Catching up & Epic Meeting

Guten tag, StyleNation, from the centre of my carefully choreographed holiday travels. I began this post over tea with Rinty the Crusher in southwestern Ontario this morning; now, it’s almost midnight, and I’ve just come in from night-skiing with my dad after a day of travelling east and north. In short and to sum up, things have improved VASTLY since Sunday’s horrible-but-oh-so-very-necessary all-night marking marathon.

This post shall be a two-parter. First, it’s been a whole week of No Repeats; so I’ve got some catching up to do. Then, stay tuned for epic photos from my Monday meet-up with the lovely, super-smart, and sartorially inspired La Historiadora de Moda of Fashionable Academics.

Let’s get this party started, shall we?

Skipping over last Thursday’s snooze-inducing ensemble, I give you Friday’s combination – worn for a day of exam marking and panicked course prep:

Grey jersey top: Max Azria (via Winners; you saw the black version here)
Cami: mall anchor store
Cardigan: Smart Set
Trouser jeans: Joe Fresh (remixed)
Necklace: Le Chateau
Invisible ankle boots: ?? (via Winners)

Next up, another lesson-to-self-via-public-humiliation, otherwise known as Saturday’s outfit, worn for a day of holiday gift-buying and a long-overdue trip to the aesthetician. In other words, here’s how I will teach myself not to wear low-slung pants with a slim-fitting turtleneck – SUCH a long-body faux pas:

Turtleneck: Melanie Lyne
Cropped jeans: Jacob
Belt: (I forget)
Boots: Fluevog (remixed)
Lesson learned: invaluable

But there was another day of gift-buying to be done, so I had a chance to redeem myself on Sunday:

Top: Ralph Lauren (via The Bay, remixed)
Cardigan: Cashmere (via Winners)
Cami: mall anchor store
Pashmina: gifted (mom got it in Sri Lanka)
Pants: Smart Set
Belt: ?? (bought it in Russell Square in London with D-Med)
Invisible boots: Rockport (old)

Finally, and most importantly, La Historiadora de Moda is as awesome in real life (IRL) as she is here in the virtual StyleNation. Her partner, M, is also lovely. Together, they are quite the power couple.

We met for drinks Monday afternoon at Epic, a restaurant in the Royal York hotel in Toronto. Wait until you see her epic ensemble! But first, let me confirm that it was an absolute pleasure to spend the afternoon talking academia, StyleNation, fashion, and epic grad school histories with LHdM & M. I wish we all lived closer – or that Kelly Bean could finally get that transporter thingy that we always talk about up and running – so we could hang as often IRL as we do every week in the virtual world. Probably, you’re ready to see photographic evidence of our meet-up, now, so I’ll stop type-blabbing and get on with the phot’s.

On LHdM:
Cardigan: Target
T-shirt: H&M
Pendant: Etsy
Skirt: Zara
Tights: Hue
Boots: Fluevog Mallory
For the record, Moda, I can see your halo in these images. Also, does it not look like the sign is directing us to an epic set of toilets?
On Moi:
Wrap-ish cardigan: Smart Set
Black 3/4-sleeve cotton jersey dress (not shown, layered under sweater): Max Studio
Leggings: Groggy (remixed)
Boots that look less dusty on snow days: Browns

I also wish to state for the record that I felt some serious sartorial pressure prior to this meeting. It was an epic travel day for me – a day that involved plane, train, and automobile transport, so comfort was key – but Moda’s a fashionista, and I didn’t want her to think I’m a fashion loser IRL. I feel certain I could have done something more exciting, outfit-wise, if I hadn’t been travelling. Oh well. ‘Good thing Moda brought it, no?

That’s all for now. For those of you who celebrate Christmas (secularly or otherwise), I hope you get – and enjoy – a holiday this year. For those of you who do not, ‘sorry about all the horrible carols and “non-denominational ‘Holiday’ parties” you have to endure.

Christmas celebrants (and all other interested parties), have you been nice or naughty this year? What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done in 2010? 

What’s the nicest thing someone else has done for you?

18 thoughts on “Catching up & Epic Meeting

  1. Mucho frustration-o that I too am in Ontario right now but will not get to see you. I've been naughty this year in not finishing that damn teleporter.The trouser jean is a great look for you.

  2. Lovely!!Can I get a close up of that fab necklace you are wearing in the first pic? I kind of like the long torso outfit (second). I don't know. It's a kicky little outfit and you rock it. And an Epic Meeting in front of directions to Epic toilets – that is epic for sure. (Were the toilets as Epic as described?)

  3. Truly epic toilets. I have nothing but envy that you got to meet Ms. Moda. *sigh* No bloggers near me.Love the outfits, especially the red necklace one and the scarf one.I've been nice this year…although this year has not been especially nice to me. The naughtiest thing I did in 2010 was…hmmm, I can't think of anything. The nicest thing someone did for me – probably something my husband did. He's pretty awesome.Hope you had a grand Christmas!

  4. Lovely!!Can I get a close up of that fab necklace you are wearing in the first pic? I kind of like the long torso outfit (second). I don't know. It's a kicky little outfit and you rock it. And an Epic Meeting in front of directions to Epic toilets – that is epic for sure. (Were the toilets as Epic as described?)

  5. *Rad: Thanks for all your feedback, especially the part where you use the word "jaunty." Don't mark the papers. Sleep the sleep of the just (I'm assuming you've already done a LOT of work). Also, please let me know if your naughtiness, daughter-wise, earns you more than parent-induced guilt. I'm researching these things before making next year's holiday plans. *C: From a woman as talented in the casual outfit department as you are, i consider this to be a high praise indeed. Also, I'm having a harder time getting photos this week. I'm just saying. . . *C&B: I'm glad you think so. Also, ha! Excellent use of epicness.*LHDM: Uh, yeah. My camera does that for me, too. But I didn't put your settings into it :P*Allison: 'Good to know someone's been (mostly) behaving. Also, thanks!*D-Med: What about that time at Camelot in Vegas? At least three other bloggers were there. . . Also, I knew you'd have something awesome to say about the epic toilets. *Maya/SMS: Thanks! And E-Jo's cardigan photos are great. Her superpower really is rocking the rich colours. *E-Jo: I'm happy to repay the multiple-ensemble posts with which you kept us entertained throughout November. Also, noted. *CE: Yes, you really should have gotten those pants. They are awesome. If you like, we could arrange it so I send some to you. There's a Joe Fresh on my way to work. (Email if you want to make these plans.)*Anne: Ha! You're awesome. Also, we seem to have a lot of similar things. Probably because we are like this (I'm doing the fingers to eyes thing). *G&G: Somehow I knew you'd have a saucy answer to those questions. I wonder if Santa's intuited the same?*KB: I know, right? We're like thieves passing in the night. "Friend Christmas" remains as elusive as ever, it seems. Also, thanks. Those jeans are magically flattering and not-at-all squeezy.

  6. Mucho frustration-o that I too am in Ontario right now but will not get to see you. I've been naughty this year in not finishing that damn teleporter.The trouser jean is a great look for you.

  7. HAAAA! Epic toilets. Love it.How cool that you two got to meet. I love when that happens.The fact is that I'm always kinda naughty and kinda nice. I'm sure I'll pay for that one day.Naughty. Hmmm. I've been naughty in various unspeakable ways. Like, seriously naughty. But I don't kiss and tell.♥ Vhttp://www.gritandglamour.comtwitter: @gritandglamour

  8. I agree with Cynthia – yay for more A-Dubs outfit posts! Obviously that was our real reason for starting the No Repeats challenge.I love the bright red necklace in your first outfit! It really livens up the gray/denim combo. And, like everyone else, I love the scarf. But really it's because I have a similar scarf, so obviously we could match!And I really like the second outfit!And, like D-Med, I would love to meet you all in epic toilets.

  9. I love those wide legged trouser jeans from Joe Fresh – I was back in Edmonton visiting family in November and tried on a pair of those and now I'm kicking myself for not buying them (we don't have Joe Fresh in my neck of the woods). They look great!xoxo ~ Courtney

  10. I'm loving these multiple outfit posts. Like LHdM, you best keep that scarf in outfit #3 away from me or it'll be mine. Same goes for the necklace in outfit #1.

  11. Yay for epic blog meetups – I think you both look great. I also enjoy the Canadian content: Winners, Joe Fresh, Jacob, etc. I think I've been mostly nice this year. Although perhaps a little naughty with my shopping habits…

  12. It is good you did not bring that scarf in outfit 3 to our meeting because I would have told M. to stuff it in his coat while we were using the epic washrooms. I jest….Our camera has a no-Greek-icon-halo setting on it, that M. has mastered so that no one knows of my saintliness. 😛

  13. Outfit one: Are those awesome supermarket jeans? I am digging the trouser look on you.Outfit two: I don't think this is a disaster. You look kind of jaunty in this. Cuffing the jeans, adding a long cardi or untucking the top and adding a belt would have made it a winner (I think).Outfit 3: That pashmina is gorgeous. I dig it with the purpleOutfit 4/epicness: There is so much coolness in that photo. I didn't notice the halo in LaHdM's blog, but I'm fascinated now. You guys look great and I thought you totally brought it (the drapey cardigan thing is very high fashion- very New York art gallery).I think I've been pretty nice this year. The "naughiest" thing I've done is not go home for Xmas (bad daughter!). The nicest thing someone has done for me? Lots of things- especially folks that helped out and came to our wedding (I'm looking at you, Anne! Anne with the cookies of love).Um, I have three more research papers I'd like to grade tonight but that's probably not happening. zzz…

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