30 for 30: Last (Full) Week of Classes!

Oh, end of term, I couldn’t love you more if I tried. Maybe if you didn’t inflict such a heap of grading on me… (Though really I have no one but myself to blame for the schedule) Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving Style Nation — or a lovely fourth weekend of November to our non-American members. Mine was good — filled with relaxing, eating of turkey, buying of TV, having a credit check performed by a current student to purchase said TV, and not getting enough work done. All in all, not a bad weekend.
Since I’ve got roughly a gazillion outfits to post to catch up my 30 for 30 adventures, let’s get to the pictures.
Top: Joe
Skirt: Gap
Tights: Target
Shoes: Aerosoles
Necklace-as-bracelet: Gifted from my Mom (Silpada, though)

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that I skipped this outfit in my last post. Lest I be anything short of transparent on this blog and in my completion of the 30 for 30 challenge, here’s outfit #10. I quite liked it in person — and in fact was complimented on it by my most style-y colleague. I hate these particular tights with these shoes; they’re not opaque enough so that my toes didn’t really look like they were covered in a way that seemed weird. Fortunately, I stocked up on new Hue tights after this outfit so hopefully this problem is a thing of the past.

Top and skirt: Gap
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace: The Bay

I wore this for Thanksgiving at a colleague’s house (I’m wearing some of my new tights — navy, here). After a bit of a heat wave, the temperatures dropped precipitously on Thanksgiving which was perfect for cramming my face with delicious food.

Top: Target
Cargos: Old Navy
Shoes: Chucks

This is what I wore to have the aforementioned awkward-est credit check ever. At least I looked relatively cute. And it was run by a student who’s doing well in my class and, thus, isn’t likely to be vindictive. And at least my salary was disclosed by me to the computer and not to him. But, still, GAH. This is why sort-of small towns suck. And it’s also an important lesson that if I can’t afford to pay for something without a store credit card, I probably shouldn’t buy it. Because it could be embarrassing. Not because it’s financially irresponsible.

Sweater: Gap
Tank: Hanes
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Chucks
Necklace: Gifted from one of my sisters (the middle one, I think)

I think I wore this outfit for about an hour to do some errands on Saturday and then promptly changed into sweats. Just keeping it real here at IPF South.

Top: Joe
Skirt: Gap
Tights: Target

Ubiquitous gold flats: Nine West
Silver cuff: Forever 21 about a million years ago

So, here’s where I started making some substitutions in my 30 items. I traded this skirt for the purple plaid shirt I had in. The plaid shirt is one I want to love but just don’t for anything outside of working at home. This is partly because it doesn’t fit super well in the chestal arena, but mostly, I think this is a trend that just doesn’t work for my style. I’ve imagined lots of outfits for it but every one I put on I switch out of. Clearly, if it ain’t a striped shirt, I’m having none of it. Anyhow, this skirt is the twin to my workhorse khaki green — and is reversible and brown on the other side so it’s super versatile for the final half of these 30 days.

Any tips for making a trend work? Or do you just concede that one person doesn’t need to try everything?

Also, have you entered our giveaway yet? If not, you should probably do that.

15 thoughts on “30 for 30: Last (Full) Week of Classes!

  1. Dude, have I not commented on this yet? Yeesh. I am loving you in those Chuck Taylors. Have I ever seen you in Chuck Taylors OTB (off the blog–I totally just made that up)? There's something so cool about Chuck Taylors (too bad about the now-Nike-ness of them) and, even moreseo, something so cool about you in them.Also, F21?!? Do we have that in Canada? Not here in IPF, Eastern Division. But no surprises there.

  2. Rad: I second your shaking of fist. One thing I find with Chucks is that they don't have great arch support so if you want them for a ton of walking you probably want to also have some sort of insole. Also, sigh, if only the next town over with reasonable stores wasn't a 2 hour drive.D-Med: No worries, I'm just holding the slow commenting against you forever. You've never seen me in them OTB — they were a purchase post-Steel Town. There's weirdly been in a F21 in Edmonton for nearly 10 years which is where I got this. I think, otherwise, they're just starting to come into Canada. I've never been in one since I moved south-ward though…

  3. Dude, have I not commented on this yet? Yeesh. I am loving you in those Chuck Taylors. Have I ever seen you in Chuck Taylors OTB (off the blog–I totally just made that up)? There's something so cool about Chuck Taylors (too bad about the now-Nike-ness of them) and, even moreseo, something so cool about you in them.Also, F21?!? Do we have that in Canada? Not here in IPF, Eastern Division. But no surprises there.

  4. Oh chestal arena, why are you always giving women a hard time, in terms of fit. I have accepted that I am chestally "elegant", but my wide-ish shoulders made it difficult for me to fit things to my width and not look to vast and valley like in my chestal arena. *Shakes fist*.That said, you are rocking the challenge. I, like LaHdM, continue to heap the Aerosoles love. And I am seriously considering buying a pair of Chucks for my daily walkabout wear, rather than my smame old black ballet flats.The credit check story cracked me up. Maybe shop for things in the next town over? I've met students (not my own, but from my school) in shopping situations as well. I was really snappy and cranky once while buying glasses and later, the optical tech was like, "Professor?"

  5. Anne: Right there with you — on both the challenge and the skinny jeans. Though I'm also WAY behind you. I think you've got 4 days on me. A-Dubs: Ha! Here's hoping my chestal arena distracted him — though that's also a little horrifying too. Glad to hear you're enjoying the multi-outfit posts. The mini-FR is missing his presence on the blog too — we'll have to get on this. Also, you'll be glad to hear, that I've begun to make plans to feature his cousin in outfit pictures once I'm in Montreal. My sister is prepping him for his blog debut already. Also, the FR (original size) has been missing in photos for MONTHS. He needs to get in on the blogging action. Allison: Stripes are awesome, aren't they? I never used to wear them either and then, in the last 6 months, there's been a veritable striped-explosion in my closet!

  6. I too have difficulty with things fitting well in the chestal arena. It's very frustrating, no? I'm loving the stripes! I avoided stripes for years but recently jumped on the stripe train and now I've got at least 5 stripey shirts.

  7. You are killing it with those Chucks. Like maybe you were made to wear them. Also, your chestal arena's looking especially awesome in outfit 15. That top's a totally flattering emboobenator. Probably that's what your student remembers more than the credit check part of your off-campus interaction. ('Just trying to re-frame the otherwise nightmarish scenario you endured.)In addition, you weren't kidding about all the stripes, were you? I continue to love the navy version. Finally, I know you're ready to be done with the 30 for 30, but I will miss these multiple outfit posts. I will miss them A LOT. Almost as much as I miss the Mini-FR today.

  8. I'd definitely say one person doesn't need to try everything. That's why I'll likely never get into a pair of skinny jeans. Well, that, and it may not actually be possible. They're cute on others, but not for me.I like the colors of Day 14's outfit – the orange stripes look great with the green skirt! And Days 15 and 16 look soooo comfy!Are you ready for the challenge to be over yet? I'm definitely getting there…

  9. Cynthia: Super jealous of your distance from students right now. There's a crappy picture of the plaid shirt here: http://inprofessorialfashion.blogspot.com/2010/11/30-for-30-list.htmlIt's totally not the right size — I had to go up a size to fit in the chest so the rest of it is kind of billowy and still sort of pulls up top. But I liked the color and wanted to try the trend. There's probably a reason it was $5. It does work for lazing about the house, though.

  10. C & B: Trust me, you're totally cool enough to use it! Your post today was totally calling out for it!!LHdM: Layering is a good idea — maybe once I'm done the 30 for 30, I'll give it another try. I'm trying to not even think about them seeing the posing. As for the credit check, the student fortunately acknowledged the incredible awkwardness of the moment. Still, I could barely look at him in class today.TIoBM: It's really weird to see them out of class — though I suppose that goes both ways — but definitely one of the pitfalls in living in a smallish university town. Looking forward to seeing your cargo pants. These are super comfortable.

  11. That's one thing I love about Charlotte. It's so big, and so not laid out as a "College Town" that I can leave campus and never run into a student.After Virginia Tech, where it was impossible to get away from students unless you chose to live out in the hollers, I find this delightful and refreshing.I like these outfits. That green skirt is always fab on you. Purple plaid, I don't know, can we see a picture of it in its uncooperativeness? Maybe it's just not the right size, and should go bye-bye.

  12. I bought some cargo pants this weekend! You look comfortable in yours. I hope I'll be just as comfortable.Isn't it weird to see the students outside of class? For me it's just seeing them off campus as I'm an advisor, but it's still weird. Fun, but weird.

  13. I so love those Aerosoles! What about layering the plaid shirt over another shirt so you can leave it unbuttoned and thus not be in danger of chestal affrontery?I have nightmares about students performing credit checks. Also I fear them seeing me get my posin' on. But I fear the former far more than the latter.

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