No Repeats: Almost Home

Welcome, StyleNation, to this, my second-last No Repeats post. If I weren’t still participating in this challenge, I probably wouldn’t post the photos that follow. There: you’ve been warned.

1. I wore this stumpifying combo on Monday, a non-teaching and no-meeting day. This sweater, picked up recently during January sales, is more of a challenge to style than I originally anticipated. It seems top-heavy, no?

I’m taking styling suggestions, so please forward at will. With jeans, maybe? Or a heavier boot – the Bondgirls, for example?

Sweater: Groggy (via Winners)
T-shirt: H&M
Watch: Mossimo
Leggings: Groggy (remixed – I know: again)
Boots: Rieker (via Shoe Heaven, remixed)

2. It was freaking freezing yesterday, so my teaching ensemble consisted of my only pair of wool trousers over silk long underwear, and this cashmere and wool blend top. I feel the need to wear natural fibres when things get this cold and dry. Unnatural fibres create too much static electricity. And what if I catch on fire from one of those huge sparks?

Also included is the stainless steel necklace the Hubs gave me recently, having registered my concerns about boob-wrangling (Sheila’s word – see the comments). He assured me this one would do no such thing:

Top: Mango
Trousers: Banana Republic (last year)
Long underwear (not pictured): Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC)
Belt: Nine West (via The Bay)
Invisible Boots: Browns (full-on winter lining, remixed)

3. And today, I am breaking my own rules and wearing skinny jeans on campus because I’m holed up in my office with no plans to see anyone while I slog through this next grant proposal.

I’m also breaking my rules about not wearing pants tucked into boots (a look that usually gives me claustrophobia – what if an emergency arises whereby I need to get at my legs immediately? The unzipping and untucking could add seconds I won’t have). But I’m trying it, just for today, because I like the look on others, and it’s always bothered me to cover up awesome boots with boring pant legs. So far, I’m not feeling exceedingly claustrophobic. And there’s a pleasing amount of boot showing. Perhaps I could do this more often. . .

Tunic: Max Studio (via Winners)
Necklace: The Bay
Microfibre cami: Elita (via The Bay)

Jeans: Revolt (via Winners, remixed)
Boots: as above

What’s up StyleNation? 
Also, how would you style the Groggy sweater in the first photo?

24 thoughts on “No Repeats: Almost Home

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  2. Aren't silk longjohns a godsend? Seriously.I love the chunky sweater tunic and agree that bigger, clonkier boots would help. Also darker boots. Part of the problem may be the contrast between those light gray boots and the dark sweater.

  3. I like the way you multi-task while taking outfit pics… I do too, I guess, smiling AND posing is hard work.I would put the Groggy sweater with a plaid or a stripe underneath… you know, jazzy like that.

  4. *Charlotte: Thanks! And good for you for using cheer language in January ;)*KBean: If we were the same shoe size I would've stolen Lisbeth Salander teaching boots ages ago. Ages. Ago. Also, thanks, woman.*OiB: The big sweater in the first photo functions, for me, like the poor country cousin to the beautiful drapey cozy sweater you wore earlier this week. I'm glad you like it. Thanks for dropping by!*AUH: Thanks, woman! Also, now's the time to buy. I love the deep discounts that late January brings. They're one of the only redeeming features of this dark, dark month. You know, besides my birthday and everyone's blogs. *MissB: Will do. Belted tunic next time, just to see. And thanks – I know they're awesome. *SFE: Wow. I didn't know Winners wasn't in the States. Yes, I think it's like the stores you name. 'Anyone else want to ring in here to confirm one way or the other? Also, leg claustrophobia is a serious, serious issue. 😉

  5. I'm sorry, I have having total boot envy. I love your grey boots…a lot.I agree with others, I would try belting the tunic. I only say that because that's what I do when I don't think something is working.

  6. I adore all three looks, but that sweater dress? With the gorgeous cowl neckline? And those awesome boots? Stole my heart. I love it (and are those pockets, too?)! I think it would look great with jeans or leggings, but I love it just like that.

  7. 1. I really like the grey tunic, which I do not find top-heavy. You've gotten lots of great suggestions on styling it, so I'll just admire. Also, you described my exact problem with tunics: looks fine in front of the mirror, but once I'm walking? Dude, that's a lot of thigh.2. Pass on my compliments to Hubs on his taste in jewelry! The wool trousers are spiffy; me likey. Wool trousers plus silk LJs? Genius. 3. This magenta shade is gorgeous on you, and a great antidote to winter. I also love it with the grey boots. Why are you not the same shoe size as me, so that I can sneak into your house and steal all your boots? Maybe it's a good thing we're not the same size.

  8. Whoo-hoo, A-Dubs! I love those boots, and your teaching ensemble over the silks is fetching indeed. All very nice. The boots look good with the skinny jeans tucked into them. The tunic sweater doesn't look top-heavy to me.

  9. *CourtneyE: Thanks, woman! And thanks, again, for all the dress and shoe porn on Sartorial Sidelines.*Sal: Yes. Yes, they are SERIOUSLY the bomb. And I am ON the darker, clonkier bootage. On. It. *Cynthia: Yes, you and Anne and Rad are evil geniuses. Also, I know, right? I forget how short the sweater/tunic is because, well, it's a sweater. Then I catch my reflection somewhere and think, "Dubs, you are pushing it today."*Anne: I hear you. There's really no extra room in my trousers either. In fact, the ones pictured above are pretty much comfort-while-standing-only. But somehow, the silk longjohns slide on under there and don't disrupt things at all. It's like magic. Plus, how awesome is silk right against your skin? *Rebecca: Me, too. Almost 100% ;)*LHdM: I am totally putting the OTK boots on the new list of styling options. And I'll be watching to check out your trouser stylings!*Rad: I like it, I like it all. I will try ALL of your suggestions – though perhaps not all at once. Also, I'm glad I don't look like a giant capitalist in the BR pants ;)*E-Jo: Thanks! Rich colours like this make me think of you because of how well you rock the jewel tones. Also, what? What's funny? These are real concerns. *TIoBM: It's not sunny – I've just got a new camera with a magic lens and flash that make no light look like an abundance of natural light. 'Crazy, huh? Also, I will try the red belt idea. Gray and red are great together, so this could be a good part of the solution!*Sheila: Ha! Bigass is becoming an important part of the lexicon this January. And I'm totally trying the bigass belt idea. Thanks for it!

  10. I love that tunic sweater – it doesn't look too top-heavy. I am loving bigass long drapey skirts with hip belts lately, so I would try it out like that. Heh, boob-wrangling. 😛 Stainless steel jewelry is kick-ass.

  11. First off, where are you getting that great morning sun? I live in Florida and I don't get that kind of sun in the morning! Jealous!I like the way you've styled the sweater, personally, but you know, you could always throw a bright red belt around your wait to cinch it up a bit. It'd be cute.

  12. God, I love these multi outfit with coffee posts. Also, seriously, you're killing me with this post. Dude, sometimes I read this in my office. Now I look like the crazy person laughing at no one. Anyhow, I love these outfits. I don't think you look stumpy at all in the first outfit. I actually really like the light gray boots with the gray tunic. I think with black boots, it might seem really sombre. I love love tunic outfit #2! Yay for color. And, finally, outfit #2 looks amazing. Way to show the weather who's boss!

  13. I like the way you've styled the tunic. I would try it with your camel/caramel colored boots, too, as grey and tan is one of my fave combos. Or with chunkier, darker boots. Tunics are supposed to be great on long bodies, according to Trinny and Susannah, because they hide our leg break and emphasize the long (and you are indeed looking long and lean). I'd make add a belt. I also like to wear knit skirts or dresses under tunics too, a trick I picked up from Sal and Audi (aka Layering Queens). Maybe the black or the blue dress from Monday's post?Those BR trousers are super professorial. You look very sleek and business-like (but in a serious, productive, not uber capitalist way).I think you look awesome in the skinny jeans tucked into the boots. I want to wear a similar outfit now.

  14. I think I'm going to have to do a trousers day tomorrow due to these cold-ass temperatures. I like the new sweater a lot. I highly approve of the idea of pairing it with Bondgirls and skinnies. I also think it might look hot with leggings and your OTK boots!

  15. I'm a huge fan of silk long underwear! I don't have a ton of extra room in the pantal-arena, so they're perfect. You wouldn't think they would add so much warmth, but they do. And comfortably so.And I think the sweater, leggings and boots look nice together, but Sal and Cynthia have good advice. I like the color of your last tunic – it's nice for brightening up this endlessly grey month.

  16. I love how No Repeats is making you post all these photos. Muahahaha. We'll have to come up with another challenge to lure you into.I agree that the boots are too light a color for the tunic. I've always found true tunics difficult to wear, though. Too short to be dresses, I don't really like leggings, and you usually can't wear them with anything full underneath.

  17. Aren't silk longjohns a godsend? Seriously.I love the chunky sweater tunic and agree that bigger, clonkier boots would help. Also darker boots. Part of the problem may be the contrast between those light gray boots and the dark sweater.

  18. I really like the way you styled the sweater – I actually don't think there's anything I would change about it (and I love the simplicity and professional edge of your teaching outfit as well).xoxo ~ Courtney

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