Post-Spring Break Malaise

Sometimes there’s nothing worse than a break. Now this might seem like heresy but after a relaxing Spring Break — where I got significantly less work done than I really should have — it was SUPER difficult to make myself get out of bed this morning. It helps that there are only six weeks left in the term (and one week of that six, I’ve cancelled classes to hold student conferences — so really only five left). But I want it to be summer pretty bad right now. The generally lovely weather here (that feels like summer from where I’m from) doesn’t help either — for me or my students. It also means that I couldn’t face tubes of fabric on my legs today.
Dress & purple flats: Joe
Shirt: Target
Necklace: gifted
Tensor bandage: necessitated by my stupid dog tripping me. Jerk.

It’s hard to see in this picture, but you’ll notice that the mini FR is nude. That’s because when I came home from work today it was to discover that he’d trashed his harness over the course of the day. It’s now in several pieces. He’s nothing if not thorough. He too is clearly mourning the end of Spring Break when I was home constantly and, perhaps, more significantly he had a dog friend around.

(Sorry for the poor quality — this was taken on my iPhone.)

Got any tips for getting through the last bit of term?
My current plan is to drink more wine.

31 thoughts on “Post-Spring Break Malaise

  1. It's on, E-Jo. We only ever see the sun here in July so I have been building up a pretty translucent base of blanc-mange over the past several years. I think I might be able to out-pasty you (by which I mean skin tone, not actual pasties).

  2. Wine wastes time you could spend drinking rye. I'm just sayin'.I would comment further on the excellent colour combination above, but I am overcome by envy at your non-ironic use of the terms "spring" and "break."

  3. I suspect a "mini-blizzard" is a cute one. Also, despite my two years in the sun, I'm pretty confident I can win a white-off at the cottage pretty handily. Wienerly buns! Ha! He has a brand new bright blue harness — we'll how long it lasts. He needs one because he has teensy little bones and he's liable to break his neck when he's tied up with just a collar. And he needs to be tied up right now after a series of escape attempts. I know, really, that I'm deluding myself in thinking that there are rewards that aren't alcohol based. Plus I need to be prepared for our epic Toronto research fest. Probably you should be working on building up a tolerance too.

  4. That's an excellent suggestion. Though part of what I need to do is, in fact, convince myself that it's NOT summer (in face of the weather) so that I don't feel like I should still be on break.

  5. Dude, I didn't even see that bandage until you wrote about it. 'Cannot wait for this year's white-off on the cottage docks. 'Cannot talk about your warm weather in the mean time as we are currently promised a "mini-blizzard", whatever the heck that means. Also, that dress is fantastic. Slate is the best colour ever. And the Mini-FR is definitely posing his tiny wienerly buns off (see what I did there?) in that top photo. I look forward to his spring stylings. Does he have to wear a harness because his head is too small to hold his collar in place? Does that happen to weiner dogs? Finally, the wine solution is the only real one. Sometimes I use clothes to lure myself out of bed – and to make myself go to campus thereafter. But I still need the promise of wine to get me through the day. Because everything is annoying at this point in the term, don't you find?

  6. Oh god, I'm right there with you. The 80 degree weather in March means that we're going to get 7 months of hot weather. I'm sort of ok for professional stuff but I need to get some more hot weather, casual wear.

  7. And I thought our Spring Break felt late… At least you only have 3 weeks left after it. That's one thing with the fall term where we only get Thanksgiving off: the term ends almost immediately after our days off. Having a break halfway through seems imminently more sensible yet…

  8. Dude, two kinds of malaises? You're bordering on French poet-level ennui territory. Nose to the grindstone is really where I need to be until the end of term too. Things that seemed so far away in February are coming up alarmingly quickly.

  9. Awww, he does stand like a model! He's also pretty convinced that his main job is to look adorable. Everything else is incidental. And you're totally right about the color of the dress — the mornings have been full of storm clouds here and this dress matches them perfectly!

  10. Let's be honest, wine is the best coping mechanism for pretty much everything. Thanks for thinking the bandage works! I do love grey and purple together.

  11. Ugh. March snow is the worst snow. Especially if it's in the 10cm range. Blergh. I do a countdown of classes too but I need to wait closer to the end to break that out. It's still too far away from the end to be anything other than stressful!

  12. We're firmly into summer here — which is nice now but will be unpleasant in July. Though I wouldn't have minded a few more weeks of transitional weather so that I could wear tights & pants for a little longer.It might indeed be time for a style makeover for the mini-FR. There's some boxed wine calling my name. I'll probably need to wait until later to crack it open though, right?

  13. Heh, "tubes of fabric." I hate transitional weather, because I want to wear all of my spring skirts and dresses, but it's too warm for tights, yet too early to bare my blindingly white legs to the world. Fortunately, we don't have that problem here, since our forecast for the next week is 30-40 degree weather.Maybe mini-FR was trashing his harness because he knows it's a new season, and thus, time for a style makeover. No?My plan is always to drink more wine. Boxed form preferred.

  14. It snowed here yesterday. Close to 10cm. I have winter won't effing end malaise. I am deeply envious of your bare legs. My partner is an academic, and he does a daily count down "ughhhhhh only ___ classes left!" I'm not sure if that's helpful or not, but wine sounds good.

  15. I am deeply envious of your weather. The combination of grey, purple and bare legs is nicely transitional, plus how awesome are you for making a bandage work so well?No advice on how to get through the rest of term; wine was always my primary coping mechanism for that sort of thing.

  16. I love your cloud coloured dress and call your bandage as best accessory (camouflage division), first quarter, 2011. Special citation also for a little dog that stands like a model and can pose his tail at a right angle. I admire that he chewed his harness to cope with his grief. It's healthy.

  17. Since my spring break was spent being sick as a dog, I have post-unfairness malaise PLUS post spring break malaise. I don't have any great tips though. I'm just going to go to a lot of zumba classes, work and sleep. Nose to the grindstone — we have four manuscripts that really need to go out so I can maintain my productive scientist street cred this year.

  18. First off, way to rock the slate colored dress. And the tensor bandage matching business. Very cool.Bummer about the malaise. And I totally hear you on ending the semester now. I feel like the warming of weather makes us all antsy. I envy your six weeks left. I haven't had spring break yet (not for another 2 1/2 weeks!) and then I still have 3 weeks (and finals) after that.

  19. I know, right? The hilarious thing is that there is a tan line on my knee from the sun over the last couple of days, so, technically, I'm paler than a tensor bandage. Whitest white girl ever. Also, don't look at how warm it is here. That would be bad.

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