First. Guest Post. Ever.

StyleNation, I have news.  I now write Guest Posts.  Well, one, I wrote one Guest Post.  
Check it out here at the lovely and amazing and tres, tres charmante A Femme d’un Certain Age

My mission, and of course I chose to accept it, was to represent my blogging colleagues, A-Dubs and E-Jo, in our European debut.  Bloggerista Tish Jett is in France, sweeties, France.  
Does this make us kind of a big deal?  At least in our own minds?  Je pense que oui

14 thoughts on “First. Guest Post. Ever.

  1. Thanks all! KB I was thinking of you when I was putting together that list because doesn't it seem like Mrs Dalloway, or the short stories that Mrs Dalloway grew out of, should be on that list? Welcome Sharon and H.H.! I'm visiting you soon. Bloggily speaking, though I wish I really were visiting Normandy.

  2. You are certainly a big deal in Tish's mind, and – now that I have followed her advice and checked you out – I understand why!!Thank you for your great post over at A Femme today, I really enjoyed it and I wish I had had "Ann Likes Red" to read when I was little, I can see it would have been a life changer!Warm regards from NormandySharon

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