30 for 30: Catching Up

Hello Style Nation on this glorious Thanksgiving-eve. Mostly it’s glorious here because I cancelled my class today (fortunately, unlike for Rad, it’s not a problem here) so I’ve got effectively a week off. And then only 4 teaching days left! Woohoo! I’ve also booked my ticket home (sort of — we’re doing Christmas in Montreal with my two sisters this year) for the holidays (which are going to be sadly A-Dubs and D-Med free) and I fly out in exactly three weeks. Things are looking up! There’s something about the end of term where the insanity becomes manageable because you know that it’ll be over with soon (mostly). Also, I’ve lucked out this term and have non-complaining students (though, that’s one of the benefits of my (very) conservative students: they tend to cave in the face of even a modicum of authority).*
Anyhow… to the outfits!
Black top & purple flats: Joe
White t-shirt: Gap Outlet
Grey pants: Target

So, it’s decided to get weirdly warm again here which has made working with my 30 items a little difficult this week as I’ve got lots of sweaters and very few short sleeves. Thank god for a single teaching day.

Dress: Old Navy
Gold flats: Nine West
Gorgeous purple scarf: gifted from A-Dubs
One thing you might not know about A-Dubs and D-Med is that they are two of finest gift givers around. This scarf is one such gift. The photo doesn’t do justice to the gorgeousness of the purple — it’s both brighter and richer. It helped punch up this dress nicely and made the chestal arena SFW.

Top: Gap Outlet
Skirt: Gap, ages ago
Purple flats: Joe
Scarf: Old Navy
So you’re probably all getting a little sick of these gold and purple flats. I know I am, just a little. The last weeks have been busy in a way that has me reaching for easy & comfortable footwear — leaving my lovely heels languishing in my house. Next week, however, I promise to wear them, setting them free from their gilded cage.

*Apparently, I’d should be giving thanks for whoever invented parentheses. They can consider themselves thanked.

So, American readers, what are you looking forward to making yourself sick on in the next few days? And for our Canadian readers, what wisdom can you pass on to us in terms of digestion aids?

19 thoughts on “30 for 30: Catching Up

  1. Such cute remixes! Outfit 11: the necklace really makes the outfit. Outfit 12: I'm really get sold on the magic of your jersey dress. Outfit 13: the matching greens and purples look great. I ate too much on Thursday and took a digestive aid. Now, it's back to work time after really relaxing (ah, sweet sleeping in!) and baking. Only 2 1/2 weeks of class (and another week of finals after that).

  2. Anne: Clearly you and I were commenting at the same time. Thanks for the reality check on the shoes. But that's what I'm looking forward most about the end of the 30 for 30: full access to my shoes. Allison: Excellent, excellent advice. Though I do love potatoes. The purple and gold flats are pretty lovely. Glad to hear people aren't getting bored of them!

  3. I don't think I could ever get sick of purple and gold flats. Nor could I get sick of the term "chestal arena" – brilliant.Being in Canada, I celebrated Thanksgiving in October. My advice is always, "leave room for desert, it's better than potatoes". That is all.

  4. I definitely started replying to this earlier, and blogger ate my comment. I'm sure it's unrelated to the beer I'm drinking.I think we all wear the same couple pairs of shoes sometimes – it is pretty easy and all. And I love your scarves! Almost as much as the term "chestal arena." Heh.And D-Med the Style Icon is right, purple is most definitely the new black!

  5. Katie: My family is a big fan of gluttony so we celebrate it at every possible occasion. I'm a total Christmas person — despite my deep seated cynicism about the rest of the year/ world — so I envy your tree trimming!KB: "Remixing thunder!" Excellent phrase! Your Thanksgiving sounds pretty awesome to me. I'm having dinner at a colleague's tomorrow which will be tasty — though will involve less passing out in my pajamas. A-Dubs: I'm pretty happy to have purple be associated with me. It being the color of royalty and all…LHdM: I love purple too! It's such a versatile color. I also have similar scarves in hot pink and seafoam. We're like this (doing A-Dubs' finger to eye thing). D-Med: I haven't worn my Chucks with those pants. I should totally try that. Next week. Also, you're totally right that purple is the new black. I bow to your iconicity.Terri: Good plan! That's what I'm doing — though I do kind of miss the ability to have a late night turkey sandwich…

  6. I still love your flats but what would the Chuck Taylors look like with your grey dress pants? Are you up for that? I've done sneakers with dress pants and a sweater before, though not on a teaching day. I kind of love Chuck Taylors with formal dress pants. Then again, my students think I'm "kinda strange but good"–whatever that means. Also, StyleNation, E-Jo is also an excellent gift-giver. The "Cats not Kids" t-shirt? Courtesy of E-Jo, for no reason at all.

  7. I have that purple scarf's cousins in hot pink and sea foam green! Purple is my favorite color, so I'm glad to see it incorporated into all three of your outfits.We're going to a friend's for dinner, so I'm not really sure what all will be on the menu. I'm hoping for some pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes, though. I made my green bean casserole the other night with dinner just so I could make sure I didn't miss out on it. šŸ™‚

  8. I'm with KellyBean: bring ON the flats. And I'm nearly convinced about the purps-as-black thing.'Good that you like your birthday scarf and that it covers elements of your birthday suit that you don't with to display at work. Also, purps looks awesome on you. In fact, it makes me think of you because you rock it so well. And finally, your remixing just keeps getting better and better. I really love how you've styled the scarf into outfit 13. In fact, I need to remember to try this mixing of greens. And I covet both your flats and the bare footedness in 'em. It is blizzarding here.

  9. I am officially envious of your weather. Remixing thunder! You're driving home D-Med's point about purple being the new black.I'm not sick of either the gold or the purple flats, so bring 'em on. Low-key Thanksgiving menu: turkey, cranberry, spuds, butternut goat cheese au gratin, and yet-to-be-determined dessert. Low-key Thanksgiving plan: weekend full of lazy gluttony and solid gratitude.

  10. I will begin using the phrase "chestal arena"…now.My family doesn't really celebrate Thanksgiving (the American or the Canadian, and if we were really gluttons we could celebrate both), but it's when we put up the Christmas tree (a four day event) so I love it all the same.

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