Champagne Tastes: Wolford Marlene Tights

You already know how much I love tights, but these are a cut above:

One of my colleagues actually owns a pair of these and so I have seen them in person and they are absolutely divine.

And I don’t even like nude tights. I don’t even like to say “nude tights.”  It sounds unseemly.  (You see what I did there, right?)

How I would wear them: Definitely with a simple black pencil skirt that perfectly skims my knee at its prettiest and narrowest point.  Definitely after some kind of calf-defining calisthenics.
And definitely with a pair of Christian Louboutin Helmut pumps.

That I also do not own.

Reasons to hesitate:  If I laddered them–and, let’s face it, of course I (or the Vampire Cat) would ladder them–I would be distraught to the point of distraction and I would never be able to get any work done.  Can you imagine if I didn’t get tenure because I laddered my stockings?  That would be unseemly.  (You definitely saw what I did there, right?)

But here’s my question about Wolford tights:  are they worth the price of admission?  I have plenty of pairs of inky black, non-sheer, non-shiny, practically indestructible cotton tights (Life brand from Shoppers D) that cost less than $10 a pair.  They aren’t Wolford Matte Opaque 80 but they still achieve that Edie Sedgwick je ne sais quoi at a fraction of the cost.  What is the siren call of Wolford?

Of course, the Marlene tights are a whimsical work of art and maybe that’s enough to make you want to stop your ears. You know, those of you who don’t live with a psychotic cat.
Do you have a pair of Wolford tights?  Are they worth it? 

N.B. Wolford has not compensated me in any way for this post because, really, my legs are not those legs.  And Christian Louboutin doesn’t even know I have feet.

31 thoughts on “Champagne Tastes: Wolford Marlene Tights

  1. The saleslady who sold me these in Honolulu told me (if I'm remembering correctly) that they had a store in either Montreal or Toronto. And then she sent me a note, to Canada, about a month later hoping in some detail that I was enjoying the tights.  Apparently a hosiery purchase from Wolford is a lifelong relationship….

  2. All my tights are from Target. I squirm the moment hosiery goes over the $10-mark. As HOT as those pantyhose are, I'm totally convinced that pantyhose were invented by men as a way to torture women. Just kidding. But not about the fact that they are sheer torture, pun intended.

  3. I have never tried Wolfords, but I love these–I'm a big fan of the seem down the back. And I remember from dance classes when I was younger that seemed tights actually held up better than unseemed tights. Granted these are thinner than the light pink tights I had to wear. I've bought a few pairs of more expensive tights from Anthro because they were interesting enough to be counted as a bottom. Or, what can these do for your already-existing wardrobe?

  4. Oh yeah, these babies are alluring in so many exquisite ways. But I am not going to the website (again), despite Audi's helpful link below. Because it's almost past tights season and I wish to save moolah for summer shoes. But you are a ween for alerting me to the existence of these tights. A. Big. Ween.

  5. Thanks all! I do love these tights and it's good to know that this might (one day) be an informed treat; I have done my due diligence with familiarizing myself with the consumer reports, after all. Also good to know that I am not alone in my snag-prone life. I'm trying to imagine myself putting these on and, I have to say, it's a little anxiety-producing.

  6. This is the difficulty really. I can't try them on and I can't return them once I do so what do I do if I spend all of that money and they just aren't all that the lovely detail of that hand promises?

  7. Alas, my tights are all unseamly. Who was it that simply drew lines on the backs of her tights and pranced off? But truly, I don't like tights enough (too hot) to purchase a pair of Wolfords, though they might just be so magical that they would be the tights version of Hero's coral shoes (for the medievalist [or Elizabethan] in you).

  8. I have a couple of pairs of wolford wool tights and can't live without them. They have made wearing skirts in the winter just as warm and comfortable as pants.

  9. I just ordered my first pair of Wolfords after seeing so many other ladies sing their praises; I wish I could give you a review but they haven't even arrived yet (I got the Hero tights, which are also a work of art: However I will say that I've purchased other high end tights such as Falke, and they are well worth the money for the quality, durability and fit. But also, everyone just needs to splurge now and then.

  10. I would probably snag them because my hunk of metal desk in my office on campus is a death trap for tights. I hadn't snagged a pair in ages, but I've snagged two this month just from crossing my legs under my desk. Still, I would think about it. I'm on GAAD so no new Louboutins or Wolford tights for me. Glad you're back!

  11. I swear by Wolford. I've owned my Wolford merino tights for about four years and not a pull or snag in sight. I'm a bit more careful with my thinner, non-sweater version, but from what I've observed, they are also worth every penny. They're a bit of an investment, but they last far longer than any other brand I've purchased.

  12. I don't own any Wolfords, but I am firmly convinced that you should. Not only are you a good and careful shopper who deserves to have nice things, I've taken a look at that website, and based on the photographic evidence, I'm pretty sure that the tights contain advanced leg lengthening and slimming technologies, making them a bargain at twice the price. Go for it!

  13. Welcome back D-Med – you have been missed! I hope your absence concerned you leading a number of cats in chain mall against a small Canadian Jacobite uprising. Now to your post, which is totally what I was going to write about tonight after A-Dubs remarked on my wearing tights in hot weather. Wolfords are foolishly expensive but worth every penny. (Note this is from a woman who wears six dollar dresses to work.) I budget for them and buy them on ebay. They are soft, smooth and fit beautifully. I own several pairs; at the end of last season threw out a pair I bought three years ago. The only other brands that have served me so well I bought at Mossimo Dutti in Spain and MonoPrix, the French version of Walmart, but they didn't last nearly as long. Obviously Western Europe leads the world in tights and pantyhose technology. If you wear tights a lot and live in very cold weather, my advice is to take the leap and buy a pair of the Wolford velvet 50 or 66 denier.

  14. Those are a work of art indeed! But I understand the fear of laddering – I think I'd be afraid to move in a pair of fancy tights. However, maybe the price is accompanied by being very well made? Since I've never found a pair of tights that was long enough/didn't bisect me in a most uncomfortable and unappealing way and therefore have forsworn then, I can't speak to the brand, but I am curious.

  15. Dude, you need to buy these immediately. Even if just to look at. I haven't worn Wolfords but I do swear by Hue tights (nowhere near as fancy) and find them to be significantly better than any cheaper brand I've had. There's one pair I've had for 4 or 5 years. And, so far, they've stood up to the paws of the mini FR who likes to jump up on me while I'm wearing them.

  16. I feel like everyone needs to own at least one pair of rather extravagant tights (I actually don't own such a thing but I still think I should).xoxo ~ Courtney

  17. Those are fabulous. Just entirely, completely, utterly fabulous, despite my strong dislike of nude tights. Oh, I did have a pair of nude tights with tattoo-like black dragons printed all over them. Shockingly, they were not as kicky and wearable as I had imagined.I have no Wolford, so I can't answer your question. I amped up to DKNY tights once and thought my Le Chateau specials were softer and more opaque. As for the kitty-cat issue, perhaps office tights need to join the office heels and office blazer? Your office might need a walk-in closet. Put that in your tenure negotiations.

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