No Repeats: Hitting the High Points

So, I punked out of No Repeats. In fact, after this post, I pretty much fell into a fashion black hole filled with yoga pants, pyjamas, and before-bed showers (i.e. massive daytime bedhead). This happened in part because for three days of the holidays, I had a bedroom next door to my six-year-old niece who got all up in my business from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same. My niece may be awesome, but I am an old, grumpy, academic who takes ages to recover from such intense “quality time.”

In addition, my Fuzzy Roommate was gone for a month, staying with the Hubs’s family in Ontario as we couldn’t find anyone to care for him for the four days both the A-Dubs-Hubs and I were travelling, and because the airlines have a stupid month-long black-out period during which you cannot fly animals because they need the cargo space for all the holiday travellers. In short, I was bagged, the university was closed, and there was no awesome dog here to make me go outside.

Explanatory blah-blahs aside, I’ve begun to dress, again, so I have things to share. Here they are – and for what it’s worth, I’m not repeating until Anne, Rad, & Cynthia say I can.

1. I wore this out for dinner and then to a par-tay on New Year’s Eve. Well, this, plus a black cardigan and some hose, because it’s approximately a zillion below zero here. I bought the skirt for a song with D-Med in England in 2007, but this is the first time I’ve worn it. (I know.)

Top: H&M
Skirt: (I cut the tag out. I have enough itchy to deal with in the cheap lace and polyester. There’s no tolerance left for tags.)
Boots: The Bay (ages ago)

As you can perhaps tell, especially around the flounce in the rearview, this skirt is made of cheap, scratchy materials. But it seemed Vivienne Westwood-ish at the time, and I couldn’t afford the real Westwood. Plus, D-Med had this Westwood-y skirt (see the brown wooly tights pic), and I wanted to be all style-y, too.

Cardigan: Kenzie (remixed)

2.  The next time I actually got dressed (in a good way) was my first day of teaching this term, when I wore this:

Dress: Chapter One (via Winners)
Cardigan: (via Winners, remixed)
Belt: Mexx (remixed)
Tights: Hue (via Winniers)
Necklace: mall anchor store (remixed)
Boots: Rieker (via Shoe Heaven, gifted from my sis-in-law, a.k.a. Designer Shoe Whore)

Something about this pose, the boots, and the draped layers is making me think of Katie over at Interrobangs Anonymous. ‘Too bad I’m not even close to being as ridiculously photogenic as Katie. Because maybe then I’d be tempted to put my face in a shot or two.

In other news, here’s what the dress looks like on its own. Also, here’s what the belt looks like without a cardigan to hide that it’s a bit loose over this thin dress:

Look at all that greenery around me. It’s almost like I live in the tropics, no?

p.s. Welcome to the gun show.

3.  And finally, here’s my birthday suit. Or, what I wore out for my birthday dinner with the Hubs last night. Mostly, I was going for non-teachy, even though my wardrobe is heavy on the teachy stuff, and much lighter than I want it to be on the sultry/sexy pieces.

Sequined tunic: Forever Fashion (via Winners, remixed)
Cardigan: (via Winners, remixed from the necklace/blue tights day linked above)
Belt: Mexx
Skirt: Mexx
Tights: Hue
Boots: as above (awesome, aren’t they? And lined for winter, too. This is very important as I have to hike across campus to teach this term.)

You can see the sequins a bit better in this shot. Also, how awesome is that light glinting off my decolletage? It’s like I’m all dewy, or whatever. You know, instead of merely shitfaced tipsy from all the delicious wine at dinner and trying desperately to create a waist through posing alone.

That’s all I’ve got, StyleNation.
What up with you these crappy January days?
Also, what designer-ish duds do you own? Do you regret buying the knock-offs instead of the real things? 
Or are the “ish” things working for you? 

23 thoughts on “No Repeats: Hitting the High Points

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  2. How did I not comment on this yet? I saw it and commented in my head.Great boots and nice guns. I call shenanigans on all of the working out. Admit it. You developed those babies by carting boxes of wine home from the liquor store, didn't you? Nice work.Also, Katie wins for using the word "twee". I love that word and vow to use it more. None of these outfits are twee. Wow, I am so on top of my resolve.

  3. How did I not see this post?All of these outfits are awesome, and I am going to recruit the mini-FR to steal your boots for me while he's stealing Anne's dress for E-Jo.I will be "no repeating" Anne style for the forseeable future and you can join me until you're tired of it. Since you punked out, we demand, um, a demanding schedule of outfit posts now that you're back. Yeah, that's it.

  4. Happy first day of teaching, A-Dubs. Each of these outfits are fantastic. Especially the drapey skirt. I dig how you fabbed out the simple sheath dress on teaching day. And the festiveness of le Birthday Suit. And happy birthday, of course.I'd like a pair of Frye boots, but I found out while spending a bunch of time at an Army/Navy store that my feet are a bit too wide for them. Which is sad but then I can't regret not owning any.

  5. *E-Jo: Thanks, dude. Also, maybe you should throw those uber-orphans on for one last go 'round and let the StyleNation decide their fate. *SU: Ha! You complete me.

  6. I'm late to this party, so let me be the millionth person to comment on how awesome these outfits are and how impressive the gun show is. Also, way to break out the closet uber-orphan! I've just moved a couple of similarly orphaned items into the "donate" pile — the awesomeness of this skirt might tempt my resolve to purge.

  7. *tIoBM: I shop to procrastinate or as a reward for getting work done. This began in grad school. Probably I should be trying (harder) to break the habit. * MissB: Oh, I feel your grad school pain! Also, cowboy boots, huh? Do tell!

  8. The boots I love, the color, the detail, the fit! Oh My.Buy brand name? Let's not be silly, this grad student can hardly afford brand name thrifted. However, I *do* only buy brand name cowboy boots.

  9. *Charlotte: Thanks! Also, I like your thrifting strategies. Smartness.*Rebecca: Thanks! I wish it felt as good as it looks. It's a total squeezer. *Terri: I may pass out from jealousy over your later start-date for the term. That's just so perfect. Also, thanks.*Anne: See above re: adding some weights as well as the pee push-ups routine. Also, let me know when we're done!

  10. Wow, no kidding on the gun show! Are you still just doing the pee push-ups? If so, I've clearly underestimated them and need to get on board before it's tank-top weather here again.I like your birthday skirt! And agree on the teaching ensemble looking pretty great too. I have a hard time justifying sexy/sultry purchases because they'll get very limited wear, so I think all my attempts at sexiness still have a corporate vibe. So if you feel like you look dressed for work all the time (which I don't think you do), you're not alone there.Rad, Cynthia and I will have to meet to discuss when you're allowed to repeat again. Not really – the challenge is almost over anyway! And is FR home safe and sound? I don't think I could handle a month without Jude!

  11. I love your back-to-teaching ensemble, A-Dubs. It strikes just the right note. There's not a dowdy bone in its body.When my thrift shop has the real thing, I certainly snap it up. I try only to buy the good stuff when I'm paying $2 for it.

  12. *Katie: No offense meant, of course! Mimicry is, after all, the sincerest form of flattery. . . *LHdM: Thanks, woman. Also, yes, it's yoga – but that's only once a week. So, I started a new round of pee push-ups AND I've added basic weights to my weekly cardio. Also, I know your 'Vogs are for realz. Only the real are exquisite as your collection.*Allison: I definitely know what you mean! The last time my parents were in town, we hit Costco for the lunch "buffet" – and I picked up two dangerously discounted designer tees. They've started to unravel, but they get layered under things, so I care not. *KB: Thanks, Bean. For the good of all the StyleNation, no such footage exists. It's best for everyone if I just hold still and crop my head out of images that appear on the interweb. Also, grab the boots. They were a hefty discount at Shoe Heaven; I'm sure the internet could provide you with even greater savings. Be warned, however: they are faux leather. I like 'em because the salt doesn't seep in and stain like it does with the leather.*CE: Thanks. And good to know!

  13. I love your first day of teaching outfit (and those wedge boots you scored from the Bay are really great – I can never seem to find a decent pair of wedge boots). My whole closet is composed of "ish" things – and so far it's working…xoxo ~ Courtney

  14. Smokin' hot, A-Dubs! Any video footage of you walking around in your NYE outfit, twitching your flounce and hefting champagne flutes with those guns?I covet the boots. We live far enough apart that we can have matching boots, right?

  15. These are great looks – I love those Rieker boots. Perfection!I have a couple of pairs of designer jeans and they were worth every penny. Even though I got them on sale at Costco. But you know what I mean 😉

  16. That skirt you picked up in England is fantastic! I love the detailing! Also I know your booty has super hero powers, but holy shit woman your arms are looking seriously bad-ass. What is your secret? Is it the yoga? I only buy real Fluevogs. 🙂

  17. Lady, you kill me!!! You're right, I have one pose…maybe two, but the second is just the cheap cousin of the first. And if you think I'm photogenic, then there's no excuse for anyone in the world not to take gorgeous photos. Also, I think you should send those boots on over…I love the little scalloped detailing on the drapey cardigan – dainty without being twee.

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