No Repeats: Long Skirts/Wardrobe Orphans

Welcome Style Nation, to our next challenge. Well, it’s Be Fabulous Daily and The Cohabiting Closet‘s No Repeats challenge, and I am giving it a go. Thus far, the challenge has been a sweet bit of respite in a week of paper-and-exam-marking hell.

Today, I offer ensembles styled around long casual(ish) skirts, items I’ve not worn since the very early years of this millenium.

Orphan #1
I saw this Bebe jean skirt in fall Vogue in 2005 or 2006. (‘Strange, no? How often do Bebe items appear in Vogue?)  If finally became mine when D-Med, Kelly Bean, Rinty the Crusher, and I shopped in Vegas the following winter. And I’ve been struggling to style the ridiculous thing ever since.

As it turns out, a low-slung, super-long, curve-creating denim skirt is a weirder item to work with than I ever could have anticipated. Re-watching Season 6 of Buffy has helped. As have the examples of Sal, of Already Pretty, V, of Grit & Glamour, and Sheila, of Ephemera. Here’s what I came up with yesterday, outfit-wise:

Acrylic wrap sweater: Smart Set (old)
Black tank: H&M
Necklace: gifted (remixed)
Skirt: Bebe (via Vegas, Baby)
Invisible boots: Browns

~ This is why I don’t teach in this baby. You know, in case I need another reason in addition to its denimness.

Ha! ‘Awkward mannequin pose much? ~

Orphan #2
I thrifted this skirt in 2002 way out by D-Med’s stomping grounds in IPF East. I’d firmly established it as a winter item before I realized that the pattern is made up of tropical flowers. But whatever: they have winter in the tropics. Because of the floral pattern, it’s fun to wear with bada$$ boots and a lot of black.

Cotton jersey top: Max Azria (via Winners)
Belt: Mexx (remixed)
Polyester skirt: thrifted (VV at IPF East)
Boots: Fluevog (old, I forget what style; also, they’re no longer on the website)

~ Mid-breakfast pose. I never sit to eat breakfast on work days. Also, probably you are excited that I’m introducing a new prop.

And this is one of the reasons why I don’t wear this skirt very often. According to training my mother received in school (Seriously. In high school.) that she passed on to me during my childhood, one should take shorter steps when walking in a skirt. I’ve decided that this is stupid – why should I be hobbled in any way by my clothing? Plus, I’m always in a hurry; big strides get me there faster. But not in this skirt:

I’m tempted to shorten this skirt. But I tend to think of the giant pattern as a reason to keep its extreme length. Also, it’s just polyester with an elastic waist; what if it needs to be long to be awesome and not old-lady housedress-ish?

Are you rising to the No Repeats challenge? If so, what are your strategies?

Also, should I shorten skirt number two?

29 thoughts on “No Repeats: Long Skirts/Wardrobe Orphans

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  2. The denim skirt looks amazing. I think your booty might be one of your super powers. Just not in the classroom, or the students may fall out of their seats.As for second skirt, I also agree that it needs the length. I like how you styled it. Very not old lady housedress.

  3. I would wear that denim skirt with a silky v-neck or bowtied blouse. That's what I do with mine anyway (I adore long denim skirts and am always trying to acquire more). Anyway, I think these skirts work best in situations where you could wear jeans but want something a little different.

  4. Rad, I'm telling you, it's the denim skirt, not my buns. But thanks for thinking it's possible! Also, I had a plan at one point to wear it as a strapless dress with a belt. But I had to scrap the plan because of the housedressiness. (Well, and because straplessness is just too much work.)

  5. The denim skirt looks amazing. I think your booty might be one of your super powers. Just not in the classroom, or the students may fall out of their seats.As for second skirt, I also agree that it needs the length. I like how you styled it. Very not old lady housedress.

  6. *Joannawnyc: Thanks for these excellent suggestions. I'll see what I've got by way of silky v-neck tops in my closet!*E-Jo: Oh maude! How did I not know this about you? That is awesome. Obviously, we will have to discuss things further.

  7. I would wear that denim skirt with a silky v-neck or bowtied blouse. That's what I do with mine anyway (I adore long denim skirts and am always trying to acquire more). Anyway, I think these skirts work best in situations where you could wear jeans but want something a little different.

  8. *Allison: Thanks! I highly recommend the long skirt wearing; us tall women were made to wear 'em.*K.Bean: Let me know if you come up with any strategies. My only one is "wear what I never wear." Also, there's a chance you will be the only person to cheer my booty. I feel like I should write down the cheer for exactly this reason. *Terri: The denim's awesome, isn't it? And it has magical booty enhancing properties. But I can't imagine teaching in it as I don't want my students thinking about my boo-tay. *tIoBM: Yowza! Really? But doesn't she wear some sort of faux leather giant skirt in that scene? (obvy, I should watch that episode again ;). Also, thanks! But I've always been an Angel woman, myself. I know: I'm in the minority. *E-Jo: I just want to feeeeeel aliiiiiiiiive (but not with Spike). *Allie: Your votes for no hem and no slit pretty much predict what's going to happen with this skirt. Probably, even if I decide I want to alter it somehow, I'll never get around to it! Also, thanks! I know it's a weird one!

  9. The second skirt, I would never wear it, but gosh with that sweater's sleeves and that belt you make it positively chic! DO NOT hem it, and I think even a slit would ruin the silhouette. It's actually quite fab!

  10. Holy crap, outfit #1!! And, very Buffy Season 6. Are you breaking out into song right now? You might want to watch out for that. Also, I am ADORING the short hair on you. Not to be contrarian, I personally might shorten the skirt. It would feel like a lot of pattern for me — though I'm also not much for prints in general. That said, it looks amazing on you so that's a key reason to keep it long…

  11. That first outfit – Buffy, when she goes to meet Spike and put him down permanently but decides to sleep with him instead and they crash through the floors of a old warehouse.I'm with everybody else: You look downright sexy-mama in that denim ensemble'. Watch out, Spike!I, personally, am not a fan of floral prints, tropical or otherwise, mainly because living in Florida they're just everywhere on every tourist, retiree, snowbird, etc. I just…no. However, this outfit is fab. The cut of the skirt. The belted shirt. The print of the skirt is slightly hard-impressionistic, less floral-tourist. I'm digging it – but especially because you're rocking the combat boots with an otherwise very feminine outfit!

  12. That denim skirt remains awesome. Also: woot woot badonkadonk! Another vote for not shortening the second skirt. I like it the way it is, and with the dark colors it is totally a winter item. Slit-insertions sounds pervy yet useful.I'm doing No Repeats, but I don't think I have any strategies. Hmmm. That could be a problem 28 days from now.

  13. I love that you are wearing long skirts in this post – it's a look that I'd love to try out, I just don't have any long skirts. The denim one is very flattering on the booty! I'm doing the challenge as well, and I really do need to plan ahead, or else everything in my closet winds up on the floor and I end up late!

  14. *Anne: WooHOO! Let's hear it for closet orphans. This is my only strategy thus far. You know, besides trying EVERYTHING on in my effort to re-adopt the orphans into the main group. Also, I'm not convinced you didn't rock your long denim. 'Not convinced at all.*Cynthia: Ha! What or who'll you stab? Clothes? Kitties? Yourself? Try to hold it together. Also, I like the slit-insertion plan. (That sounds kind of sexy, doesn't it?)*LHdM: With the obvious exception of the indomitable Anne, those who did the 30 for 30 Challenge should get a pass on this challenge. Plus, like E-Jo, you did that hardcore challenge right at the end of term. That is freaking hardcore. Also, how long are you in T.O.? I'll be there on the 20th. . . *Sheila: Thanks! If mine looks even a fraction as good as yours did in your floral modified-pencil skirt last week, I shall die happy. *C&B: OK. No shortening. And I probably won't get around to the whole slit thing until late next summer anyway, so there's plenty of time to change my/our minds about it all. Also, see above re: long denim skirt = hard to work with, style-wise. Feel free to share your ideas.*Katie: Ha! Thanks. I love a professional booty-appreciation comment 😉 'Looking forward to your challenge stylings. I love how you remix already. It'll be awesome to see you really put your back into it.*D-Med: This is why we are the awesome friends. Because you have the best suggestions. And the whole cellophane-wrapped-transport-youths idea seems like the feminist thing to do. Also, Ok, that answers my question. I wondered if it was OK I modified the widget thingy up top so it has my handle in it.

  15. Nice boo-tay. That is me being even more professional than Katie.You are long and lean enough to make these skirts work, though I agree that you should rein in the boo-tay for teaching. I think you should leave them long and get nubile youths wrapped in cellophane to carry you around on a litter on the days you wear them. Or just wear them when you don' t have to walk very far. Whatever works.I'm not doing this challenge because I am lame and I don't have enough winter clothes to do it and that will just make me want to shop and that is against the code. For now. I'm glad you're doing it so I can meet your wardrobe orphans, which are fantastic.

  16. In the most polite and professional meaning way, that denim skirt makes you booty look amazing! Absolutely amazing.I'm doing the challenge, too, and I don't have a strategy yet. My closet's small enough that I'm not worried about keeping track of whether or not I've worn something, but I am worried about running out of clothes. We'll see…

  17. I HEART the tropical skirt and I'm also on the "don't shorten it" train. The idea of a slit is intriguing although I'm kind of already obsessed with it just the way it is. And I've always wanted a long denim skirt like that. Sigh. Skirt envy.

  18. I love both of these long skirts! I also say don't shorten, but maybe add a slit. I am not participating in the challenge because of the vagaries of being a rogue academic on the job market and the holidays. In other words, neither my agenda nor my suitcase have the space for another challenge right now.

  19. My strategy is, apparently, to try on everything in my closet every single morning. I am hoping that as more items get banished to the "worn already" closet, this will become easier. Or I might get stabby.Maybe don't shorten it, but get a slit put in for easier movement? I think you're right about the impact of the large print and its potential for grandma-resortwearishness at a shorter length.

  20. I had a long denim skirt in the early 2000's, but it didn't look anywhere near as cute as yours! Actually, I felt pretty homely in it, so I rarely wore it once I had half a clue about styles that work for me. I still can't really do long skirts, so I'm envious of how good this looks on you!I'm not so sure about shortening skirt #2. I can't picture such a big, bold print in a shorter length. Could we get a visual of what that might look like?Of course I'm doing No Repeats 🙂 My strategy is that I have no strategy thus far. That may not be wise. But your post is reminding me to dig out some of my closet orphans. I have all kinds of clothes that haven't been worn in years, some that even fit!

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