No Repeats: Quick – Switch Lives with Me!

My brain is fried, even though it’s only Tuesday. My second grant application of the academic year went in Monday after a weekend of writing, revising, fretting, raging, and not sleeping. There was no extra sleep allowed, however, as my department is hosting a guest speaker this week, I taught something new this morning, and I’ve got two reference letters for students due for pick up tomorrow.

In short, I miss my bed, and I miss you, StyleNation. I dream of lying in bed and browsing your blogs. So, if anyone who’s relaxed, loving life, and living in a warm sunny climate wants to switch lives with me for the remainder of this week, I. Am. In. (if I can bring the Hubs and my dog)

This post concludes my participation in No Repeats, but I’m tempted to continue in Anne fashion, remixing, but not repeating a whole outfit, until the end of term. I’ll let you know next time if I’m going to do it. In the mean time, let’s get to it:

1. First up, welcome to bland. I was excited to wear this soft cashmere blend sweater, but I probably should have pushed myself to do something more interesting with it:

Pale green sweater: Moon (via The Bay)
Pin-striped trousers: Mexx (remixed – see below)
Necklace: The Bay (remixed – see 2nd outfit)
Bracelet: gifted from Designer Shoe Whore
Sensible shoes: Nine West (via eBay)
Men in Pants mug: gifted from Rinty the Crusher

2. Weekend low-key concert wear: a variation on Vegas concert wear. Also, I bumped into a student at this event. ‘Good thing I didn’t do the cleavage-baring. (p.s. I love Sarah Harmer. She is my new celebrity crush.)

Velvet blazer: Rubber Ducky (remixed)
Pleather studded top: Sejis (remixed – see 2nd outfit)
Skinny jeans: Revolt (remixed – see 3rd outfit)
Boots: Rieker (remixed)

3. Exhaustion-Monday ensemble. The Hubs gave me this blazer ages ago. I love the colour, and the cotton velveteen is magically combined with a teensy bit of lycra, so it feels great.

Blazer: RW & Co.
Jersey top: Max Studio (via Winners – the blue version of this one – see 2nd outfit)
Necklace: gifted & remixed (it’s better with darker colours, no?)
Trousers: Nine West
Shoes: close-up below

Shoes: Bobbi Blu (via Shoe Heaven)

4. Before and After. I started with this:

Cardigan: (via Winners)
Blouse: Moon (via The Bay)
Belt: Buffalo (remixed – see 2nd outfit)
Skirt: Jacob (remixed)
Tights: Hue
Boots: ?? (remixed)

But it just wasn’t working for me. So, I went a different way. Some would call this chickening out. They might be right. But that cardigan was squishing these sleeves against my wrists:
  Trousers: Mexx (as above)
 Thank-you, and goodnight! 
(As soon as Obama’s done addressing a good portion of the StyleNation, I’m hitting the sack.)

Oh, and which is better – the before or after?

20 thoughts on “No Repeats: Quick – Switch Lives with Me!

  1. I like the after look a bit better (that moon blouse is all kinds of awesome) and I'm always a fan of a trouser/blouse combo.xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. Ha, I am trying to catch up on blog reading! Your concert jacket is quite nice among many nice things. Here's to a relaxed day of blog reading soon.

  3. I love the mystery booties with the skirt. Remix this look, though all of these looks are looking fine. Especially The Bland, because that is a version of how I dress pretty much every day. A colleague asked me if we had a SoTU address in Canada. Do we? I didn't think we did but I honestly don't know. Citizen fail, but I would prefer not to listen to Harper butcher French. And English. And our health care system.

  4. I love both pieces from Moon. Gorgeous. The second one in particular reminded me of how your ability to rock a ruffled shirt (I'm also thinking of that bluish Anthro one that I think you got in Vegas) inspired my ongoing obsession with ruffled blouses. Also, love the velvet blouses — just wait 'til you see my post…Also, to confirm, the Canadian SOTU is, indeed, the throne speech which is, I believe, written by the PM (though probably not really) and delivered by the Governor General.

  5. I will totally switch lives with you. You can totally bring your Hubs and pooch, but you have to take my kid. I think you might wind up getting the short end of the stick on this deal. Can I borrow all your boots too?1. Not bland. Sleek and classic.2. and 3. Wonderful gorgeous teal-blue colors! Also, the shoes in 3. are absolutely splendid.4. Like D-Med, I love the mystery booties with this skirt. The Before is great, but I get why you went with After. Sleeve bunching is annoying, and you don't need that this week.Hope your workweek improves.

  6. *Rebecca: Thanks! I'm re-loving velvet blazers this winter after taking all of last winter off from velvet in any form. *Rad: Oh, Rad! How I look forward to your consistently encouraging and detailed feedback! This is one of the many ways I know – like, know for sure – that you are one hell of an academic. And yes, the Hubs is a talented an attentive gifter. *Katie: I know, right? She's really, really great and probably wants to be my girlfriend so she can write smart, romantic, awesome songs for me. Also, thanks for your vote. You ARE good with the layers. Probably I should learn from your example and get over my tendency to avoid the layering.*D-Med: Is it our "Throne Speech," maybe? I don't know. I'm thinking janey_em could ring in on this one. Also, Stephen Harper is indeed a douche.*Cynthia: The Before kind of reminds me your Breton Stripes look from yesterday. And now I'm thinking I should have gone with it – I loved that look on you.*Allison: Thanks! Also, my partner takes a similar tack when I'm grant-writing. But I wish he'd throw more chips and chocolate cake.*Anne: I knew you'd go for the after! We are like this (doing the fingers to eyes thing). Seriously, Hubs could probably counsel your Fella as you and I have, I think, similar styles. Plus we're all dog-obsessed, so the conversation could cover a number of excellent topics. (Obviously, I am imagining this counselling session as a small part of a larger evening of food and awesomeness.)*Courtney E: Thanks! And also, the Moon stuff I only recently found at The Bay in the January sales. Have you seen this brand before? *SU: I like where you're going with that lottery plan. I like it A LOT. Also, it's sad to give up the chips. Outfit editing is hard. *Sheila: Your days sound exquisite. I'm totally in – especially if I get to look for work in your field with what I imagine to be your excellent earning power πŸ˜›

  7. I like the after – release the sleeves! You can trade with me. I'm out of work, so I get up at 9:30am, eat oatmeal, pet Inigo, get ready to catch the bus to give a Weight Watchers meeting, come home, check the email, look for jobs, watch TV, read, make lunch, dinner, hang with my hubby. Then read till about 1:00 am. Sound nice? Can I have your pay if we trade? πŸ™‚

  8. I am doing everything I can to win the lottery so I can provide all of IPF with a mandatory week visit here with me. I haven't given up.(did I mention it will be 80 today?)I understand the chickening out part. Sometimes I think my outfit is all that with a bag of chips until I look in the mirror. I then change and walk out the door just all that, no chips.

  9. I definitely like the "after" look of the last outfit better. Especially if the cardigan/sleeve combo was uncomfortable.I really like your Monday outfit. Those shoes are great! And I want a velveteen blazer! Could your Hubs give Fella some tips on awesome clothes to buy for me? Because seriously, he'd never think of that.

  10. I like the velvety blazers and those fun booties. Grant writing weekends are never fun at my house. I don't write grant applications, but my husband does. I just stay out of the way and throw food to him on occasion.

  11. Gotta say, before looks great, but you know how I feel about sleeves over sleeves, so I totally get why you had to change. Nice work. Sorry your workweek is being a bear. Also, I love the little teal jacket.

  12. I love the mystery booties with the skirt. Remix this look, though all of these looks are looking fine. Especially The Bland, because that is a version of how I dress pretty much every day. A colleague asked me if we had a SoTU address in Canada. Do we? I didn't think we did but I honestly don't know. Citizen fail, but I would prefer not to listen to Harper butcher French. And English. And our health care system.

  13. Outfit one is classic and crisp, not bland. You are rocking those trousers like no one's business.I heart the blues in the low key concert outfit. The studded top continues to amaze.Sorry about exhaustion Mondays. The necklace does look great with the darker blues. And kudos to A-Dubs-hubs' awesome taste in magic blazers.The blouse in the fourth is too lovely and delicate to show off. I like the way you've remixed it to show off the tiers.Finally, you are a far better citizen than I. I will catch the highlights of the SoTU address later. Like in a week.You're a grant writing rock star!!

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