International Women’s Week

What’s up, StyleNation? How was your IWD (International Women’s Day)? At IPF Northern Division, we’re being treated to an entire week of celebratory feminist events. At a number of these events, reference has been made to IWW (International Women’s Week). So I thought it was a thing, a thing we’re all doing now.

But Google says no. Most of the world just gets IWD, apparently, then gets on with their lives. This is a sad thing, in my humble opinion. But I digress.

Thus far during my city and institution’s IWW, I have had the good fortune to experience the following:

a talk by an esteemed colleague whom various students have described as a “goddess”: she analyzed the under-representation of women in upper echelons of government-funded scientific research. I am not a scientist, but I am alarmed.

an inspirational feminist cabaret that included hilariously profane and perfectly choreographed radical feminist cheerleaders; fantastic cultural critique of racism & sexual ideology by an Aboriginal comedienne; a feminist utopian vision communicated via spoken word that lacked the earnest pretentiousness that too often characterizes this medium; and an educational song about the g-spot* accompanied by a moaning woman on the ukulele and sung by a woman wearing a quilted cloth vagina that squirted clear liquid by way of a “finale” 

*That’s right, porn seekers. Stumble across a bit of feminist sex talk right here at IPF North.

Phew! And it’s only Thursday.

Sadly, this week’s fashions have not attained the same level of excellence as the events to which they were worn. In fact, this has been a ‘learning’ week, fashion-wise. You’ve been warned.

1. First up: Monday’s non-teaching, non-campus-day ensemble in which I tried some of your suggestions (see comments section) for styling this sweater-tunic thingy:

Sweater-tunic: Groggy (remixed)
T-shirt: mall anchor store
Necklace: Jewellery Box (in Florida)
Leggings: Tahari (via Winners)
Boots: Fluevog Bondgirls (remixed)

 As much I luuurrve the Bondgirls, however, this (minus the hair that needs trimming and darkening – both of which happened on this day) is the only part of this outfit I might do again. The rest seems kind of blah to me. ‘Any ideas for improvement?

2. Then I tried styling this Bada$$ leather vest, but the pants part of things looked so bad that this is all I’m willing to show of the whole outfit:

Vest: Danier (gifted from sis-in-law)
Silk/cotton/lycra t-neck: Melanie Lyne
Terrible trousers: Tahari (via Winners)
Shoes: Who cares? The bad pants are way too distracting.

I’m more than willing, however, to offer this view of my favourite part of this ensemble. How great would this look with a grey or black wool pencil skirt, black tights, and Style Odyssey‘s sweet black Chie Mihara booties?

Necklace: The Bay
Exciting new prop: morning smoothie (soy milk, banana, frozen berries)
What did you do for IWD/IWW?

20 thoughts on “International Women’s Week

  1. That vest is gorgeous. I don't really know what you're talking about with the out-of-focus pants but what would this look like with a long skirt? Like the Bebe butt-enhancer? I think you might look like a BA chick who rides hogs side-saddle and fights crime.

  2. The first outfit is absolutely not blah! Bright color, giant necklace, sassy boots, lots of long leg?? Nope, no blah there at all.That VEST! I am speechless. It's completely badass and fits you like the proverbial glove. Please wear it again immediately.Your IWW list reduced my ranty pissfest about the patronizing head-patting I associate with IWD. What cool events!

  3. I celebrated by wearing a very girly suit, doing my job (well), using my brain to smash that glass ceiling, buying eyeshadow, and lifting weights. None of these were formal events. I like to make my own fun!

  4. *Rebecca: Thanks. Also, gah! Seriously? That bites.*Sal: How can you possibly envy this vest when you have that B.A. leather harness thingy?*Northeast C: Thanks! You're looking pretty comfy and chic today yourself!*Cynthia: That's right. This time they're going to learn for realz not to make claims they cannot prove. *E-Jo: That is stupid about your institution. Also, whenever I wear bright colours, I sort of feel like I'm playing the part of E-Jo. And it would be awesome if there was a real E-Jo at IPF North rather than this crazy fake non-E-Jo. Does that make sense? I may or may not be celebrating Teaching-Friday with a glass or two of wine. *Allison: Seriously? They're wearing the leather vests, are they? And are they also aging hippies? Because one of my favourite prof's at the place where I did my M.A. had a terrible habit of wearing a terrible rust-coloured leather vest over a plaid shirt with jeans. And we'd meet in his office, where he'd sit quietly in front of his giant poster of 60s'-era Bob Dylan. I have a serious soft spot for aging hippies. Even when they wear leather vests.*tIoBM: Florida should have made you aware. Florida deserves a pounding. As a woman, you are already awesome, so you deserve only loveliness. I'll reserve the violence for the state.

  5. Both outfits are winners in my book – I don't think outfit 1 is blah at all. The leather vest is all kinds of awesome – and a far cry from the leather vests sported by male members of the social work faculty at a certain university that shall remain nameless.

  6. Dude, I'm pretty sure my university (which has nearly twice the number of students as yours) had nowhere near that number of things going on for IWD (possibly even zero events). Which reveals SO much about where I work. But I digress. Those outfits are both awesome. I don't know what you're talking about re: outfit one. It doesn't seem blah to me. You're wearing hot pink! With a big necklace! With Bondgirls! Also, like the new prop — though we're missing an old prop: the original FR.

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