Once More in Black & Red

In the spirit, once again, of E-Jo’s ongoing remix extravaganza, I present one top, two ways. There’s a chance I’m in need of a break from the black with red accents. But it’s just so easy and comfortable – and these are important qualities in end-of-term wear.

You know what else is easy? A black poly-blend top. Because it goes with EVERYTHING and doesn’t fade in the wash. Here’s this wardrobe workhorse  one way (with the oh-so-edgy mug-in-hand pose) back in September:

Poly-blend top: Anne Klein (via Winners)
Gray denim bubble skirt: Rita di Cesare (Canadian designer, yo! Purchased while skipping the morning panels with Rinty the Crusher at a conference in Janey-Em‘s O-town)
Belt: thrifted
Boots: Miss Mooz (remixed)
Knee-socks: black cotton (from wherever)

‘Stellar lighting, no? I am a genius with the camera.

And here’s the same top with the same colour scheme, combined to create a less casual look this morning:

Top: as above
Skirt: Ice (yes, it’s lined; via Winners)
Belt: Buffalo (via Winners)
Hose: Hue
Shoes: Clarks Artisan (remixed)

The belt would NOT stay put, so I used a hair elastic to keep it in place. This, however, seems awkward and un-profesh.  Tell me you’ve got a better solution, StyleNation.

What do you wear too much? 

If I take a break from black and red, will you break from your go-to combination/s, too?

21 thoughts on “Once More in Black & Red

  1. *oomph: Thanks for the tip – and sorry I missed your comment the first time. I suspect I began typing the above monstrously long response comment while you were posting yours!

  2. *oomph: Thanks for the tip – and sorry I missed your comment the first time. I suspect I began typing the above monstrously long response comment while you were posting yours!

  3. *Cynthia: Thanks! It's a weird skirt to style so it doesn't get out much. As for the belts, I know. But I can't resist. It reminds of the 80s and how much I loved wide belts back then. *LHdM: It seems we share the red leather love, yes? Also, I'm on the haircut photo.*Stylie-U: Ha! Your snakeskin leggings deserve to be worn a LOT. Also, you're right: "extravaganza" is an excellent word. Especially when connected either to remixing here at IPF or to colourful birthday weeks at the blog of the Style Underdog. Also, thanks!*Rad: Thanks! And thanks for the link. Angie of You Look Fab has a LOT of excellent tips. My belt doesn't so much flop around as stick out and get in the way of gesticulations during lecture. It's too stiff to flip around, but the tape idea/s others have floated may work with this one. *Katie: I know, right? I love 'em, too!*Anne: Once again, we are like this (I'm doing the fingers to eye thing). Also, I might steal your pink and grey combos for a wee bit next week. Also, you would look awesome in the lacey skirt. I'm putting it on the swapping around list.* Rebecca: I know. But you can't have them. Because I love them. A lot. Possibly more than one should love boots (or any commodity, for that matter)!* E-Jo: You were missed during the shopping that day. Virtuous conference attendance is cold comfort, I know. Also, I'm on the haircut photos. For realz. Though there's a VERY GOOD CHANCE that the cut won't live up to all they hype about the cut. Finally, you look good in stripes. Your stripes are awesome. * G&G: Ha! Thanks! Probably nudity's a poor plan for the winter months. Also, you should keep posting your wicked black outfits. * Charlotte: Thanks! And I like your standards. Even though the "clean" part is still a bit of a challenge some mornings!* Baxter: Thanks! The skirt's weird to style as it has a dropped waist and the lace is set horizontally on the dropped waistband. Without careful belting and layering, it can be a serious widener. Also, ha! Seriously? People don't know you in pale blue or cream? That's some clear evidence of signature style.* KBean: Thanks! Also, jeans should not count in this accounting. And I'm with you on the grey and black. Come to think of it, red may be my way of compensating for the abundance of black and gray in my wardrobe. Finally, I shall try the tape. But I'm worried about it taking the colour off the belt, or otherwise leaving a mark. . . * Sal: Thanks for the tip. Is "fashion tape" the stuff we use to keep our boobs from falling out of tops, or is this a different thing entirely?* Sheila: Your celery comes with red elastics? I'm sure I only get blue. Hmm. I'll pay closer attention next time. And thanks! Wearing interesting pieces makes me think of you and your faboo stylings.* Allison: Thanks for the tip. Also, keep your leggings! Back in the 90s I got the best pair of leather-front black leggings. When they went out of style, I stored them away. A few short years ago, I moved and did a ruthless closet and storage cleanse, and I recall thinking, "These things are NEVER coming back. Why did I keep them in the first place?" Then I donated them. And now, everyday I pine for them. They would be so PERFECT with everything. EVERYTHING. In short and to sum up: keep them. Even if they're gone for a while, they'll come back. And you're right: they're ridiculously comfortable. *AuH: I know, right? I love the bootage, too. And there are only about 4 months out of the year in which to wear them, so I wear 'em a LOT. Also, thanks! It's a strange skirt, and I think this is the first time I've actually been happy with the way I styled it.

  4. love your boots here. the belt that gives me this problem is a braided one, so i stick a bobby pin (or paper clip) thru the weaves, then hook it onto the belt. for yours i'd try tape.rockoomph.blogspot.com

  5. If my belts are soft enough I kind of knot them – but it's a bit casual. I wear leggings waaay too much. If they ever go completely out of style I don't know what I'll do. I keep reassuring myself that women are demanding comfort and so they will stay… but who knows!

  6. I would have used a red celery elastic, but otherwise that's exactly what I would have done with the belt, hee hee.I totally agree with black poly blend tops – no fade! Love that lacey skirt!

  7. I'm not sure you should take a break from black and red, since you do it so well!What do I wear too much? Jeans. I used to wear black too much, so I tried to move away from that and now I wear too much grey. If the belt's loose end flappery is the problem, try tape. If it's a belt waistal twisty-migration problem, I've got nothing.

  8. Your black lace skirt has made me all Holden Caulfield – it kills me. I love the shape and the pattern, and I love it with the red belt. I can't be encouraging you not to wear red and black. Sadly I wear one black dress so often some people now fail to recognise me in pale colours. I'm unrepentant.But your skirt. Sigh. One of the things that makes it great are the tights in that neutral tone. V.clever styling.

  9. The first outfit has some real spiff to it, A-Dubs. The belt is a lot of fun. And the red belt is a great touch in the second outfit It would look great with the first one, too.My go-to outfits are anything that 1)is clean and 2)doesn't need to be ironed. If it meets both those criteria, fine.

  10. I really like both these looks. And in the second look, you are teeeeeeeeny tiny!I definitely wear too much black. But even if you abandon your black and red, if I actually abandon my 95% black-based looks, I'd practically be naked. That's my story and I'm sticking with it!♥ Vhttp://www.gritandglamour.comtwitter: @gritandglamour

  11. Dude. Seriously, I need a picture of the haircut. Like now, if you hurry. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that, currently, I'm wearing stripes too often. But there's no end in sight for that for at least the next 24 days or so. I love love that grey denim skirt. And continue to be jealous that you and Rinty got to escape the morning sessions that day.

  12. That skirt is SO cute! I'll have to borrow that during our size 10 mail-order shoe swap. And thank you for reminding me that I own a red belt that I've worn all of once. I need to get that back in the rotation.I've noticed just in the week or so of 30 for 30 that I tend to really want to wear my black cardigan all the time. And I think my most worn color combo as of late is pink and gray – I don't have any gray tops to go with my 2 pink cardigans until the end of the challenge, so I guess I'm joining you in breaking from my go-to combination. It's like I knew…

  13. Extravaganza! Isn't that the best word. It's so catchy and fun to say…extravaganza.Both outfit are stylish and totally different. I wouldn't have know you were remixing the blouse. Nice! I use a bobby pin when my belt tries to go its own way. That's all I got. I wear my snakeskin leggings WAY too much. I'm serious, ask my kids.

  14. I love what you have goin' on here in both these outfits. The boots in #1 and that red belt in #2 are especially drawing my eye. We really do need to see your haircut better. Can't you photoshop a pic to blur out your face and let us see you hair? Pretty please!

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