Blue Velvet if you please

So, apparently, this week is blue velvet blazer week here at IPF. In an attempt to dress for the widely fluctuating temperatures of IPF South (seriously, it was 32 (O) when I left for work this morning, and 63 (17) when I got home. PICK A TEMPERATURE WEATHER), I’ve been wearing a bunch of layers and, sick of wearing a cardi for billionth day in a row, I broke out my blue velvet blazer which I haven’t worn in ages. Only to then see that our own A-Dubs has worn two in the last week. Great minds, etc…
Cardi & striped shirt: Gap
Brown-ish ponte pencil skirt: NY & Co.
Navy tights: Hue
Ubiquitous gold flats: Nine West

My love affair with ponte fabrics continued on Monday. I got this pencil skirt in the January sales for less than $10. I had almost bought it at full price in the fall so I was particular happy with this steal. It’s, again, super comfortable and professional and I anticipate it getting a lot of use. The rest of the outfit, meh. It seems a little dark. I need some brighter professorial shirts to lighten things up I think. Also, the somewhat sloppy cardi only highlights how desperately in need of a haircut I am.

Blue velvet blazer: Addition-Elle, AGES ago
Brown turtleneck: Eddie Bauer Outlet
Skirt: Gap (it’s the reverse of my khaki green workhorse)
Brown tights: Hue
Bright blue flats: Joe
mini FR: wondering when the eff I’ll stop taking pictures of myself and take him to the dog park already

This outfit, as noted above, coincides nicely with A-Dubs’ blazers but, also, was inspired by Sal from Already Pretty‘s love of color and use of tights and top to suggest a single color body suit. I, for some crazy reason, rarely wear these brown tights — they seem harder to style than black or navy blue. Crazy, right? But I was determined to wear them today. I’m also breaking out a series of old but never blogged items in addition to the blazer. I rarely wear this side of this skirt. And these blue flats have been my office flats for the last year which means I haven’t worn them too much (there’s a detail shot below). They’re less comfortable than I’d like but I love the color — particularly against the brown.

Anyone else surprised that I didn’t manage to wear stripes this week for Everybody, Everywear‘s Breton Stripes day? I sure am — even though I’m trying to address my addiction to stripes. That said, I’m obsessed right now with the UK version of Skins and the lead character, Tony, often wears striped cardigans which has me coveting one hardcore. (I also can’t currently stop listening to the angsty music of my high school years. Clearly, I’m going through some sort of weird high school moment. Ugh.)

19 thoughts on “Blue Velvet if you please

  1. The brown-and-blue pairings in the second outfit are making me really happy. Matching blazer and shoes! Sal-style pseudo body suit! Both outfits are great, but that second one has such pizzazz. I like how that word looks: pizzazz.

  2. Rad: We should totally fill up a ponte fabric bunker. It's like yoga pants material — but for everything else. So wonderful. Baxter: Thanks! Also, ha! He'd be totally up for that. He's super cuddly in the most charming way that makes it near impossible to discipline him. A-Dubs: Nicely done, nicely done! The mini-FR is full of love for you already. At the dog park, he runs to get pats from the people, often ignoring the other dogs.Terri: Clearly this week's theme is the blue velvet blazer!DMed: I think it means you need to do some very specific shopping immediately.

  3. Blue velvet in that slow southern style. It's like a new religion that brings us to our knees. Everyone said all my stuff. Especially Baxter. Except for the part about heat, obviously. Brown and teal is perhaps THE perfect colour combination. And my love for the Mini-FR grows with his every appearance in your outfit shots.

  4. First – I love that blue blazer and I love that it is velvet. I love the way the blue is mirrored and the skirt and the shoes, I love the way you've toned it with the brown tights. It's a great outfit. Second – I want to pick up that little dog and kiss him on the snout. I love how he has scrambled up so high to be as close to your face as possible and I love the look on his face. I didn't wear stripes because it is too hot for stripes or even a stripe. I am barely managing polka dots.

  5. Love both of these outfits. I am also a huge ponte fabric. I want to stock pile the yards of fabric for when retailer decide they don't like ponte anymore. The pink and brown-ish is a great combination. I don't find the cardigan sloppy at all. And like everyone else, I'm blown away by the "put together"-ness of the second outfit. That print, that blue, those shoes. Major hearting going on over here.

  6. Judy C: Thanks! I really love the color as well. It's nice and rich!Anne: It's weird 'cause this particular one has a print on the other side. The other one I have is just solid brown & solid light blue. Too bad on the cardigan — I'll have to add "moss green" to the list of cardigan colors I'm searching for (mustard is the other color). Also, we can totally be necklace twins! AW: I love that combo too — my house is painted in variations of it, in fact!Charlotte: In person, it's a mix of royal blue and aquamarine, probably. He is a pretty devoted little guy — when he's not being incorrigible!!Cynthia: Thanks! I want that coral cardi to be slightly more polished but it's super comfy as is so my problems with it are exceedingly limited.Allison: Really, any post with velvet blazers is totally indebted to you! I wish I had another one in a more neutral color. LHdM: Thanks!K.Bean: Pizzazz!! Indeed, a great word.

  7. The brown-and-blue pairings in the second outfit are making me really happy. Matching blazer and shoes! Sal-style pseudo body suit! Both outfits are great, but that second one has such pizzazz. I like how that word looks: pizzazz.

  8. Beautiful color on that blue blazer, E-Jo. At least on my monitor, it has a turquoise/aquamarine look. I like that color with brown.I do love the way your pooch is looking at you with such devotion from her perch on the back of the sofa.

  9. I love that blue velvet blazer outfit SO MUCH. I mean, matching shoes? Wow. The color is beautiful, and the skirt is so cute! I didn't realize the other side of those skirts was such a great print!And I definitely thought of you with the EBEW stripes day! Largely because I almost wore my E-Jo Target short-sleeved turtleneck (which still hasn't seen the light of the blog, I should fix that). It was sort of made for you.Oh, and on the Gap cardigan – I bought it last winter, and they don't seem to have the same style again this year 😦

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