And your new sweet wedges are working out pretty awesomely in ensemble 3. In short and to sum up, Dr. Jo, it seems you are rocking the challenge thus far. p.s. I'm totally copying the cargo pant outfit asap. I've decided the scarf makes it profesh enough for non-classroom, non-meeting days on campus.

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