30 for 30: Final Countdown

Well, technically, I’m not sure that “final countdown” is entirely accurate since this is my final 30 for 30 post. But, really, I just wanted an excuse to link to what might as well be the IPF theme song. One of us may even have walked down the aisle to it. But, moving on… 30 for 30. Like E at Academichic, I had grand ideas about the perfect, final remix. That didn’t happen. I blame my looming departure for parts northward and the blind panic that has set in as I try to get grading done as well as meet some of my own research deadlines. But the end of the grading is very much in sight and I’ve allowed myself some flexibility where I can manage it in terms of my research. It’ll get done — but maybe in the airport.
As for my promised reflections on the 30 for 30 challenge (I know, I know… you’ve been waiting with bated breath, right?):
1. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve declared a moratorium on striped items. I have MORE than enough.
2. But I do need to reintroduce more color — something which has never been a problem in the past but I’ve suddenly found myself with a mostly neutral wardrobe.
3. I need boots. Stat. I’ve got my eye on a couple of pairs that I’m going to buy as soon as the financial nightmare that is the holidays passes.
4. A long top and circle skirt is my silhouette of choice 9 times out of 10.
5. I did well with the relatively limited choice. It made getting dressed in the morning easier (today, for instance, was a gong show with the wider variety). I should remember this when I’m tempted to buy something cheap that is quasi-usable.
To the final outfits…
*Full Disclosure: there’s no picture for remix 27. Well, there is. But it’s too awful to contemplate posting. You’ll have to content yourself with the following description:

Grey & purple cardigan + Hanes undershirt + grey pants. It was an outfit that seemed great in my head and looked super blah in real life.
Top: Target
Skirt: Old Navy
Tights: Hue

Gold flats: Nine West
Cuff: The Bay

Ok, so I wore this outfit 3 days ago. I have NO idea what I did that day. I must have been in public and I know I graded at some point. Other than that, it’s like Friday is forever gone from my mind. I think I might have been in my office. Whatever. I liked the outfit.

Top: Joe
Cargos: Old Navy
Shoes: Chucks
Cuff: as above

I wore this into Austin to do some Christmas shopping with a friend. And to introduce her to Ikea. It was pretty successful — though I still have some to do when I get to Montreal later this week. Sigh, shopping in Montreal. Life is hard.

Turtleneck: Target
Cardigan: Joe
Cargos: Old Navy
Shoes: Chucks

On Sunday, I came to the realization that I hate all the other pants I had in my 30 items. And, since I was running errands and hosting people for dinner, I didn’t really want to mess around with a skirt. So on the cargos went again. Now, I love them: they’re comfy and relatively attractive. But, seriously, I feel like I’ve been wearing them constantly. In fact, I had to talk myself out of wearing them again on my first post-30×30 day. Clearly I need some more casual pants.

Anyone else traveling in the immediate future? Got suggestions for airplane wear? My day begins at 5 am on Wednesday and ends at 10:30 pm so I’m wearing sweatpants–something that I don’t normally do but this day will demand it.

13 thoughts on “30 for 30: Final Countdown

  1. D-Med: My winter stuff is waiting for me in Montreal. Hilariously, my dad mailed it to my sister (because I had left it in Alberta last year) but only put their phone number on the package, no address. Amazingly it got there on the right day — it's like Canada Post is trying to improve their image. Don't worry, they'll go back to being crappy soon.A-Dubs: I agree that "freeze your bag off" should be a tag. Once I start taking pictures later this week, it'll be a necessity.K.Bean: You know what's not helping the airport temperature? The fever I'm working alongside my strep throat. Awe. some. But I am equipped with a big scarf and a wool coat over my be-legginged ensemble. IoBM: I know, right? Work those stealth pjs!

  2. I hear you about the cargos. I got mine a couple of weeks ago. Soft as a baby's butt. Don't ever want to take them off. But I held back. I wore them again Monday. So soft! Like public approved pajamas! I feel like I'm sneaking into work in pj pants and getting away with strutting my stuff in front of everybody. I love those pants!

  3. Yet another "ditto" on the travel style suggestions. I always bring / wear a big scarf as well. Works as a pillow, blanket, napkin for spilled coffee…Keep us posted on the non-jeans casual pants options, because that's an area where I totally fall short.

  4. Yes! Correct me if I'm wrong, but by my calculations, D-Med just used "freeze your bag off" for this first time on this blog. Probably we should add "bag" as a tag for this entry. Because "mons" is already there, isn't it?

  5. Nicely done, E-Jo. I'm talking about the challenge AND the Final Countdown reference.I always bring one of those fake pashminas with me on a plane because it can be worn as a scarf but it is also large enough to double as a blanket. They are surprisingly warm. And I definitely wear slip-on shoes and always socks because of security, though it looks like you are going to be wearing slip-on snow boots. Do you have your winter stuff with you in IPF, South to take with you? Because you are going to freeze your bag off.

  6. Yep. What they said on the travel gear. Also, hurrah! You made it through the challenge – and like the professional you are, you posted a LOT of outfits.I'm soooo envious of your exit date and your holiday celebration location. Have an awesome holiday, and I really hope you don't spend all of tomorrow's travel time marking. Because that would really, really suck.

  7. C&B: Thanks! I love #29 too. Cynthia: I do what I can! I'm totally adding a raffish scarf to my flying ensemble.Anne: Illusions, Michael. Tricks are what whores do for money. I agree that there are very few casual pants options. I have a ratty pair of cords — this reminds me that it's probably time to replace them.Terri: Don't tempt me! Though I do actually have another very similar pair but they have a hole in the knee…Allison: I'm looking forward to Montreal shopping but, ohmigod, am I looking forward to the eating! I think this visit will feature a return to Schwarz's — it's been a while since I was there for some smoked meat. Also, I need to have some french fries and mayo. And Lebanese food. LHdM: I think I'm doing a variation on your flying outfit. I don't always get cold but since I'm fighting off strep throat right now, I think I want to be as cozy as possible. I'm not going to make it to TO — I take it you'll be there? Say hello to the GTA for me!

  8. I am travelling on Thursday, but by car and my day will be shorter. My travel gear is usually leggings, or sweatpants. Sometimes it's just necessary! Happy Montreal shopping. I looove shopping in Montreal. I also love eating in Montreal. Mmmm Emilios.

  9. Heh, that song always makes me think of G.O.B.'s magic, er, illusions :)I've definitely had the same problem dressing since the challenge ended – just overwhelmed with choices again! It was definitely easier with limited choices, even if I felt like my clothes got pretty boring after a while.Casual pants are tough once you get past jeans. I have a few pairs of corduroy pants, which are pretty great for winter, although I did have a really hard time finding some that actually fit me. I also like twill pants, but not with cargo pockets since they tend to look horrible on me.

  10. Oh, thanks for the earworm, E-Jo. :)Last time I traveled I went for drawstring mom jeans (not quite sweatpants), a lightweight wool sweater, and a raffish scarf.I like the wide scoopnecks on you. Both of them, although the purple stripes have the most panache.

  11. I just want to say that first, I love outfit 29. I … do not look good in cargo pants, but you ROCK them.Also? 'Final Countdown' is the theme song in my house. I can't listen to the intro without bursting out laughing and picturing a mediocre magic show. My husband always starts humming it at the end of a run.

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